There are few drinks that are as good as the bullfrog alcoholic drink. However, it is not for the faint of heart. You could even say it is one of the most daring drinks out there.

The bullfrog cocktail is a ‘one size fits all’ drink when it comes to the appropriate time to have it. Not to mention, it has quite the distinct color. Behind that color, though, is a swirl of many different hard alcohols. Hang in there! Let’s find out more about the bullfrog drink.

The Bullfrog Cocktail Origin

A lot of people have come up with different stories linking the bullfrog cocktail to a particular place or area. Like most myths, few of them are true. So where does the cocktail and its name actually originate from?

Well, it should be instinctively obvious to any curious person. The ‘bullfrog’ in its name is actually from its color. The bullfrog energy drink mixed drink has a somewhat turquoise, somewhat green color, just like the color of the actual frog. But is the color the only reason for naming this drink after a frog?

Definitely not!

The bullfrog is an actual animal, and, considering its aggressive and large size, we might just understand why we use the term ‘bullfrog’ to represent this drink. The drink is quite aggressive (to a teetotaler or even a mild drinker) and is usually served in large portions. That, my friends, is the reason for its name.

The second thing, though, is where exactly does this drink come from? The word on the street among bartenders is that perhaps an experimenting bartender decided to push alcohol mixing a bit far, then decided to make it mild with a bit of fruit like lemon and oranges. Honestly, you can totally believe this story, because that’s quite close to what the bullfrog cocktail is. But the bullfrog is actually a Dubai cocktail.

Now What is the Bullfrog Cocktail

Some say it’s the most daring drink, while others think it’s the most exciting drink to try out. We go with a balance between these two and say that is perhaps the most fun drink you will try out.

The bullfrog is made with a lot of alcohol and sometimes topped off with a few pieces of fruit or Blue Curacao. Just like any other good alcoholic drink sold in bars, it is best served with ice and chilled. However, there are some variations of the bullfrog mixed drink as we know people like to experiment. This drink is definitely not for those who cannot stand alcohol.

Equipment Needed to Make the Bullfrog Cocktail

So now you’ve been introduced to what the cocktail is and its origin. If you love fun and exciting things, I can bet that right now, you are thinking of trying it out or even making it yourself. It’s normal — that’s how we all felt when we heard about it for the first time. Stay with us while we work you through the things you’ll need to make this drink.

The bullfrog mixed drink requires only a few things.

  • A tall glass
  • A cocktail shaker
  • Straws

It’s quite obvious what a straw and tall glass would be needed for and how they are used. But it is important to add that the glass should be tall enough to take all the contents and the straw long enough to get to the bottom of the glass. The cocktail shaker, however, is used to mix the contents of the bullfrog cocktail just before it is taken.

If you’ve tended at a bar or visit one frequently, you should know how to use it. With just a few shakes after you’ve made your mixture, you will be good to go! It makes things easier instead of the conventional stirring method.

The Easiest Bullfrog Recipe You Can Find

So, we have finally gotten here. Time to discover what exactly the bullfrog ingredients are! Well, since there are several variations, we will just give the basic ingredients you’ll need and then let you experiment with other things at your disposal.

Basically, the bullfrog cocktail ingredients are:

  • Vodka (15ml-30ml)
  • Tequila (15ml-30ml)
  • Gin (15ml-30ml)
  • Rum (15ml-30ml)
  • Blue Curacao
  • Red Bull (15ml-30ml)
  • Ice
  • Fruits

The many different types of alcohol in these bullfrog ingredients must have surprised you a bit. Well, yes! That’s an alcoholic cocktail for you. But if your goal is not to get wasted, you should add only small amounts of each to your beverage. Too much is definitely a bad idea.

Now How Is It Made? Well It’s Simple!

  1. Get your tall glass and fill it with some ice. Too much ice is ill-advised. Remember you are still going to add quite a number of alcohols to your cocktail.
  2. Next, pour all your alcohol, in whatever order, to the glass of ice. We usually recommend starting with one that can most easily dissolve the rest. If you are not sure of what that is, use the standard order. Vodka, then tequila, then gin, then rum. Unfortunately, there’s not mnemonic device for that yet, as far as we’re aware.

Now let’s get into the part that lends this drink its signature color.

  1. Next, add Blue Curacao. Blue Curacao is a liquor that is used in almost every cocktail alcoholic drink. It’s blue color definitely changes the mixture of the bullfrog mixed drink.
  2. Lastly, add your Red Bull. Red Bull is an energy drink, so you definitely want to have some of that in your mix. It is also an essential ingredient for making the whole color into that greenish-blue color of the bullfrog.
  3. To spice it up a bit, fruits can be added as well. But nothing over the top! A few slices of oranges, some lemonade or cherry will do just fine.

So, when you are done mixing all these together, use your cocktail shaker to mix them up well. Shaking for some seconds should be enough. And there you have it! The bullfrog mixed drink!

Variations of The Bullfrog Mixed Drink

It is funny that some people are still not impressed after seeing these ingredients and still want to mix things up even more. We get that. Everything on the recipe list may not suit you. There are a few options that you could try when varying the bullfrog drink.

Use Triple sec instead of the blue curacao: Triple sec is an orange-flavored liquor. Some people just like the taste of it more than Blue Curacao. We understand that, and the two of them can be interchanged. But the only problem that comes is that the color may change because of the lack of Blue Curacao.

What people usually do is add some colorings to it. Colorings for drinks are easy to get and can be gotten from any local store near you. Some make use of blue coloring when they’ve decided to go with triple sec instead. If there are other liquors you prefer to Blue Curacao or triple sec, you could also use those.

Variation is all about personal taste and choice.

Substituting some of the alcoholic drinks: As we all know, the bullfrog drink is made up of quite a number of alcoholic drinks. While mixing the ingredients we gave above, you might notice that the color doesn’t contribute in any way to the blue color of the final mix.

So, another way of varying the bullfrog alcoholic drink is to use different alcoholic drinks. Not everybody likes the same thing, and this also applies to liquor. Most users typically prefer variants of vodka and gin and Smirnoff instead of rum, but you can use whatever pleases you. So long as you enjoy your drink!

The one thing we would not recommend you substitute is the Red Bull. Red Bull gives that unique color to your usual Blue Curacao drinks, and we are sure you wouldn’t want to remove the only energy drink from the cocktail.

In summary, try out new things. Experiment, but we do not recommend removing the basic ingredients that make the drink a Bullfrog.

Is the Bullfrog Drink Popular?

This is a frequently asked question among intended users of the drink. The answer obviously will be relative to where you live. But, in general, yes, the Bullfrog drink is quite popular. As earlier stated, it is a Dubai classic, so it is quite popular in the Middle East. The bullfrog drink is getting increasingly popular in other countries, however. Most users stumble upon it by chance.

How Best to Take?

It comes down to preference. The bullfrog is not constrained to a particular season, weather, or time. It can be enjoyed by adults in any weather condition. However, users often prefer to take the bullfrog alcoholic drink during summer. The alcoholic drinks have a calming effect that suits that season.

Most users enjoy this cocktail by taking it cold with lots of ice. Don’t be afraid to add as many cubes of ice as you’ll need.

Now, while some people would rather take glasses of the bullfrog cocktail, others take the bullfrog shot using shot glasses. This is totally understandable given the number of alcoholic beverages used. You can also use a fancy straw when taking this drink.

Our Verdict on The Bullfrog Alcoholic Drink

So, we’ve broken down what the bullfrog contains, but some may ask what we think about this drink. It’s not so simple to say. The bullfrog alcoholic drink is fantastic for people who are comfortable taking alcohol (it is almost 80% alcohol!). So, if you know you cannot handle much alcohol, it may not be the best fit for you.

The drink is entirely for adults. Due to its composition, it’s quite difficult to make any variation suitable for teetotalers or children. You might want to keep this one away from them. But, when taken in the right proportion, mixed well and served properly, the bullfrog drink is a fun and refreshing drink.


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