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Haier 12 bottle wine cellar: Perfect storage solution

As we all know, the wine needs to be kept properly and looked after, and to do this you are going to need a wine fridge or wine cooler that can keep your wine at a constant temperature so that it doesn’t oxidize.
If you are looking for a domestic grade wine cellar , which can accommodate a case of wine without taking up too much space then the Haier 12 bottle wine fridge makes a great choice.

Let us have a closer look at the product, and see what makes it worth all the praise.

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What is Haier 12 bottle wine cooler?

cabinet wine storage, beverage refrigeratorThe Haier 12 bottle wine fridge is a domestic grade thermoelectric wine cooler. Thermoelectric means that it is not fan/ compressor cooled and therefore doesn’t vibrate or make noise. As the name suggests, it is a wine cooler that can accommodate up to 12 bottles, and maintain them at an appropriate temperature.

It also has two separate temperature zones that can be set individually depending on the kind of wine you want to store. So, if you intend storing your red and white wine together in the fridge, you can set them at different temperatures, and enjoy your wine whenever you desire.

This sleek wine cellar can easily fit into smallest of spaces such as counter tops, bar counters, or other corners of your home. It can cool wine bottles in a quiet and vibration free manner.

The all round black colour of this wine fridge helps it blend into any kitchen or bar décor. It is a great product for wine lovers who are just starting a collection or for anyone who needs somewhere to store their wine so it is ready and available whenever they please.

Who should buy Dual zone wine refrigerator?

This product is great for home use and allows for easy care and storage of wine bottles. It is suitable for people who live in small condos or apartments that are low on space. This compact fridge will fit into small kitchens, bars or living rooms.

The Haier 12 bottle wine cooler is a great investment for anyone who likes wine. Great for the home and office (or the home office) it has just enough space to keep an ample supply ready at hand.

Even though it can be used for long storage the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler is probably better used as an ‘everyday’ wine fridge.


What are the features and benefits of Haier 12 bottle wine refrigerator?

beverage storage, beverage drawerAs we discussed earlier, this wine cellar comes with a dual temperature zone, and has a 12 bottle capacity. It has four chrome wire racks that can efficiently store 12 wine bottles. You get an option to store different kinds of wines at two different temperatures to get best possible results.

Each of the two zones has independently adjustable temperature settings. The upper zone can be set at a temperature of 45-54 Fahrenheit, and the lower one can be set at 52-64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature can be adjusted using the touch screen, and the elegant blue LED readout beautifully displays the temperature setting. The sleek black interior and body of the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler can blend well with any kind of cabinetry or décor. It features a tinted glass door and an ambient backlight, which offers a sneak peek into your wine collection that lies within. The thermo-electric cooling technology allows for efficient, quiet and vibration free cooling.

It measures 20″ x 10″ x 24″, which makes it one of the most space efficient wine coolers available on the market.

What is not so great about Haier 12 bottle wine fridge?

alcohol storage, alcohol refrigeratorIf you have a large wine collection then you might find the size of this cooler a little too small. It can accommodate only 12 wine bottles, which makes it just good enough for a casual wine collector.

The serious wine collectors might have to buy three or foure of these if they want to store their entire collection and still take advantage of its compact structure and efficient cooling or maybe look at something a bit larger.

Is it worth your money?

The Haier 12 bottle wine refrigerator is an answer to your wine storage and cooling needs. You cannot ask for a better wine cellar than this in the below $200 price range.

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