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Palazzo Della Torre – I love you.

Written by Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot on . Posted in drink

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Ok so I love big Italian wine and the one and only time I ventured to Verona I stayed with an old friend who’s brother was a male model called Leonardo.

I think he was a hand model (think George Costanza) as he wasn’t exactly Fabio material in the face (nor body). Either that or I got ‘model’ and ‘porno star’ mixed up. I also remember getting absolutley pissed as a mule in Borghetto just outside of Verona on the local plonk: lest, it was love at first sip.

These Northerners really know their stuff, take the class Palazzo Della Torre Verona 2007 by Allegrini for example. I’ve been told these guys are using the Ripasso method where they take the pomace (think crushed up skins, seeds etc, the leftovers) that went into making Amarone and add this to the maceration process to produce said ‘Ripasso’.

Sounds complicated and it probably is after you’ve had half a bottle of vino and a some of the Jaguar’s ‘mint tea’ but the end result is a magical fruit driven wine which is really surprising.

I don’t really dig the nickname ‘Baby Amarone’ which some marketing genius invented for Ripasso; I’d liken this to Amarone’s 18 year old sister (if you know what I mean). Sounds sexier and by Christ does she have potential!

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This is a blend of Corvina and Rondinella grapes and adheres to ….blah blah blah. Stopppppppppppppp! BORING! In a nutshell: The Palazzo Della Torre rocks!

If you’re a new world fan of fruit driven meaty-ish, leathery wines then this one may be up your ally. If you like hand models, track it down.

If you’re a fan of Fabio, track it down. Even if you’re not a fan of any of these things, track it down as it’s class fermented grape juice.

Northern Italy: producing big Italian wine (and ‘hand’ models).
And if you’re ever in the neighbourhood tell them Leonardo sent you.

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Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot

Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot

Dean lives in Santa Sofia in Emilia Romagna, Italy and likes to ride around on his bicycle and drink wine. He has a Masters in International Relations and a Grad Dip in Wine Business. Originally from Australia he is also the founder of

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