Want a drink that’s going to make all the partygoers blush, even the guys-then get your hands on this Panty dropper drink review.

We’ve put together a pretty good guide that includes how to do it as a shot, how to make the original drink, and how to make the variants of the beverage too. You’re going to wonder just who was the genius who invented the drink.

That’s just what we did after testing the cocktail and making a few test drinks here and there. This stuff is so good, you’re probably going to run out of ingredients and end up like Captain Jack Sparrow asking, “But where did all the rum go?”

Hey, don’t take our word for it. Read over this review and see for yourself how great this panty dropper drink is.

What is A Panty Dropper?

A liquid Panty Dropper is a fruity, delicious and sweet drink that is made using various liqueurs and mixers.

The glass is filled with an equal mix of fruit juices, schnapps, triple sec, rum and vodka. The sweetness overtakes much of the alcohol flavor, with most bartenders adding pineapple and cranberry juices, along with the coconut rum. It is very refreshing, light and rather sweet. It looks beautiful sitting in the glass and reminds us of summer when we drink it.

It has a taste that is like candy.

The flavors are all balanced and nothing is overpowering. You get a slight hint that there might be alcohol in there somewhere, but to the untrained drinker, they might not detect it. Bartenders may or may not know what it is, if you order it, be sure to give them some time since the variations of this drink are numerous.

They might need to look it up or ask how you like it. And given that this drink has a rather crazy college-esque variant the bartender might give you something different altogether. We will talk about this down the road.

There are a lot of ingredients involved so do not expect the bartender to whip it up in two minutes. Besides, great drinks are an art form and you will appreciate a beverage that is made well instead of hastily thrown together.

These drinks are meant for slow consumption. They are dangerous and people will sit on their bar stool and then fall off when they stand up. Why? You can barely taste the liquor! So, if you’re out and order these, do take it slow.

Need Anything Special to Make It?

Not at all. It all depends upon what you want in your personal drink. The basics you will need to pull off this lovely cocktail include a Collins glass, or a shot glass if you want a refreshing shot that slides down your throat like cool water.

You will also need a shaker, so everything gets mixed well, and always some sugar for the rim if you make the martini version of this drink. Other than that, you just need to put on your bartender hat and get to work. No special training is needed, except maybe how to pace yourself on these tasty beverages.

The Recipe: Panty Dropper

Sometimes they call it Liquid Panty Dropper. It is a pretty wild and crazy name, but that’s because the drink itself will make you pretty much go wild. You’re going to drink one of these and probably ask for another right after. This drink is sweet, fruity and dangerous. It is important to pace yourself as you consume this one!


  • 1/2 oz. (15ml) your favorite Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. (15ml) Gin of choice
  • 1/2 oz. (15ml) Coconut Rum (we like Captain Morgan)
  • 1/2 oz. (15ml) Peach Schnapps
  • 1/4 oz. (7.5ml) Triple Sec
  • 2 Splashes of Cranberry Juice
  • 2 Splashes Pineapple Juice


  1. Top it all off with Orange Juice
  2. Garnish it with an orange twist
  3. You will want to use a collins glass and fill it with ice first before you add in all the ingredients.

The first sip is magical! The flavors mix together and create a taste like you’ve never had before. The liquor is not too strong, and the fruit juices make it taste like candy. Panty dropper rum drinks are nothing short of genius when you really think about it.

Variant: The Pink Panty Dropper

Okay, this variant is probably reminiscent of college days for some of you. Compared to the classy and fun original Panty Dropper, it seems a little unrefined.

But you know what?

It’s super tasty and will definitely make for an interesting party if you serve it at your next gathering. We even figured out how to make it in terms of a huge batch, so take note! This is what we meant when we said there was a crazy college version of this drink.

I brought up college because this was where I was first introduced to it. Back in those days we just bought the cheapest liquor because heck, we really just wanted a good time. But we managed to make a pretty good combo out of the cheap stuff.

The Pink Panty Dropper mixed drink is just as dangerous as its classier counterpart. It looks very pretty when you put it in a big glass container and serve it at a bachelorette party or bridal shower.

You can even add on some garnishes if you feel like it, but it’s really not necessary. Orange wheels or lemon wheels would look nice, or even gummy fruit slices if you really want to throw your guests into a sugar coma.

We don’t know where this crazy good drink came from, but some college guy or girl was likely messing around with whatever was left over from last weekend and came up with it. And you know the phrase “don’t knock it till you try it?” That’s how you got to approach this one. Don’t flinch when you see the ingredients- chances are you and your guests are going to love it.


  • Beer (it can be any kind, just choose your favorite)
  • Vodka (we like Belvedere, but that can be pricey.)
  • Pink Lemonade in a Can (You find this in the frozen food section of your grocery store)


To make a smaller batch, just take six cans of your beer (these are 12-ounce cans) and one 12 oz can of the pink lemonade concentrate and combine them into a pitcher. Then add in the vodka, 12 oz to be exact. You can just use the pink lemonade can to measure it out or the measuring cup, whatever you want.

Big Panty Dropper Mixed Drink Batch

Now if you want a BIG panty dropper mixed drink batch, then here’s how you do it. I hope you have a ginormous serving carafe for this thing.


  • 24 pack of beers that are 6 oz apiece, that’s 144 oz of beer total. So, you could also use 12 regular 12 oz cans here.
  • 4 12 oz cans of the pink lemonade concentrate
  • 1 half gallon of the vodka


You know the drill after this. Pour it into a big old container, mix it up, and then chill it. Pour it over ice. Bring it out and watch stuff get crazy. I can’t guarantee that anybody’s underpants will drop, however.

This type of drink is known as a porchcrawler or porchclimb. This is the name given to a mixed drink that is made of gin, vodka, beer and some sort of sweetener. In this case, pink lemonade concentrate is what we use. You might find rum or whiskey in there as well, or even rum.

You end up with a very highly alcoholic and carbonated beverage. The drink is fruity in flavor and is usually pink or yellow. You find it served from a large vessel of ice, and mostly at college parties.

Is There A Panty Dropper Shot?

Yes, there absolutely is panty dropper shot. It’s got nothing in it like the original drink, however. But don’t discount it, I guarantee you will love how tasty and smoothly this one goes down.


  • A half ounce of vodka
  • A half ounce of cranberry juice
  • A half ounce of blueberry schnapps


All you need for this one is a shot glass and a strainer. Just pour all the panty dropper ingredients into the strainer and shake it up. Then pour it into a shot glass and serve it. It’s so good. We tried them out here at home and the blueberry schnapps really shines in this one. It’s amazing how all the flavors just work together oh so well.

Once again, this one is dangerous-drinks like these taste like candy. It’s easy to mix them up one after the other because of how easy it is to make and how great they go down. Plus, all the ingredients are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, which makes this one great.

The Mexican Panty Dropper

This is a variant we became aware of by way of poking around online. It is a pretty interesting combination of just two liquors but is altogether very delicious.

This particular version is very smooth and sweet. You will find that this particular version is a little less tropical, but still tastes great. It’s a real crowd pleaser to say the least!


  • 1 and a half oz Patron Café
  • Some Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur for topping it


  1. Pour the tequila into a shooter.
  2. Top with a little Bailey’s and serve right away.
  3. Have some fun!

So indeed, this one is a little different and integrates the Mexican side of things with the use of Patron. But it tastes wonderful and will become a fast favorite. With only two ingredients, this one is an easy one to mix up for parties and get-togethers without breaking the bank.

The Pink Panty Dropper Martini

You might even call this one the most suave and debonair of all the Panty Dropper variants. You could even wear a tuxedo to the bar and ask for it to be “shaken, not stirred,” although that might just be a little weird and not a very good idea.

But what is a good idea is trying out this super great martini. It is fruity, tropical, refreshing and has a sugared rum! It makes a great drink for poolside sippin’ or dessert on a summertime patio.


  • 5 oz of raspberry vodka
  • 5 oz lemon vodka
  • 5 oz amaretto
  • 5 oz triple sec


  1. A splash each of cranberry and pineapple juice
  2. Rim the martini glass you will use with sugar.
  3. Pour these into your shaker and then strain into a martini glass.

Serve and enjoy! You can garnish with an orange for some extra fun if you desire. Just do not forget to sugar the rim! We loved the use of amaretto in this lovely and classy martini drink.

It lent a nice warm flavor to an otherwise sunny and bright combination of flavors. Even throwing in a few fresh raspberries as a garnish would make for a nice touch on this already beautiful drink. You could also use some orange juice if you do not care for pineapple juice.

Purple Panty Dropper

So, we once had a drink at our family BBQ called “Purple People Eater” and it was just awesome. Everybody enjoyed it and we even made a non-alcoholic version for the kids using raspberry sherbet. The drink was sweet, Fun and did I mention purple?

Indeed, we had everybody smiling when we made this cool and unique drink. And even though purple is associated mostly with Halloween in terms of holidays, you could use this at any celebration. For instance, if your wedding’s theme color is purple, this would make a great signature cocktail to serve while simultaneously impressing your guests.


  • ⅓ oz of Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • ⅓ Oz of Creme de Noyaux
  • ⅓ oz of Blue Curacao
  • ⅓ oz of Rumple Minz


Grab your shaker and fill with ice. Then fill your shaker with the ingredients. Shake it all up and then strain it into a rocks glass. Drop some extra Bailey’s Irish Cream into the bottom. Enjoy this unique and purple drink!

What Other Fruit Juices Can I Use?

You can use just about any fruit juice you want. Some people do not like cranberry juice, so they might use grape or even cran-grape instead. I do not think apple juice would go very well in this particular recipe as far as fruit juices go.

We did try a splash of pomegranate juice in place of the cranberry because we had some on hand. We just wanted to see what the difference in taste would be. It still tasted great, just a little more tart than what we expected. Still there was nothing wrong with the flavor.

We also tried a little orange juice in place of the pineapple juice as one of our guests cannot eat pineapple, and she enjoyed the drink. It is all a matter of playing around with the ingredients and figuring out what works for you.

Can You Make a Jello Shot?!

A panty dropper jello shot does not exist using the exact ingredients that we’ve listed here. But you can absolutely make a variant of it using some lemon jello.

Prepare the jello as you would any other time. Remove it from the heat and add in your vodka, 1 cup to be exact.

The next step is to fill small plastic cups (like what they use for sauces at restaurants) with the jello and vodka mixture. Put them in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap, until they are firm. Then you can bring them out when it’s time at the party.


The Panty Dropper is really in a league of its own when it boils down to it. It’s one of those drinks that has a name that is going to make everybody else blush or feel a little weird when they first order it, but once that great taste hits your taste buds… It is going to be no issue to walk up to the bartender and ask for one of these beautiful drinks.

And with all the great variants that exist, everybody at your party can find a combination they love. The balanced and sweet flavor of the drink are sure to make it a party favorite.

And if you need to serve a lot of people, try out the Mexican version or make the big batch of the Pink Panty Dropper drink. No matter which one of these versions you try, the panty dropper is going to be something your guests ask for again and again.


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