When it comes to alcohol, we all have our favorites, and we all like to have fun, so why not combine the two by making jello shots with Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels is an easy to find whiskey that is versatile in itself, but when you want to have a party or do something a bit different, it might be nice to venture away from the same old mixed Jack drink we usually make for our guests. Enter the jello shot.

Jello shots are a blast from the past—if you’re like me, you haven’t had many since college—and let’s face it, they taste good. Jack Daniels Jello Shots combine the intensity and flavor of whiskey with the whimsy and great taste of jello. The drink is versatile, and there’s always something for everyone in this twist on an old favorite.

What is a Jack Daniels Jello Shot?

Jack Daniels Jello Shots are exactly what they sound like. They’re Jello Shots with Jack Daniels. Simple, right? The actual shot is just Jack Daniels, gelatin, and whatever you’re mixing into your shots. There are a lot of options here and they’re super easy to make. So, if you’re a fan of whiskey, it may be time to give this one a try.

What Do You Need to Make Jack Daniels Jello Shots?

Jack Daniels jello shooters are very simple and take only three to four ingredients. You’ll need your Jack Daniels whiskey, a mixer such as water or cola, and Jello, which can be flavored or unflavored — it’s completely up to you. You may also want to add a garnish of some kind.

You’ll also need shot glasses, a glass mixing bowl to put everything together, and maybe a pitcher or funnel or something similar to make pouring into the shot glasses easier. Alternatively, you could use a mixing bowl that comes with a lip for easy pouring.

Jack Daniels Jello Shots Recipe

The following recipe is one jello shot you can make with Jack Daniels. There are so many Jack Daniels Jello Shots ingredients you can use, so this is just one example. The following recipe is a shot based on the classic cocktail, Jack and Coke.

  • 120 ml Jack Daniels
  • 240 ml Coke
  • 2 packets Gelatin

Boil the Coke and put it into the mixing bowl. Mix in the Jello until you can’t see the bits anymore. Then, pour in the Jack Daniels and mix everything together. Pour the mixture into the shot glasses and refrigerate for 24 hours. You may also want to use cherries as a garnish for this particular recipe, but it’s up to you!

Variations of the Jack Daniels Jello Shot

As previously mentioned, the above recipe is only one thing you can do with these shots. There are so many different variations you might want to use. For example, you may want to use water instead of coke, then use flavored jello in the recipe. You might want to use orange-flavored jello to make honey Jack Daniels jellos shots.

You can also use any other flavor you want, depending on your taste. One recipe that comes personally recommended is a Cherry Coke jello shot with Jack Daniels. There are two ways you can make this particular variation. First, you can use Cherry Coke and unflavored jello, in which case just use exactly the same recipe given above.

You could also make it a bit more interesting: you can use cherry-flavored jello and regular Coke. This will give a different balance to the flavors. I prefer the latter, but I also like a very strong cherry taste. If this isn’t for you, I would just use cherry coke.

All this to say there are so many different options with just one type of shot. You can spend any amount of time experimenting with this shot if you want. There truly is something in this drink for every taste.

To Whom Would I Recommend A Jack Daniels Jello Shot?

I would recommend this jello shot to anyone who enjoys whiskey. Jack Daniels is a standard whiskey you can get at any drug store, liquor store, or wherever you shop for your alcohol. If you’re throwing a party or just want to have some fun, this is a super easy, three step solution that will either just be a fun party gimmick or a tasty way to get you drunk.

It’s a personal favorite of mine for large parties. There are so many different ways you can customize the drink, and if you’re having a lot of people over, or even a medium-sized party that loves to drink or take shots, there’s a lot you can do with this shot.

You can mix up the flavors so you have something for everyone on offer, and the jello shot gimmick is just a lot of fun. For those of us who may be a bit older and don’t party like we used to, this shot is a fun way of bringing a bit of the silliness of youth back into our lives.

Who doesn’t love jello?

It’s also super easy to make so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on this drink. All you need is the fridge space. This makes this drink ideal for something fun to bring to someone else’s party if everyone’s bringing booze. The jello shot is a cheeky way to have a bit of extra fun — it’s colorful, and if drunk is what you’re looking for, these will definitely get you there.

While obviously whisky has a very strong taste that won’t appeal to everyone, in my experience, this shot might mitigate this problem, if only a little bit. Shots are over rather quickly—you drink it in a second or so and then the taste is gone. For someone who wants to try this shot but they’re a little worried about the taste of the whisky, this is exactly the shot I would recommend.

It’s not straight whisky, so they will not be faced with the flavor all at one time, but it still has enough of a punch to satisfy whisky lovers. Additionally, there are other flavors involved which might make someone more willing to try the shot if whisky really isn’t their thing.

Maybe I wouldn’t recommend the shot to someone who despises everything about whisky, but for someone more neutral to it, or someone who wants to be a little more adventurous than usual, I think this shot is the perfect way to get them to try something new.


The Jack Daniels Jello Shot is a fun and interesting way to have a great time. Whether you want something with a new flavor or a fun twist on an old classic, this shot is going to be your new go-to fun time. It’s something different, combining the fun of a jello shot with the intensity and flavor of your favorite whisky.

It’s extremely simple to make. Most of us have the ingredients lying around already, and if not, they can be found at almost any store that sells alcohol and/or jello. This shot is perfect for parties, and with all the different ways you can mix it up, there’s sure to be something in it for everyone.

Make this shot when you’re ready for something a bit new and exciting. Spend some time experimenting with flavors. Help someone else fall in love with whisky. Whatever you decide to do, Jack Daniels Jello Shots are the versatile, fun treat that works for almost any casual occasion.


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