Have you heard of the monkey brain drink? If not, get ready for a truly eye-catching cocktail!

In this article, I will be talking about the monkey brain shot. It might look like a lava lamp, but rest assured, this is something you can actually drink. The preparation of an enjoyable monkey brain shot involves three major elements.

They are the relish, dairy, and beverage. The monkey brain drink is a recommended drink for Halloween. It is a spooky-like drink and is also a good addition to certain costumes. Allow me to reveal the mouth-watering homemade recipe for this small cauldron of deliciousness.

Apocalypse of The Monkey Brain Shot

The monkey brain ingredients add to its haunting effect. The monkey brain shot, when it’s mixed well, has three interesting layers which, starting with the top, should resemble the following:

  • White blood
  • Red blood
  • And brains!

The origin of the figurative drink is not known. However, I like to imagine it was created by a mixologist who had a dark edge in him. That is the perfect image, to me. Feel free to create yours!

Monkey Brain Ingredients

As we all know, the ingredients are the items that make up the scrumptious treat. It is the same for the monkey brain alcoholic drink. Each component matters, as they all add to the delicious taste and spooky look of the drink. However, they are nothing extravagant and can be easily purchased.

Before you can call it a monkey brain drink, it has some required elements. Some of the elements of the drink are its fruity, creamy and lemon taste. To achieve the look and taste of the monkey brain cocktail, you need the following;

  1. Dairy: The appropriate dairy for the specified drink is Irish cream. The Irish cream is a part of the drink’s creamy taste. The Irish cream creates the “brain” in the drink.
  2. Relish: Relish or condiments are the sweeteners of the tasty drink. The subject drink has 2 major condiments which are lemon juice and Grenadine syrup. Lime juice is also a condiment for the monkey brain drink; however, it is optional. The juice is the element behind the fruity taste. The grenadine is a non-alcoholic sweetener, and its reddish color adds to the spooky effect.
  3. Beverage: This is the element that gives it the exhilarating feeling. The required beverage for the monkey brain shot is a liquor called Vodka. Ever heard of it? The Vodka is the reason it’s called a shot! What is a shot without an intoxicant, right?
  4. Ice Cubes: Pieces of ice purposely cut into cube shapes, in case you weren’t aware. These ice cubes will help you to cool your drink.

The ingredients have no specific measurements. My advice is that you know your limits and measure accordingly.

Monkey Brain Recipe

Now that you are familiar with the ingredients, the next step is to know how to make it. The monkey brain cocktail recipe is easy as pie. It does not need special skills or expertise. Mind you, you should be careful while attempting the procedure.

For my recipe, I will be using the following measurements:

  • 2/3 oz. (2cl) vodka.
  • 1/3 oz. (1cl) lemon juice.
  • 1/3 oz. (1cl) Irish Cream.
  • 2 cubes of ice.


  1. Add ice cubes into the mixer.
  2. Add lemon juice and Vodka into the same mixer and shake well.
  3. Pour the mixture into a shot glass.
  4. Use the straws to pick Irish cream and carefully drop to settle at the base of the glass.
  5. Lastly, add a spurt of grenadine.

Note that, each step has its purpose and must be followed according to the procedures. Doing one step before the other will affect the outcome of the drink. Like I mentioned above, the preparation of the drink does not require any expertise. Therefore, the only equipment essential to the recipe of the monkey brain shot is a mixer.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Monkey Brain Drink?

The monkey brain drink does not need much of your time. Although, it looks complicated, it is quite easy to prepare. The estimated duration of time it takes to prepare the monkey brain cocktail is 4-5 minutes.

Yes, you read right!

It takes only five minutes to arrive at that slice of heaven the tasty drink brings. While some people may take longer to complete the task, however, 4 minutes is the bartender’s fixed time. Bartenders are skilled in this area and have to attend to as many customers as possible.

The message I am trying to pass across is don’t worry yourself if you take longer as practice makes perfect. With time, I am sure that you will be preparing the monkey brain shot in no time.

Verification of the Tasty Monkey Brain Shot

The preparation of the monkey brain shot is no longer foreign knowledge. I am certain that by now you must be thirsting to make yours. Nevertheless, I know that some might be skeptical about trying this out. Not judging, because when I also discovered this drink, I was a doubting Thomas.

But I assure you that on my first try, I couldn’t stop at one. Let me tell you about my experience with the monkey brain drink. So, it was Halloween (yeah, you guessed right!) and my friends invited me out to a party. The host wasn’t a mutual friend, so it was an unfamiliar scene for me.

The monkey brain cocktail, at first sight, put me off. I wondered what kind of weird host serves this kind of drink. However, I was at a Halloween party and I was supposed to loosen up! It looked like my friends were familiar with the drink, as they’d all taken theirs immediately. What is this, some kind of cult?

I remember asking the host why he didn’t dress as a zombie since he loved brains so much. Anyway, back to the story, my friends encouraged me to try the shot and I did.

It was enlivening!

I didn’t think one drink could achieve a trio-taste, but the monkey brain cocktail did! I can assure you that you will fall in love with the boundless flavors. I, for one, couldn’t stop at a shot. Ever since that night, I’ve gone for the monkey brain whenever possible.

Availability of The Monkey Brain Shot

There are only two options for the availability of the drink. You can either do it yourself or get it at the nearest club or bar.

Do your friends a favor by making the monkey shot for them. The sweet and tart drink never won’t disappoint at your Halloween party. Luckily for you, the monkey brain shot ingredients are not difficult to get. Most of the ingredients can be bought at your local store or ordered online.

Grenadine is the only ingredient that might prove to be a bit difficult to get. However, you can prepare an alternative homemade grenadine. It requires boiling equal amounts of sugar and cherry juice till it appears to condense like a syrup. The sugar is a necessary ingredient, while the juice can be replaced with pomegranate molasses, raspberry syrup, or pomegranate juice.

Lastly, add some food color. Ensure that the food color is red so that you can achieve the grenadine look. Please be aware that homemade grenadine will vary in taste.

I am aware that this might be an unnecessarily long process for some people. As much as some like to prepare their drink from scratch, others don’t. It is advisable that you learn the monkey brain shot recipe. Nonetheless, if you would rather buy it, I believe a reputable local nightclub should serve it, too.

Furthermore, you can hire any acclaimed mixologist in your district to make the drink at your party. Or, preferably, employ party services because they charge less than bartenders. Though both charge per hour, it is at different rates. Pick whichever idea you prefer from all the previously mentioned ones. I just want you to have the best shot at your next party!


As persistent as I am about everybody trying the tasty monkey brain cocktail, I also advise safety precautions. Please, be cautious of your intake of the shots if you go to the club alone. Furthermore, if you are serving it at your party, you and the drinkers must be of age 21 and above.

Finally, consider health issues such as allergies, diabetes, and so on before drinking monkey brain shot. The monkey brain recipe consists of alcoholic beverages and is intoxicating. Remember to drink responsibly!


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