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Find the list of 6 most expensive tea brands in the world today, along with the benefits of each, and what makes them uniquely distinct. We have come up with a universally accepted list that tea lovers will find helpful in their search for the best.

Information includes tea brand name, price, source, and nutritious and medicinal value where applicable.

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My religious indulgence in tea for over a decade now has made me the tea expert I am today. Choosy and particular about the type of beverage I would love on my table describes me best.

Lovers of tea,¬†undeniably the world’s most popular drink can attest to the fresh rehydrating effects a cup of steaming tea can bring. We can all agree it is calming and highly helpful in boosting the immune system, as well as a proven way of detoxing.

Whether you partake of your favorite cup on a daily basis (like me), or occasionally, there is no reason you shouldn’t identify with the most exquisite tea brand available in the market. In my travels, I’ve come across tea drinkers, not necessarily addicts, who are extremely keen on the most expensive tea brands. Perhaps the price of the brand in your kitchen is reflective of the quality, you be the judge.

Here the compilation

#6. Da Hong Pao ($1,400/gram)

drinking herbs, brewing herbsThis is regarded as one of the rarest brands of tea, with its origin believed to be the rocky areas of Wuyi Mountains. The only remaining Da Hong Pao trees are safeguarded by the government, a testimony of how valuable this tea is.

Currently, only a few hundreds of grams are extracted from the trees annually in what remains one of the world’s best-kept secrets. According to sources from the Ming empire, Da Hong Pao is incredibly medicinal as it was effectively used to cure the mother of the then Ming Dynasty emperor of her stubborn illness.

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#5. PG Tips Diamond ($15,000/teabag)

Filled with imperial tea from Makibari estate, PG Tips Diamond is manufactured and packaged by the British Tea Company.

Each tea bag has been studded with 280 diamonds and contains Darjeeling tea which is considered as the world’s most expensive tea.

#4. Panda Dung Tea ($70/gram)

panda dung, most expensive beverageAs the name suggests, this is a Panda-inspired tea brand that has been extracted from Panda poo.

Considered highly nutritious and medicinal, this tea type has a remarkable aroma when brewing, and has a uniquely nutty taste.

Like green tea, it has been proven to contain cancer prevention agents, making it one of the most sought-after teas by tea lovers.

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#3. Vintage Narcissus Tea Leaves ($6,500/kg)

Named after a famous Greek mythologist, Narcissus, this is an extremely rare Oolong type of tea from the Wuyi Mountains of China.

It is fired once in two years for purposes of getting rid of extra moisture and oxidized to around 60 percent. Like good wine, its taste is said to get better with age.

#2. Tieguanyin Tea ($30/10grams)

oolong brewing, tieguanyinThis is one of the most distinctive Oolong teas due to its natural chestnut flavor, so aromatic that its leaves can be infused for up to 7 times without losing its natural flavor.

Its name was inspired by Tieguanyin, a Buddhist deity who according to Buddhists was a powerful god of mercy.

Tieguanyin tea comes from the highest mountain of Anxi County in Fujin, and involves a lengthy process of preparation, from harvesting, drying. oxidation, rolling, redrying, and then scenting.

gold buds, singapore drink#1. Yellow Gold Buds ($3,000/kg)

Sadly, this tea brand is sold only in Singapore, from where it originates. As the name would suggest, its gold buds symbolizes value and quality.

It ranks not only among the most expensive tea brands, but also among the sweetest. Besides, it is also amazingly nutritious and medicinal, with scientific research finding it contains cancer-fighting and immune boosting properties.

The value is in the tea brand!

Any tea lover knows exactly what they want in their tea. Personally, I like the taste before anything else, the aroma, and then the experience.

I don’t drink tea because I’m an addict, but because I know what I get from my favorite tea, and I expect you to look for something in your cup. All said and done, you have noticed that what makes the cut in terms of price is the real value of any tea brand.

Generally, tea is refreshing and calming, but each of the above brands comes with something extra. The feeling is priceless if I may. I’ve tasted several tea brands for the better part of my life, and I know what good tea is.

In addition, if I’m boosting my immune system through drinking tea then why not. If it helps in digestion also, then why not? And finally, we have been exposed to cancerous products lately, and here is something that contains anti-cancer agents.

Bring me my cup!


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