Don’t be fooled by its delicate pink color — the pink pantie dropper drink packs quite a boozy punch.

Whether in a single serving, a shooter, or a punch bowl, this drink is definitely silent-but-deadly, the kind of drink that can sneak up on you if you don’t pace yourself. Keep an eye on how much you’ve had, though, and you will find that this drink is easily one of the most refreshing and easy to make cocktails, especially if you are looking for a quick buzz.

You can easily make this drink the centerpiece of any party, whether it be a casual get together or a formal girls’ day. It is a fun, vibrant, and delicious beverage that will get people asking you to host parties more often. So, read on for our Pink Panty Dropper guide to learn more about this drink. You will thank yourself later.

Origins of the Pink Panty Dropper Drink

Interestingly enough, a pink panty dropper cocktail goes by many different names, such as a porchcrawler, porchclimber, Jungle Juice, Skip and Go Naked, and even dishwater. No matter what you call it, all the names seem to hearken back the same idea that this alcoholic mix is bound to lower anyone’s inhibitions and help everyone loosen up.

If we wanna find out where these wacky names came from, we should probably mention that these drinks are commonly found in good old college parties where these fun concoctions are often made in large batches with cheap liquor.

Nevertheless, do not let that or its interesting name turn you away from giving this funky drink a try. It can be light, refreshing and has a sweet pink tinge to it that can be dressed up for any occasion.

What is in a Pink Panty Dropper Drink?

Just as its name suggests, a pink panty dropper drink is a pretty pink cocktail that is just as fun to order as it is to drink it. However, do not let the delicate pink color of this cocktail deceive you.

A pink panty dropper is a wolf in sheep’s clothing — it is a mixed drink that uses a lemonade concetrate to mask two liquors, usually vodka and gin, and beer to make its base mix.

Here are some basic pink panties drink ingredients:

  1. Vodka
  2. Tequila, Gin, Whiskey, or Rum (your choice)
  3. Beer
  4. Pink Lemonade concentrate (preferably the frozen kind)

The final product is a fizzy, highly alcoholic punch with a fruity taste and a light pink color. When it comes to making a pink panty dropper cocktail or even a pink panties dropper punch, you can use cheap beer and liquor. As a matter of fact, cheap beer is more watery and leaves less foam in your mix so your cocktail’s taste will not be affected.

What Equipment Do You Need to Make a Pink Panty Dropper Drink?

You do not need a lot of equipment to make a pink panty dropper cocktail. Rather than using a shaker, you can just pour the ingredients in one after the other and top everything off with the lemonade. The glass size or serving size is up to you.

Many recipes for single servings suggest an 8 oz glass, but you can use the more typical 16 oz glass. The important thing to remember about mixing a pink panty dropper is that you need to make sure that each ingredient has time to settle before adding the rest of the ingredients.

However, if you are making a larger batch of this cocktail for a party, you will need a large container to hold and dispense the drink. Most people find a cooler a great option because it helps hold the ice without letting it melt and water down the drink.

You can also mix the drink in a drink dispenser, but depending on what kind of dispenser you get, it might not be good at keeping the drink cool. You may also need a ladle to mix everything together. Other than that, this is a very user-friendly drink that can be made at a bar or in the comfort of your own home.

Pink Panty Dropper Recipe

Most recipes for a pink panty dropper share the same ingredients, but wiggle room for flexibility lies in what two liquors you choose to mix in with the beer and lemonade. This particular recipe we will share with you is a pink panty dropper with vodka and tequila and is more geared towards making individual servings of this cocktail.


  • 1 oz. Tequila
  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • 2 oz. Beer of choice (remember, the cheaper the better)
  • Pink Lemonade


First, start off by filling an 8 oz. glass with ice until it reaches the rim. Then, slowly add the vodka, tequila, and beer. Be sure to give each of them a second or two to settle before adding the next liquid. Finally, add the pink lemonade to top off the glass.

You can also garnish with a lemon wheel to add extra flavor.

As you can see, there is not much fluff or extra garnishes to this cocktail. However, say you are planning to serve this drink at a girls’ night, you can definitely still jazz up these pretty pink drinks. For example, you could serve this cocktail in a mason jar with a cute decorative straw.

Adding a little extra garnish here and there is a great way to elevate this bargain cocktail to a fun party drink. No matter the occasion or time of year, a pink panty dropper is a cheap, easy and tasty party drink to get everyone in the party mood.

Are there Variations of the Pink Panty Dropper?

Like we said above, a pink panty dropper drink is actually part of a family of mixed drinks that all share the same base mix of beer and two liquors. However, like we saw with the recipe we shared above, you can change up the types of liquor and juice or lemonade in the recipe.

Pink panty droppers always vary, as the cocktail relies on a person’s preference or even just what they have lying around. Rum has a different flavor to it than tequila, while regular lemonade has a different sweetness to it than pink lemonade.

Skip and Go Naked

The first variation we want to share with you is known as Skip and Go Naked. Yes, it definitely rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Skip and Go Naked replaces the pink lemonade with regular lemonade to make a sort of refreshing Arnold Palmer-esque concoction. It’s a light and nice twist on your average beer.


  • Ice
  • 2 oz. chilled Vodka
  • ½ cup chilled Lemonade
  • 1 chilled Beer
  • Lemon and melon wedges for garnish


Simply fill a large glass with ice before pouring in the vodka and lemonade. Mix them well to make sure they have settled before adding the beer and garnishing with a melon and lemon wedge. Another way to make a Skip and Go naked is to use sprite and gin instead of vodka.

Another variation known as dishwater — not the most attractive name, but still just as tasty — uses UV blue and pink lemonade that makes the drink look like a dirty purple and brown.

Jungle Juice

A more over the top variation of a pink panty dropper cocktail is Jungle Juice. In general, Jungle Juice is any large-batch of spiked punch.


  1. 25 oz. Vodka
  2. 25 oz. Rum
  3. 1 gallon of lemonade
  4. 2 gallons of Orange or mixed fruit juice
  5. 2-3 quarts of fruit punch
  6. Fruit to garnish


As opposed to the Skip and Go Naked and the Pink Panty Dropper recipe, Jungle Juice uses a lot of fruit juice to mask the inordinate amount of liquor in the mix. This makes Jungle Juice a more ideal party drink for large parties and get-togethers. It should be noted that the most common place you would find Jungle Juice drink is at a college party. It’s the type of drink for pure debauchery.

So do take that into account.

To round out this list, there’s even a dessert version of a pink panty dropper cocktail. Known as Frozen Pink Panties, this blended drink combines gin, pink lemonade, ice cream and frozen strawberries for a true, fruity, pink slushie.

Overall, just remember that it is all according to taste. Everyone prefers their drinks differently. For example, if you like certain liquors and certain fruit drink mixes, then definitely use what you prefer.

Can You Make A Pink Panty Dropper Punch?

Because of how easy and how cheaply you can make a pink panty dropper drink, it also makes for a great party punch.


  • For a small batch:

    1. 6 pack of beer
    2. 1 12 oz can of pink lemonade concentrate
    3. 1 12 oz can of vodka
  • For a larger batch:

    1. ½ gallon Vodka
    2. 12 cans of Beer
    3. 7 cans of pink lemonade concentrate


To make the punch, just combine the mix over a bag of ice in a large cooler and stir. You can also make it in a nice drink dispenser with a spout if you want a little bit of a nicer drink set up. Also, just as you can enhance your single serving of this cocktail with a lemon wheel, you can also add lemon wheels to your pink panty dropper punch to help develop flavor.

Speaking of developing flavor, it is also a good idea to make this punch ahead of time so that by the time the party has started the flavors have all mixed well.

Pink Panty Dropper Jello Shots

So far, we have seen that you can make pink panty droppers into a single-serving cocktail and a large-batch party punch. Now, we want to share a fun way to make a pink panty dropper shot. More specifically, a jello shot.


  1. 1 cup of Vodka
  2. 1 cup of Pink Lemonade
  3. Lemons
  4. 1 packet of unflavored gelatin
  5. Red food coloring (optional)


  1. First, boil the pink lemonade and stir in the unflavored gelatin.
  2. While the mixture cools, half the lemons and carve out the fruit with a spoon. Make sure you do not cut through the peel.
  3. Once the pink lemonade gelatin mixture is cool, stir in the vodka.
  4. Position the lemon peel shells in a cupcake pan and fill the hollowed-out lemons with the mixture.
  5. Place them in the fridge to cool and set for a few hours.
  6. Once they are set, cut the lemon halves into quarters.

This is a great play on serving shots to party guests because using the lemon peel as the “shot glass” eliminates the need for disposable cups, which can generate a lot of trash.

Not to mention, when you cut the lemons into quarters, the set mixture inside the lemon peel creates the same effect of a normal lemon. As such, you have a fun party gimmick and a strong drink to get the party started all in one.

More Pink Drinks

If trying to order a pink panty dropper drink is a little beyond your comfort level, there are other cocktail cousins that still have kicking ingredients with that sweet pink tinge. And no, it is not rosé.

Starting off easy, you can go with a pink martini made out of grapefruit juice, vodka and a squeeze of lime. You can also go with the Cosmopolitan, which was, at some point, the queen of pink drinks. There is also the classic Ace, which is made out of gin, grenadine, lemon, and cream.

If you’re looking for a pink variation that still as much of a punch as a pink panty dropper, a pink lady might be for you. While it has quite the dainty name, this drink definitely hits harder than most pink cocktails. It mixes gin, Laird’s Applejack, lemon juice, grenadine and an egg white for a drink that carries more boozy weight than people expect.

If gin is not up your alley, you may want to try the El Guapo. The El Guapo mixes tequila, pear syrup, and ginger beer for a bright and sour cocktail.

A super interesting pink drink worth a try is a rhubarb rosemary margarita. This rosy margarita incorporates several natural ingredients to achieve the pink color and a unique flavor. From pink hibiscus salt rimming the glass to elderflower and rosemary infused in a rhubarb syrup, you end up with a rosy drink that has all the best sweet, tart, floral and herbaceous notes.

All of these pink drinks are definitely more upscale than what you might see in a pink panty dropper. However, if you are looking for more interesting pink drinks to add to your cocktail menu, you have a world of options out there. Not to mention, several of these recipes can be made at home, too.


When it comes to parties, the primary goal is to always make sure your guests are happy and well-taken care of, and a good pink panty dropper cocktail is a good way to keep your guests thoroughly entertained. With a pretty basic set of ingredients, this cocktail delivers a sweet, citrusy, and tangy flavor that your guests will find positively addicting.

Consider the following: if this pink drink survived the college party circuit with positive feedback, think of how well it will fit into your party menu. Just be sure to remind your guests of that there is more kick to this little pink drink than meets the eye (or the tongue).

In no time, this drink can be elevated to fit any occasion. Whether you are having a small get-together with your friends, throwing a massive party, or just want to give yourself a little treat at the end of the day, this pink cocktail is super easy to make and will keep the good vibes flowing all night.

With how easy it is to dress up and dress down this drink, you will easily win as the undisputed winner of the “Best Party Host” and “Best Mixologist” of the night. With that said, get the fun going by mixing up a sweet and tangy pink panty dropper.


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