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Indo Cat Shit Coffee – Kopi Luwak

Written by The Jaguar on . Posted in drink

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Recently, a good friend of mine donated some kopi luwak coffee to my personal cause, which is, to taste the best of everything in life – possibly without working, because A. I am rich; so i can 
B. Working is tiring 
C. There a lot of people looking to work that can do the work for me cheaply
 D. I dont really have a job.

poop coffee, monkey poop coffee For those of you that dont know, kopi luwak is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the asian palm civet, then passed through its digestive tract (also known as its ass).

This Indo cat shit coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world at around $US 160 per pound. The cat that shits coffee therefore is a highly prized and much sought after cat.

So people in Indonesia search through shit, pick shitty berries digested by a non particularly attractive and apparently vile animal with anal sent glands emitting nauseating secretions, pack them and sell them at a huge profit.
 Looks like a deja vu all over again ( Enron and Facebook shares for example)

Is it good? 

It’s simply fantastic.

It tastes like chocolate, but at 160 usd per pound I don’t know why people don’t just drink chocolate instead, and most importantly after tasting kopi luwak you will be haunted by the question:
Who really was the first man that went through civets crap and tried it?

This coffee bean cat shit is available from selected places online and wherever the cat that shits coffee can be found.

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The Jaguar

The Jaguar

The Jaguar is an International man of Mystery. When he isn't selling coffee in the Orient he is Captain and Founding member of the Jaguar Parma Cricket Club in Parma, Italy. He owns two accordions and likes to drink baileys at lunchtime.

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    Great fun reading your article. Keep it up and sell lots and lots of the Indo Cat Shit Coffee. S.

    PS: I left this comment on Linkedin where someone posted a copy of the above coffee review.


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