What about a quick fuck shot when you are hanging out with friends? Alcoholic drinks are named for a variety of things, such as movies, fictional characters, actors, or even the aftereffects of the drink itself.

However, the worst of these, or the most fun depending on how you look at it, are the drinks that are named for sexual innuendos.

Yes, we have all heard of a Buttery Nipple or a Sex on the Beach, but there is a world of brazenly named cocktails and shots out there that can make even the bravest of people blush. But do not be intimidated by a Quick Fuck shot. It is actually a lot less brash or rough around the edges than it sounds.

True, you might feel awkward ordering one, but one sip of this shot will loosen you right up. This shot combines a smooth mix of coffee liqueur and Irish cream with a refreshing hit of melon liqueur in an attractive three-layered appearance.

They are simple to make, but they are also effective and so fun to look at. So, whether you are ordering a bunch of these for your friends or are making them yourself, Quick Fuck shots will easily become your go-to shot to both satisfy and impress.

Origins of a Quick Fuck Shot

How exactly does a shot come to be called a Quick Fuck?

A potential working theory for the rather suggestive name of this shot is that bartenders needed some way to express their sexual frustrations, or perhaps a particular poisonous mix reminded them of an ex-lover or an affair gone wrong. It very well could have been a fun joke among friends, or it might even refer to the feeling one has after taking the shot.

However, no matter how the name came to be, a Quick Fuck Shot, also known as a Seduction Shot, is thought to be a simple but powerful drink to seduce the opposite sex.

With its stunning but simple play of color, this drink’s untactful name refers to the fact that this shot combines three different liqueurs to make a shot that goes down smooth and creamy with a boozy punch that heightens energies and lowers inhibitions.

A Quick Fuck Shot is a layered shooter that both looks stunning and is delicious to taste. This particular shooter layers three liqueurs with different, contrasting flavors.


  1. Coffee Liqueur
  2. Irish Cream
  3. Melon Liqueur


To construct a Quick Fuck layered shot, you first pour in the coffee liqueur, followed by the melon liqueur, before finally drizzling a layer of the Irish cream on top.

The dark brown of the coffee liqueur, the bright green of the melon liqueur, and the creamy off white of the Irish Cream creates a stark contrast, but the attractive display that shows off the complex flavors of the drink. It is also very cool to watch the Irish cream drip into the melon liqueur, creating an almost lava-lamp-look to the shot.

The colors and flavors seem like they would never blend in a hundred years, but somehow the sweet melon flavor blends beautifully with the coffee and Irish Cream.

What Tools Do You Need to Make A Quick Fuck Shot?

Like many shots, you do not need a lot of complicated equipment or tools. Of course you need a shot glass, preferably a clear one. Without a simple, clear shot glass, you or your guests might miss out on the fun color show.

You might also need a shaker if you want to skip past layering the liqueur. However, if you do want to get that three-layer effect, you will need a spoon to help pour your liqueur in such a way that it will spread evenly over the preceding liqueur.

You do not need to go to the bar to have this shot. With only three ingredients and only one major tool, this shot is super easy for just about anyone to construct at home. This shot will make you look like a seasoned bartender.

Quick Fuck Shot Recipe

We have already introduced the standard ingredients to make a Quick Fuck or a QF, if you will. This particular recipe we want to share with you uses three of the more popular liqueurs on the market: Kahlua, Midori, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Kahlua is easily everyone’s go-to coffee liqueur because it tends to have a strong coffee flavor with a hint of vanilla in the background. Midori is an electric green liqueur with a sweet and subtle melon flavor. It has a quite refreshing and lingering flavor.

Bailey’s Irish Cream is everyone’s favorite way to spruce up a drink. It uses the finest Irish dairy cream, aged irish whiskey and a unique subtle chocolate flavor to add a balance to the other two ingredients. Altogether, you get a creamy shot that is a little fresh and sweet.


  1. ½ oz Kahlua
  2. ½ oz Midori
  3. ½ oz Bailey’s


You could easily pour all the ingredients together and still get its iconic smooth and slightly sweet flavor, but part of the Quick Fuck shot experience is that eye-catching layering of the ingredients. So how do you do it?

To get the QF’s iconic layered appearance, you will need to use a spoon and a little bit of care and patience. First, pour the Kahlua into the shot glass. Then, use the back of a spoon to carefully layer the Midori on top of the Kahlua. Finally, pour the Bailey’s off the back of the spoon so it floats on top of the Midori. We suggest using room temperature Irish Cream. If the Irish Cream is too cold, it will be too heavy to just sit on top of the Midori.

This is one of those drinks that definitely speaks for itself and does not need any decoration or garnish to enhance it. If you are preparing this for a group of people at a party, it is already enough entertainment to watch a Quick Fuck in preparation, but it is even more entertaining to watch how the Bailey’s mixes with the Midori in each glass.

In short, this is an easy cocktail shot that anyone can prepare, but the result is positively dazzling to see and taste and will make it seem like you worked extra hard on it.

Are There Variations of a Quick Fuck Shot?

A Quick Fuck layered shot typically sticks with the same three ingredients: coffee liqueur, melon liqueur, and Irish cream. We suggested using Kahlua, Midori, and Bailey’s, but you can get creative with the brand of liqueurs you choose.

We know that Kahlua seems to be everyone’s pet coffee liqueur, and it might be because the coffee liqueur market did not typically have many brands that were using natural ingredients like Kahlua. However, it is important to know that this is changing and that there are several brands that are brewing coffee liqueurs with real sugar, spices, and coffee beans nowadays.

One great Kahlua alternative is Leopold Bros. French Press-Style American Coffee Liqueur. While the name is a mouthful, this coffee liqueur strikes a balance between coffee flavor and sharp raspberry flavor and has a bright, dry and earthy finish that is reminiscent of French Press coffee.

Another alternative is Firelit Coffee liqueur. This coffee liqueur has a bolder coffee flavor with a little sugar that is perfect for people who like their coffee black. It also incorporates some subtle floral elements that counter the bitter hits of the pronounced coffee.

St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur gives a slight chocolate twist to the coffee liqueur flavor. This liqueur blends Ethiopian Coffee Beans, French chicory root and Madagascar root that emulates the feeling of drinking coffee alongside a slice of chocolate cake with berry jam.

This last Kahlua alternative plays to those with a sweet tooth. Roundhouse Spirits Corretto Coffee Liqueur’s flavor is dominated by Madagascar vanilla bean and natural cane sugar.

Just like Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream seems to dominate the Irish cream market, but there is a world of cream liqueurs that goes beyond Bailey’s. The thing about cream liqueurs is that they are made with a variety of base liqueurs such as whiskey, rum, tequila and scotch.

As such, there is a wide variety to choose from.

Carolans Irish Cream is a good alternative to Bailey’s Irish Cream. They share the same subtle hints of chocolate, but Carolans adds an extra tang of honey. This helps the whiskey flavor come out a little more which pairs wonderfully with a coffee liqueur and could potentially enhance your Quick Fuck shot.

Another alternative is Dooley’s Toffee Cream. Made in Germany, this cream liqueur uses vodka rather than whiskey and adds a buttery toffee overtone rather than chocolate. It also boasts some deep caramel flavors which, again, pairs nicely with a coffee flavored liqueur.

Whisper Creek Tennesee Sipping Cream could also be a potential alternative to Bailey’s. It uses Tennessee whiskey with fresh cream that boasts the fruity flavors of fig, pecan, caramel and apple. It has a deep caramel and molasses flavor profile that could also pair well with a Quick Fuck shot.

With only three ingredients, it is easy to change up the flavor profile of a Quick Fuck layered shot as you like. However, at the same time, with only three ingredients, it is also easy to completely mess up the balance of flavor set up by the normal ingredients.

So, while we definitely encourage you to play around with different liqueur brands to see what flavors work best for you, be mindful that the standard ingredients work together for a reason and you should maybe try to match those flavor notes as much as possible.

Bailey’s and Kahlua Shot(s)

A Quick Fuck is already a tasty shot to begin with, but what if you are not particularly a fan of Midori. Fortunately, there are a variety of shooters with Bailey’s and Kahlua and we have a few we want to share with you.

To stick with the naughty names and the layered effect, we have a Blow Job shot. This shot features a layer of Kahlua, followed by a layer of Bailey’s Irish cream, and topped by a swirl of whipped cream to create a pretty ombre effect of dark brown to white.

Altogether, this is a tasty, rich and creamy shot whose real fun lies in the way this shooter is drunk.

We will leave that mystery for you to find out.

Adding onto the naughty names list, we have a Screaming Orgasm. This shot has the sure-fire delicious combo of amaretto liqueur, Kahlua, and Bailey’s Irish cream. I mean, come on. Almond, coffee, and cream. That’s practically a trio made in heaven. What kicks this particular shot from Orgasm to a Screaming Orgasm is the addition of vodka.

If you want to step further out of the box, a Screaming Orgasm can become a Multiple orgasm by trading out the vodka for cream, and a Multiple Orgasm can become a Screaming Multiple Orgasm by adding the vodka and cream together.

If you want to get the best out of the two ingredients, then try a Baby Guinness. A Baby Guiness is literally Bailey’s layered over Kahlua, but its appearance resembles a small glass of Guiness, hence the name.

Go retro with a B-52 shot. Named after the famous 1970s band, this shot layers Kahlua, Bailey’s cream and Grand Marnier for a bright pop of citrus in coffee cream. The B-52 shot can easily become a B-55 shot just by switching out the Grand Marnier for absinthe, which actually emulates the same bright green of the Midoria liqueur.

If you really love a creamy, buttery cocktail, a Buttery Nipple or Slippery Nipple is the one for you. It combines vodka, Irish cream, Kahlua, and butterscotch schnapps to make a rich shot.

The next Kahlua and Bailey’s cream shot on our list is a Duck Fart Shot. Yes, these names just keep getting better and better. Once you get over your intial laughter, this shot is going to have you hooked.

Duck Fart Shots are shooters with Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua, and whiskey. If you replace the whiskey with Fireball Cinnamon whiskey, you get a Cinnamon Latte Shooter.

Next, we have Strawberry Bailey’s Kahlua Shots that mix grenadine, Kahlua, Baileys, whipped cream, and strawberries for almost dessert-like layers of Kahlua and Bailey’s shots. You can also go a little more upscale with a Russian Quaalude.

A Russian Quaalude is made with Russian vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Hazelnut Frangelico and Kahlua for a much deeper, nuttier flavor.

Non-Alcoholic Version

If you are looking to do a Quick Fuck shot for a more underage crowd, there is a way to emulate the taste of this shot without the alcohol. Fortunately, Bailey’s has actually implemented a line of non-alcoholic flavorings.

More specifically, Bailey’s Coffee Creamers, especially the chocolate variety, can actually be used to create a virgin version of this shot. Instead of Kahlua or a coffee liqueur, you can just use espresso or coffee syrup as an alternative. As an alternative to the Midori liqueur, you can use pure melon concentrate.

Of course, we are not saying this will perfectly recreate the cocktail, and it might take some playing around with the proportions to get it close enough, but these are just non-alcoholic options for these particular liqueurs. They can also be used as substitutes in other recipes.


Whether you are looking to jazz up your shot repertoire or just looking for a new way to impress your friends, a Quick Fuck can be the centerpiece of your next drinking endeavors. While you might have to throw caution to the wind to utter this shot’s name out loud, the flavor of this shot will make it well worth it.

I mean, come on. Kahlua and Bailey’s.

It is already a match made in heaven. What more could anyone ask for? Throw some melon Midori into the mix and you have a shot that will not only surprise everyone but will also have them coming back for more.

Not to mention, its simple construction means less chance of messing up the mixture. In the end, the ingredients create a striking design that will have everyone fooled into thinking you are an experienced bartender.

Moreover, a Quick Fuck shot is a great way to enter the wider world of cocktails and shots, many of which have even less tactful names than this shot. But once you get past the giggles and awkward blushing, you might find yourself an eager initiate into the world’s dirty drink menu.


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