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Whether you’re cooking a full-course meal or simply preparing a small snack, this shun classic 10-piece knife set will wow and impress you time and time again. Each knife in the Shun Knife Holder is handcrafted to cover all of your specific cooking needs.

Shun Knife Block Set – All You Need to Know

This Shun knives set stands apart from its competitors because of its meticulous design. These knives were produced in Seki, Japan, where innovation is a high priority. On each piece, the silver steel has a wavy pattern to complement the ebony PakkaWood handles, and the knife is rounded out with a full composite-tang metal cap.

Every knife is sharpened to a 16-degree angle on each side of the blade and has a double-bevel full-tang blade. For comparison, German blades are generally sharpened to 22 degrees. Each piece was crafted specially and individually, making every set unique. It is truly an impeccable set and a must-have in the kitchen — especially for those in the restaurant industry.

✔️ Shun Classic 10-Piece Knife Block Set

Chefs who work in restaurants have a particular interest in investing in a good set of cutlery. When something is your profession, it’s important to have tools that get the job done. This means having a tool for every job.

You might not have considered this, but it also goes a long way in avoiding cross-contamination. Having multiple kinds of knives allows you to separate the blades you use for each food group so as not to spread food-borne bacteria. The Shun Classic Knife Set gives chef every tool they need to complete a meal. Personally, I don’t cook professionally, but even I have a use for every single blade in the set.

blade handle, cutlery handleMy cooking differs meal-to-meal, and having a full set that can cut anything makes the cooking experience that much better. This set is a full 10-piece knife set, each blade serving its own purpose. The blades are so well-built, boasting 34 layers of incredibly dense VG-Max and stainless Damascus Cladding. This makes it possible to use them for a long time without having to sharpen them.

The best way to sharpen these knives is by hand. Hand-sharpening takes true conscientiousness and skill. Hand-sharpening means being truly committed to the longevity of the cutlery. Since people aren’t generally trained to sharpen knives, Shun throws in a lifetime sharpening service when you buy this set. That’s right: you can have these knives sharpened by a professional for free at anytime.

Just mail them in, and they’ll do all the work for you!

A great deal of thought went into designing these knives, and it shows in their effortlessly quick and clean chop. It can be annoying to spend minutes chopping away only to end up destroying your food. I know I don’t have the expertise to properly cut some food, so the fact that I have a blade sharp enough to cut through anything really helps.

How to Take Care?

Knowing how to care for each individual blade is essential. It will elongate the life of the blades and make each use just like the first. The blades will chip if you store them carelessly. Each blade must be gently washed and dried immediately.

Using a dishwasher can cause these knives to corrode or chip. It’s probably the only downside to this set, but having to take care of something because it is so well-made can hardly be considered a downside! As long as you care for the blades, you should be happy with them for years to come.

sharpen blade, how to sharpen blade at homeIn fact, Shun is so confident you won’t want another knife set again that they give you a lifetime warranty with the Shun Knife Holder. True value lies in how long a knife is useful, and the fact that Shun is willing to implicitly guarantee that value really says something.

Each knife is stored in the sturdy 13-slot Bamboo Knife Block. In addition to feeling solid and sturdy, the thing just looks elegant. It’s been proven that the type of block knives are stored in can determine the quality of your blades in the long run. Rest assured, this is one of the good ones.

In addition to being durable, it’s also eco-friendly.

Let’s face it: good-looking equipment determines the atmosphere of a kitchen, and the atmosphere of a kitchen determines the quality of the meal. This knife block enhances the feeling of a room, making it a worthwhile investment in all quadrants. Shun definitely kept this in mind while making the Shun Classic Knife Set.

If you’re wondering about other options, you will find very quickly that there is almost nothing that can compare. Tons of subpar sets hide behind expensive prices that make you think they’re good, but when stacked up against this particular Shun knife set, they simply don’t compare.

Outstanding Quality

damascus blade, damascus blade steelYou’re getting some serious quality from this set. The double-bevel full-tang blade angle elevates this set to a standard found in commercial use. In fact, the price of each of these knives individually would be more than the entire set. Considering that these should last a lifetime, the value speaks for itself.

If you’re still questioning what knife set to get, the Shun Classic Knife Set has a ton of things going for it. As a consumer, you want to spend your money on an item that will remain useful for a long time. Go with caution and consider every investment carefully.

So, is the Shun Knife Holder for You?

Not only are the knives individually perfected to meet all of your cooking needs, but they rise above anything the competitors have to offer. These blades boast extremely thought-out designs, designs made with the consumer in mind. Shun crafted each blade individually to suit a specific cutting need.

Being razor-sharp is not enough; the knife must be made for the food item itself. You have no idea how far this goes. I know when I’m cooking, I would prefer to have a designated knife for everything. This set allows that variety. The set even comes with scissors — a necessity for any kitchen.

Not only are they incredibly useful and effective, they also just look good. The Japanese design is sleek and innovative. I love holding the handles, with their elegantly-designed grip. When you love what you’re holding, you love what you’re cooking. That love gets transferred to the food itself. Not to mention, if you’re like me and you’re a klutz in the kitchen, a good handle design is important to ensure you have a proper hold on your knife while cutting.

No more silly cooking accidents!

how to sharpen a damascus blade, damascus blade patternsFinally, let’s look again at the lifetime warranty. Purchasing these knives is truly a wise investment. If you’re getting them, it must mean you’re dedicated to your craft. Shun respects this dedication, and they show that respect by offering to sharpen and insure your knives for life. This is a company that cares about the consumer just as much as the product. After all, great food is essential for great living.

There are so many reasons why I believe this knife set is a great addition to your kitchen. Let’s break down some pros and cons, shall we?


  • Handcrafted with Japanese bevel steel design
  • Full 10-Piece Set
  • Lifetime Warranty and Sharpening
  • Corrosion and Moisture Resistant
  • VG-Max and Damascus Steel


  • Not dishwasher-safe

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Whether you’re looking for a knife set for your home or you’re a chef searching for the set that will boost your career, the Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set stands as one of the only reasonable options.

There’s so much about this knife set that puts it above the other sets on the market. You simply cannot beat the unique Japanese handcrafted design.

Learning about the individual use for each knife could grant you the knowledge to fully excel in the kitchen. Think of it as an educational experience. Given that we eat every day, it is possibly the most important one you will ever have.  In that regard, the Shun Classic Set begins to look less like a merely good choice and more like an absolutely essential one.


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