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Does Tea Expire? Find Out How Long You Can Keep Tea Bags

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in drink

Do tea bags expire? This question is one of the many that run through the minds of tea lovers and the answer to this is yes, they do. When stored in the pantry, you can enjoy fresh tea bags for close to a year and when they are in the freezer; they can last for up to two years. If you store the tea bags or loose leaf tea in the right conditions, you can drink the tea long after they have expired without encountering any problems.

Private Label Wine – How It Works

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in drink

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If you are working or in charge of a bar or restaurant and intend to rise above the competition, then selling exclusive private label wine is one of the simplest and coolest ways to up your profit margin. I speak this from experience in creating a private wine label for my store that has produced better results than I had expected from this endeavor.