Shun Premier Vs. Classic. Which one is the way to go? When trying to decide between the Premier vs. Classic, it can be somewhat of a challenge to figure out which is the better set. The sets each have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Shun Premier is a 10-piece knife block set, the Shun Classic a 9-piece block set. Both sets consist of knives that are very efficient and durable.

For both types of knives, their handles and blades are very similar. Keep reading this Shun Classic Vs. Premier article and find out which set is most suitable for your kitchen.

About the Shun Knives

Overall, the rating of the Shun Premier knife block set has a better rating on Amazon than the Shun Classic. The knife sets both have a lot to help you benefit your cooking skills, and they are perfect for any occasion you need to prepare for.

They are great to use for occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any special holiday where it would require making lots of food. Another aspect that is perfect about these sets is how there are so many knives and so many types.

Other knife kits don’t have a wide array of knife types. This set, on the other hand, has variety, so you can use several of the same at one time without having to wash one knife continuously.

It’s just so perfect if you normally make lots of food.

The Shun Knife sharpening needs to occur quite often to keep the knife in good condition. If you don’t keep up with the sharpening, it can cause the knives to rust.

Offers the Best Quality Blades

The Shun knife blades are some of the best-quality blades you can purchase. The reviews for these blades are almost invariably positive.

They have been described as “very sharp” and “so easy to use” in a majority of the reviews.

The quality of the knife’s blade allows you to create very precise lines, making your job a lot easier. It then affects the Shun knife lines. These knives create a very straight line due to the high-quality blade.

The Shun knife sharpening doesn’t take a whole lot to maintain. It is recommended to sharpen them quite often if you want to maintain precise cutting, chopping, and whatever else the Shun knives are being used for.

If the sharpening doesn’t seem to satisfy your needs, both Shun knives give you a limited warranty.

Several people have described their experience with the limited warranty and have discussed how helpful it was for them and their cooking needs.

Shun Classic – Perfect for Beginners

The Shun Classic knife block set is perfect whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Although this set can take up more space in a kitchen, it is well worth it! There are many options to choose from, all of them great.

✔️ Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set

What exactly is the Shun Classic?

It is a 10-piece knife block set.

The Shun Classic knives consist of 34 layers on each side made with stainless Damascus cladding. The Rockwell Hardness ranges from 60-61.

The handle for the knife consists of PakkaWood. The handles are strong, durable, and they resist moisture. These knives have been handcrafted with a limited lifetime warranty. It includes everything you could possibly need in a knife set.

It will allow you to be very successful in the kitchen with whatever food you need to prepare. Overall, the set of knives included will up your kitchen game tenfold.

When it comes to caring for the Classic Shun knives, you need to make sure that you hand-wash and dry them so you prevent rust or any damage to the knives due to how delicate they can become when they come into contact with a large amount of water.

Pros/Positives of Using Shun Classic

Although the Shun Classic doesn’t have as high a rating compared to the Shun Premier, it still is a perfect set of knives for any kitchen! These knives are the best of the best and have a wide variety to choose from, ranging from big to small.

The knives are very precise and create very fine lines due to how sharp the blades are. It will allow you to cut exactly where you want with whatever you aspire to chop up or cut in the kitchen.

  • Has a wide variety of knives that you can use
  • The blades and handles are made of very high-quality and durable material
  • Can easily cut through whatever needed

Cons/Negatives of Using Shun Classic

The Shun Classic does have aspects that make it harder to use. The biggest one with this set of knives is having to maintain them.

You will need to make sure that you sharpen the knives, or else you will either chip the blades or not get the precise cut/fine lines that you are looking for.

Also, you will continuously need to make sure that you correctly wash and dry the knives to make sure no rusting occurs. With this set of knives, you will need to hand-wash them to keep them in good condition.

  • Can become difficult to make enough room for the set if there is a limited amount of space
  • The blades can chip easily
  • Make sure to sharpen them continuously
  • The blades have been shown to rust over time
  • Continuously need to keep up with cleaning

Shun Premier- Perfect for Everyone

The Shun Premier knife block set is perfect for any cooking level. It will give you all that you need when performing whatever task in the kitchen.

I can assure you there is no wrong way to go with this knife set. It is simple, yet includes the best of the best!

What exactly is the Shun Premier?

It is a 9-piece knife block set.

It includes 6 Shun Premier knives, honing steel, kitchen shears, and an 11-slot bamboo block.

✔️ Shun TDMS0900 Premier 9-Piece Gourmet Block Knife Set

The Shun Premier knives consist of 16 layers on each side made with stainless SUS 410/SUS 431.

For the Premier Shun knives care, you need to make sure that you hand-wash and dry them so you prevent rust or any damage to the knives due to how delicate they can become when they are exposed to larger amounts of water.

Pros/Positives of Using Shun Premier

To start with the Shun Premier, it has better reviews and ratings on Amazon compared to the Shun Classic. It is also ranked pretty highly on Amazon, along with some other top-quality kitchen products.

This set of knives consist of some of the best knives available for purchase. They have been designed to make precise and fine lines but still stay in excellent condition no matter the ingredient being cut.

The knives have also been created to reduce the issue of foot-dragging on the knife, which can become a huge issue when it comes to cutting multiple foods at one time or when there isn’t time to wash the knives.

  • Is easily able to fit in an area with limited space
  • These knives are layered with steel and are hammered finished which helps to reduce the drag and cutting
  • Helps to prevent foods from sticking to the knife blade
  • Have better rates on Amazon compared to the Shun Classic

Cons/Negatives of Using Shun Premier

The Shun Premier does have aspects that make it harder to use. The biggest one with this set of knives is how the knives are thinner and therefore a little more fragile when compared to Shun Classic knife set.

  • Not a wide variety of knives to use
  • Are thinner and have an easier time of being able to break
  • Not as many slots to fit the knifes in

Shun Premier vs. Classic. There is no right or wrong way to go. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. The knives included in both are very similar.

The Shun Classic takes up more space and has a wider variety of knives to use, but on the other hand, the Shun Premier takes up less space, has a better rating on Amazon but has less of a selection of knives to choose from.

Shun Knifes are overall very useful and one of the best brands for knives. They are very precise, which will allow you to do whatever you need to do in a very efficient way.

They will give you precise and fine lines every time. There are barely any other knife sets that will provide you such fine lines.

Perfect for Everyone

Even if you are simply just starting out cooking and looking for somewhere to start, the Shun Knives will be perfect. If you are an experienced chef, the knives will be able to give you a professional look to your food. Each knife set has its own characteristics, but really, you can’t fail with any of them.

These knives are clean and look very slick, which is a plus, especially if you are trying to show others that are you the real deal. These knives have the sleekest handles and can help you become more adept at cutting.

It has a handle that fits so easily into your hand and does away with any worry of dropping the knife or messing up. The knives are finished nicely to give an effect that looks very well-done and professional.


These knives are a revelation, through and through. When trying to decide between the Shun Classic vs. Premier, there is no right or wrong way to go. The pros outweigh the cons of the knives by a wide margin.

Now that you know a little more about the relative virtues and faults of each knife set, you can move forward and make a confident purchase. Then again, any purchase from Shun is a confident one. Happy slicing.


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