Shun elite knives are some of the best products on the market in terms of quality and offering a satisfying cooking experience. How did I come to this conclusion?

I was hesitant to buy just any old knife, so I researched many different types. It took me quite a while, but buying a professional knife is a big investment.

Professional chefs are always aware of the latest kitchen equipment, products, and techniques, and they are only comfortable picking a knife that works well for them.

It stands to reason that if you’re not an expert, choosing a knife can be quite intimidating. There is so much to know: the materials, types, blades, brand… tt might all seem too much!

Since I have been in the same position as the one you are in now, I have decided to put this guide together and help you avoid long hours of research.

Here we will have a look at everything you need to know about these incredible Shun Elite knives!

Shun Cutlery

First of all, let’s have a look at the knives’ manufacturer. Shun Cutlery has been thriving for many years and has expanded its product range year after year. Each piece is crafted to perfection, leaving no detail unexamined.

The company runs on an old Japanese philosophy. In fact, “Shun” is a term to express the moment in time when an ingredient or food is at its best.

At the same time, each blade carries the importance traditionally given to knives in Japan, and you will notice that it is not just a knife that we are talking about.

Shun knives are unique pieces of art. They are handmade by specialists that are highly skilled and who had to undertake strict training. The core crafting process has not changed over the years, and it still includes over 100 steps.

Moreover, these knives are produced within the world-famous Kai factories, a sign of excellence within Japan and worldwide.

While what you are buying is a traditionally-crafted product, Shun has merged the latest technologies and designs to bring you functional and durable knives that will last you a lifetime.

Shun Knives

As mentioned, the company has been growing steadily over the years, and it is today one of the most recognizable brands in the field globally. Today, there is not a knife, accessory, or knife holder that you won’t find on their website.

They have carried many lines of products, adapting the original crafting process to create unique pieces that will brighten up and improve any kitchen, professional or otherwise.

If you need guidance or tutorials for care and use of your knives, online guides are available on the company’s website. Here you can read their blog and keep up to date to the last techniques, sharpening methods, and holiday recipes!

Some of the best Shun knives that you can find on the market today, such as the shun elite bamboo knife, can represent an investment, especially if you are not a professional chef. However, each knife comes with a warranty that will guarantee you quality for a lifetime.

This warranty will protect you in case of any manufacturing defects, covering any malfunction and material fault. While each knife owner is in charge of its care and upkeep, the company offers a free sharpening service for “as long as you own the knife.”

Additionally, each accessory, shun knife holder, and sharpener are covered by a limited warranty. The company does really protect each customer!

Who Are Shun Knives For?

Shun Cutlery has a knife for everybody! Whether you are a professional chef you just like to experiment in your kitchen with new recipes, Shun has a product that suits your needs.

Moreover, there are boning, fillet, ground brisket, utility, dual-core, multi-prep, bread, and paring knives, among many other kinds. Whatever dish you prefer to cook the most, it can be done with a Shun Knife.

Any Shun Elite Knives is an excellent option for anybody looking to upgrade their kitchen equipment. Similarly, looking at the kaji line, Shun Elite are the knives of choice due to the ergonomic handle made of PakkaWood®.

It is one of the details that make this line unique. PakkaWood combines the experience of hardwood with the strength and durability of plastic.

While holding the knife, you will be able to see the characteristic rings of brass and copper that hug the handle. Let’s have a look at two of the best products of this line.

Shun Elite Steak Knives

This set was a fan favorite among reviewers. You don’t need to be a professional chef to appreciate the beauty and functionality of this set. Coming in a bundle of 4 knives, the shun elite steak knife can enrich any table.

Among some of the features that make these knives incredibly unique, they are made of durable SG-2 steel. Made in Japan, this means that they will last you for a generation if properly cared for and will keep their sharpness for much longer than regular knives.

The handles of these knives are created in black PakkaWood and are ergonomic. While using them, you will notice how enhanced the cooking or eating experience becomes.

Lastly, they can be the perfect gift for a loved one. The 4 steak knives in the bundle come in a traditionally decorated bamboo box, perfect for presentation or gifting.

However, if you are reading this because you are more interested in the professional side of things, don’t worry, there is a Shun Elite knife for you. Let’s have a look at the Shun Elite Chef’s knife!

Shun Elite Chef’s Knife

This knife is quickly becoming the obvious choice for many chefs around the world. Let’s have a look at some of the features that make it unique.

Firstly, the Shun Elite Chef’s knife, similar to the other Shun’s products, is made of SG-2 steel, metallurgical powdered, and a significant hardness level 64 HRC Rockwell. It means that the steel alloy is denser and higher-grade than regular knives.

Moreover, the manufacturer added a core in clad, covered by two layers of less hard steel. It increases the strength of the knife while guaranteeing that it will keep its edge much longer.

Among other characteristics, you will be able to notice enhanced flexibility and resistance to rust. The universally recognizable matte look that Shun knives are proud of comes from the production process.

When looking at the iconic handle of this knife, you will be able to notice the unique material used, PakkaWood. In this case, the manufacturer added a black handle (ebony-colored), which is durable and water-resistant.

Moreover, this addition created a distinct look for the knife, which is sleek, elegant, and simple. However, to enrich the work of art, Shun adds a golden ring around the handle.

Due to the ergonomic shape, this knife is perfect to be used by right-handed as well as left-handed chefs. If you need some of make this knife unique, check these ones out!


  • Length of the blade: 20 cm or 7.87 in
  • The thickness of the blade: 2 mm or 0.07 in (towards the handle)
  • The thickness of the cutting edge: 0.04 mm
  • The material used for the blade: SG 2 metallurgical-powdered steel and high-grade steel alloy
  • Hardness level: 64 HRC
  • The material used for the handle: PakkaWood
  • The length of the handle: 12.2 cm or 4.8 in

Please be aware that, similarly to most chef’s knife, this knife is not suitable to be washed in dishwashers.

Accessories and Sets

Once you have fallen in love with these knives, the next thing you will want to know is if you can buy them in bundles. Of course you can! Shun Cutlery sells not only bundles containing all your essentials but also accessories and the famous shun elite block set.

Different set sizes vary from two knives and a professional sharpener to the larger nine knives and sharpeners in the sleek dark slimline block.

If you are more of an outdoors lover and love spending afternoons outside with your guests, you could opt for the ultimate barbecue set that covers all of your needs!

While there is an incredible number of knives created by Shun Cutlery, the Elite line is among the best looking, most efficient, and attractive sets. On the company’s website, it is possible to buy bundles and accessories.

You will have all of your cooking needs covered. With the right care, they will stay within your family for generations!

Are you a Shun Elite knives lover? How many Shun knives do you have? What’s your experience with them? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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