Indo Cat Shit Coffee – Kopi Luwak

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Recently, a good friend of mine donated some kopi luwak coffee to my personal cause, which is, to taste the best of everything in life – possibly without working, because A. I am rich; so i can 
B. Working is tiring 
C. There a lot of people looking to work that can do the work for me cheaply
 D. I dont really have a job.

Cantine Florio – There is No Such Thing as a Marsala Wine Substitue

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cantine florio, marsala wine, what is marsala wine

On a recent ‘patient visit’ to Italy (where this good Doctor shall be relocating his drinking ‘practice’ as of late November) I stumbled into Sicily: yes, mafia land and home to scary dudes with lots of chest hair & gold jewelry. But its also home to some cracking vino and an absolute little gem called Marsala (which comes from, funnily enough, Marsala!).

Palazzo Della Torre – I love you.

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palazzo della torre, italian wine, italian wine red

Ok so I love big Italian wine and the one and only time I ventured to Verona I stayed with an old friend who’s brother was a male model called Leonardo.

I think he was a hand model (think George Costanza) as he wasn’t exactly Fabio material in the face (nor body). Either that or I got ‘model’ and ‘porno star’ mixed up. I also remember getting absolutley pissed as a mule in Borghetto just outside of Verona on the local plonk: lest, it was love at first sip.