The Refreshing Electric Lemonade Drink

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Almost everyone likes a good glass of a refreshing electric lemonade drink. But most times, it gets boring when we keep on taking the same drink over and over again. We need to spice it up! But in doing that, we don’t want to just mix a couple of alcoholic drinks or just juices together.

Most people like to find the right balance between juice and alcohol. While there are many cocktails out there that produce this balance quite well, the electric lemonade drink is among the leading drinks you have got to try out.

The electric lemonade combines just the right balance of alcohol and lemon water (lemonade) to produce the electric lemonade. The edge that this drink has over other cocktails is in the health benefits of lemonade to the user. Lemonade, as we all know is gotten from lemons which are good sources of citrus. The lemons used should be fresh and fruity.

The electric lemonade cocktail is the perfect drink for relaxation and with only a few ingredients needed to make it.

Origin of The Name ‘Electric Lemonade Drink’

The origins of the electric lemonade alcoholic drink or simply the electric lemonade is quite difficult to trace back to a people, race, bar or even a bartender. The drink has gained so much popularity that everyone feels like they should be recognized as the originators of the drink. It has just made the job so much more difficult to decipher now.

It is however commonly believed that the ‘electric’ in its name is due to the electric and refreshing effect of the drink. When mixed in and later taken in a glass of ice, the effects of this ‘electric and refreshing’ drink is more pronounced. We know this because vodka, which is a primary ingredient of the electric lemonade drink, has that same feel as well. So, we highly recommend the frozen electric lemonade.

The reason for the ‘lemonade’ in the name of the drink is quite obvious. The electric lemonade cocktail is made using lemonades. With the right amount of the lemonade, the additional effect is so irresistible.

But if a story of the origin of the drink is necessary, we suspect that perhaps a bartender in some far away restaurant or bar must have been tired of the usual cocktails of alcoholic and drinks and perhaps decide to go just a bit natural for a change. Probably the purely alcoholic drinks were too boring, and the alcoholic mixtures were too adventurous. Then Boom! The electric lemonade drink was created.

What Then is an Electric Lemonade?

We should be well familiar with the major ingredient that makes up the electric lemonade drink by now. But the drink is not juice! It can’t just be made of lemonade. Well, true. There are quite a number of other things that make up the drink. These things are so many as people have different tastes. However, as there are numerous variations to the drink, some fundamental things are needed to make up this drink.

Things you’ll need:

  • Lemon

  • Ice
  • Vodka
  • Mixer


The simplest electric lemon drink is made by directly squeezing out the lemon juice from the lemon. First, make a mixture of lemon juice adding sugar and water. Next, colorings can be added to get a distinct taste and if the plane mix is too boring for you.

Next, add your ice cubes to the mixture (you definitely wouldn’t want to drink something hot) then finally your alcoholic drink of preference, usually vodka or beer. The simplest vodka mix has been made! But as always, you could still spice it up.

Variations of the Electric Lemonade Drink

The whole lemonade drink is very simple to make. But life is not simple, and neither should our drinks. It is good to spice up drinks and is something we highly recommend. Users coincidentally prefer the variations to the normal drink.

So, what are the variations of the electric lemonade drink?

Well, there are tons of ways to switch up the drink, and it all depends on the user of the drink. The most common variations, however, are the Electric blue lemonade, the blue curacao vodka lemonade, and the electric lemonade cocktail.

Blue curacao vodka lemonade: The name of this variation quite clearly shows how the electric lemonade drink is mixed. Curacao naturally is a naturally colorless liqueur but people who drink electric lemonade prefer to use the artificially colored blue type of the liqueur. The second ingredient of this variation is vodka.

Vodka is quite known to a lot of people as a top-notch alcoholic drink available. Vodka is now selected in this mix as the preferred alcohol than beer which may be used in others. The blue curacao vodka lemonade is the most popular variation of the electric lemonade drink.

Electric blue lemonade: The second, less common variation is the Electric blue lemonade. Here, the major thing that is changed is just coloring. Coloring ingredients as we all know may not just be used to color but can also be used to add a special taste to a drink.

The blue coloring is very popular among those who drink the electric lemonade because of that special and distinct taste it gives the drink. Sometimes, the blue curacao liqueur is used as the coloring material in the Electric blue lemonade.

Electric lemonade cocktail: So far, we have seen how the electric lemonade can be varied by adding coloring or a liqueur. But we know how experimental users are! That will definitely not hinder them, from trying new things. The third way of varying this drink is by making a cocktail from it.

Some people are still not satisfied with only a different taste and so push the variation to the limit. In this way of spicing things up, anything is allowed, as long as it forms a cocktail of the drink. So, it is not surprising to see an electric cocktail of two to three types of alcohol, and three to four mixes of coloring materials or even liqueur.

That’s the fun in the drink!

Most people also like to switch things up by adding a little more of alcohol to the mix. You’ve got to take an Electric lemonade shot then! While these are the most popular variations of the electric lemonade, users can always spice up their drinks to suit their taste. That is one thing we know users of this drink are good at!

Electric Lemonade Recipe

Quite a number of equipment are used to make an electric lemonade. These include a lemon squeezer to remove the lemon juice, shot glasses, normal glass cups, and a cocktail shaker. This piece of equipment is not complex to use, so there’s nothing to be scared of. After a couple of use, you should get the hang of them. You might also want to take the electric lemonade, like most other drinks with a straw.

We’ve seen what a different drink this is and how it can be varied. But the basic thing is what recipe is needed to make this drink. It is, however, important to note that this drink can be made in some many ways and there is no one-fits-all recipe available Nevertheless, we want to share with you a good recipe that we feel can be enjoyed by anyone.

Our recipe for the electric lemonade with blue curacao

  • 1 ½ shot cups of alcohol (vodka)
  • ½ shot cup of blue curacao
  • 2 cups sweet and sour mix
  • Lemonade
  • Lemon slice
  • Ice

A cocktail shaker is needed for this recipe. The steps are also very simple. The lemonade first has to be extracted from the lemons if a lemon drink is not available. We recommend the use of a lemon squeezer which is very cheap in the stores rather than using bare hands. You must check for seeds in the juice as well.

If you are making the drink for a large number of people, a few cups of water may be added as well as sugar to sweeten it. It is not a necessity, but it is recommended that the lemonade be not too watery.

After getting the lemonade from the fruit, mix the ingredients first in a glass. Stir for a couple of minutes then add 3-4 cubes of ice to the mixture. Then pour the whole mixture in the cocktail shaker and give it a good shake. A good shake can be from 30 to 20 seconds. Ensure that all the electric lemonade ingredients mix well.

The cocktail can then be poured into a glass and enjoyed from there. To avoid getting drunk or tipsy, a shot glass should be required if more cups of vodka is used.

The drink can be served also with a slice of lemon, just like those fancy juices we take. We recommend the use of a straw to reduce brain freeze from the coldness of the drink. The drink can still be made more exciting by using fancy cups and straws depending on the season like in Halloween.

Is it a Must to Use Vodka?

Vodka is the most popular alcohol to add to the electric lemonade, but definitely not the only one. As people like to experiment a lot, other alcoholic drinks can be used. We, however, advise that only alcoholic drinks without a lot of mixtures, like our dear vodka, be used in making the electronic lemonade. If you wish to save a couple of bucks a dry gin could also do the magic but the vodka is still the most preferable.

Vodka comes in different kinds, so experiment and discover which one you like the most.

Benefits of The Electric Lemonade

Some people seem to be carried away by the vast number of drinks and cocktails in bars that they fail to recognize that the electric lemonade has an advantage over most of the others in that it has some health benefits. The electric lemonade, when made from scratch is made of an important ingredient- Lemonade!

Lemonade is highly rich in citrus (vitamin C).

Citrus is very necessary for our bodies as we need it to maintain a good immune system. Yes, some may say that vodka doesn’t exactly have a health benefit, but at least the electric lemonade provides some benefit to the user. The citrus from electric lemonade is not so much to be substituted for the usual vitamin C to be taken, but it does provide some benefit that are useful.

Even in if the lemonade is gotten from an already made drink, the citrus still remains. This is why we recommend the electric lemonade to other purely or cocktail alcoholic drinks.

The alcohol used (usual vodka) may not be seen to have a positive health benefit but it can be beneficial in some seasons. In winter and spring, the temperature gets so low that it is difficult to breathe and get on with our daily activities. Alcohol can be used to warm the body in such cases. Instead of drinking a purely alcoholic drink during such seasons, why don’t you take an electric lemonade that will provide you with warmth and citrus for your body?

Is the Electric Lemonade Popular?

The electric lemonade is not as popular as it should be, given the benefits it provides. If in a bar we decide to answer this question by counting how many people order for the electric lemonade, then the answer would be ‘No, it’s not that popular’. Some bartenders still don’t know what or how to make this drink which is shocking.

Because of the fruit used to make the electric lemonade and several colorings, people usually shy away from this drink and think it’s another fruit drink. Others think it’s not alcoholic enough, but that’s fine, the balance of alcohol and fruit is what the electric lemonade seeks to achieve. A musician bears the name ‘Electric Lemonade’, so that has been helping the popularity of the drink.

Where Are the Best Places to Get an Electric Lemonade?

An electric lemonade is more of a homemade drink than other cocktails you will get in bars. This is because those who drink it can add whatever suits them to the mixture and its closeness to the traditional cocktail drink. However, the electric lemonade is sold in quite a number of bars.

The taste is not the same, and this is not down to only the ingredients used for the mixture but also for the type of lemon used to make this drink. Fresh lemons will always taste better.

Other Types of Electric Drinks

There are quite a few other electric drinks available, but they all have one thing in common; that refreshing delicious taste.

Electric Kiwi Margarita: this is a great drink. It is made from kiwi and usually dissolved using tequila. The best cocktail of the electric kiwi margarita is to add Midori (for that sharp taste and green color), tequila (the alcoholic drink), sweet and sour, kiwi slices and some ice. They are out in a blender and ground till a green, smooth mixture is obtained.

Electric Shark Cocktail: this is another electric drink that provides a cocktail with a sharp taste to the user. It gets its name from its color, like that of a shark. Its ingredients are rum, pineapple juice, ginger beer, and rum. About one to two shot cups of each ingredient is recommended to produce that distinct color. As always, ice is a must have. The electric shark cocktail is best served when chilled.

Electric Tea: The electric tea is more of an alcoholic drink than other electric drinks. It uses two to five alcoholic drinks as its ingredients. Usually, vodka, tequila, rum, and gin are the most preferable. All of these are mixed in a cocktail shaker with some ice, and a slice of lemon can also be added to it.

What We Think of The Electric Lemonade

A lot of situations arise where everyone is going alcohol-free and that’s just not your thing. Want to have a drink that still has that natural look and take but still has a good amount of alcohol? Electric lemonade is the best drink for you.

It is sure to bring questions though, especially if you use the blue curacao. I mean lemonade drinks aren’t supposed to be blue now! Don’t keep your drink just anywhere or else people think it’s an alcohol-free drink. You wouldn’t want your child tasting that. The blue color does invite them!


Electric lemonade is a very good drink for whatever occasion. Because its predominant ingredient (lemon), it can also be taken as a tropical drink. It provides a good number of benefits to the user, which is a major plus when compared to other drinks.

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