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Blueberry Smoothies without Yogurt for Dairy Intolerant Individuals

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in drink

I love smoothies, but I have recently been having a little bit of trouble digesting dairy products, so I have gone on a dairy-free diet. Every morning, I used to begin my day with a smoothie, but because of my new dietary needs, I have been missing my morning pick-me-up. As a result, I set out to find a blueberry smoothie without yogurt that I could enjoy.

The Best Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in drink

The Vietnamese avocado shake, or sinh to bo as people commonly call it in Vietnam, is one of the sweetest smoothies I have ever had. All you need is regular milk, some sweetened condensed milk and of course, ripe avocados. As a food enthusiast, I am ever on the lookout for the next recipe I will try out, but I have to be honest and admit that it is not always that meals jump out at me.

Your New Favorite Drink Will be the Mangonada

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in drink

If you haven’t tried a mangonada or a chamango, you are in for a real treat. A mangonada is a fruit-based Mexican mango drink that features mangoes, lime juice, Chamoy sauce, chili powder, and usually features at tamarind straw. Although this drink is Mexican and origin it can be found commonly in states such as California, New Mexico, and Illinois. In some areas, it is also known as a chamango.