Jamaican Soursop Juice is made out of the fruit obtained from the soursop tree, or plant. This fruit is commonly referred to as Guanabana. Though it has many names, depending on which country you’re in.

You would be amazed by the health benefits of eating guanabana. You could make this juice yourself at home, by using an easy to follow recipe or purchase the juice premade from your local grocery store. The benefits are plentiful either way.

Soursop Juice is used in sweet treats like candy, sorbet, and smoothies. The soursop fruit can be eaten raw as well. Soursop juice is the most common form of consumption though. You could drink this juice for breakfast to ensure you receive the benefits of the delicious fruit. There are multiple studies being performed to learn the exact benefits of the fruit, and exactly how much its’ consumption could benefit you.

What is Soursop?

You could find a soursop tree in warm tropical regions, such as; The Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Soursop juice, which is made from its exotic fruit- Guanabana, is exceptionally sweet and free from foreign additives or artificial sugars.

The soursop tree takes six years to mature. Fruit will be bored in the first three to five. A soursop tree grows to about twenty-six feet tall. The tree features five-inch, evergreen leaves. The top of a soursop tree looks similar to a bush. The tree thrives in warm, humid climates. Temperatures below forty-one degrees, Fahrenheit could kill the tree. A thriving tree could produce a ten-pound guanabana fruit, up to eight inches long.

The soursop fruit

Soursop fruit is plucked from the soursop trees found throughout the tropical south. The trees are found in places like south America and the Caribbean. As of right now, the plant is not reported to grow naturally in Texas or Florida. The fruit is shaped like a long oval and feature prickly spines on the peel. The fruit is considered to be a custard apple fruit. The consistency is similar to that of a pineapple mixed with an apple.

Soursop fruit is typically sold at sizes between one and two pounds. The fruit can grow to weigh an incredible ten pounds. The fruit is sweet, with a hint of sour. The exotic fruit is slightly less prevalent than a passionfruit.

What is Guanabana Juice?

Soursop Juice is an exotic juice drink. The soursop drink is made from guanabana, or graviola, fruit. Guanabana is the fruit that is bore from a Soursop tree. The guanabana is considered to be a custard apple fruit.

You could say that guanabana juice is a sweet and healthy juice drink. The juice is slightly thicker than your typical orange juice, but it’s typically sugar-free, and all natural. Despite the lack of added sugars, the juice is still sweeter than most typical juices.

Know How to Make Soursop Juice?

You can make soursop juice yourself, but in the tropical South American region soursop juice is often made and distributed to western societies. Graviola, or guanabana, fruit is used.

The fruit would be broken open and peeled, then the fruit would be collected, and the seeds would be thrown out. The soursop fruit is often made into a fruit juice, frozen like a fruit concentrate, then packaged in a can or box to be distributed to places like the United States.

Soursop Juice Recipe: Make Your Own Soursop Juice Using the Recipes Below!

The soursop fruit- Guanabana, is used to make all sorts of fruit drinks. Drinks like juice and smoothies. The fruit is also used to make candies, sorbets, and other sweet and delicious delicacies.

Soursop Juice and Smoothie

Use the following ingredients to make this delicious Soursop Drink.

  • Two Soursop Fruits
  • One Cup of Cubed, Fresh Pineapple
  • Two Cups of Cubed, Fresh Coconut
  • Four Leaves from a Leafy Green, (Think Spinach, Kale, or Collards)
  • One Piece of Fresh Ginger, (About the Size of Your Finger)
  • You May Want to Thin the Drink with Milk or Coconut Water

Use the Ingredients to create your smoothie, following the steps below.

  1. Wash the fruit, taking special care of the ridges and grooves. Dirt can become stuck in the grooves.
  2. Use a paring knife to peel the soursop fruit. You could possibly do this with your hands, as the fruit’s skin is very soft.
  3. Cut the fruit in half and remove the stem.
  4. Remove the pulp, break it up and throw out the seeds.
  5. Cube the Coconut and Pineapple.
  6. Place everything except the milk, or coconut water, into a blender. Blend the ingredients together until you get a smooth consistency.
  7. Use the milk, or coconut water, to achieve your desired thickness.

Jamaican Soursop Juice Recipe

Use the following ingredients to make a delicious Jamaican Soursop Juice.

Use the ingredients to complete the following steps. Once finished you will have your very own, fresh soursop juice.

  1. Clean the Soursop, take care to wash between the grooves and crevices.
  2. Peel the Soursop with a paring knife or even your hands.
  3. Press the pulp repeatedly in a separate bowl. This will extract the soursop juice from the pulp.
  4. Put the water in the bowl and continue to press. Remove all of the seeds.
  5. Blend all of the ingredients, except the condensed milk, together in a blender. Blend until you reach a smooth consistency.
  6. Use the condensed milk to change the thickness and sweetness to your preference.

Delicious Soursop Punch

Use these ingredients to make soursop punch.

  • One Soursop Fruit
  • Two Tablespoons of Sugar
  • One to Two Cups of Milk (Your Preference)
  • Two Teaspoons of Vanilla
  • One Teaspoon of Cinnamon
  • One-Fourth Teaspoon of Nutmeg

Use the ingredients to follow these steps. Once completed you will have a delicious, exotic soursop punch.

  1. Wash the Soursop fruit. Pay attention to the grooves and crevices.
  2. Peel the fruit with a paring knife or your hands. Then remove all of the pulp. This includes the seeds.
  3. Shove the fruit through a metal strainer into a bowl.
  4. Add the sugar, milk, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon to the fruit.
  5. Mix the ingredients until the sugar is dissolved completely.
  6. Chill the punch in the refrigerator. This could take up to two hours.

Soursop Sorbet

The ingredients that follow can be used to turn guanabana juice into a delicious, icy sorbet.

  • One Soursop Fruit
  • Two-Thirds Cup of Sugar
  • One Tablespoon of Lemon Juice

Use these three simple ingredients to follow the steps below. Resulting in a delicious sorbet.

  1. Wash the fruit, carefully cleaning the grooves and crevices to ensure you remove all possible dirt.
  2. Peel the fruit with a paring knife or your hands. The peel is extremely soft.
  3. Cut the fruit into small pieces.
  4. Use a blender to puree the fruit.
  5. Mix together the fruit, sugar, and lemon juice.
  6. Freeze the mixture for a few hours.

Soursop Colada

Make one of your favorite alcoholic drinks with soursop fruit. This easy to make, drink can be made with just a few ingredients.

  • One Cup of Soursop Juice
  • Half a Cup of Dark Rum
  • Three Tablespoons of Coconut Cream
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Nutmeg to taste

Use the ingredients above to follow the steps below and make a delicious alcoholic beverage.

  1. Buy or make your own soursop juice. Set aside one up for this mixed drink.
  2. Mix together the rum, juice and coconut cream.
  3. Fill your blender with ice then pour the mixture into it.
  4. Blend until the mixture has an even consistency.
  5. Pour the mixture into a couple of glasses. Top it off with some ground nutmeg.

Utilize Soursop in Baking

Soursop can be used as an alternative to other fruits used in baking. Replace those commonly used strawberries with glazed soursop on top of your next cheesecake or use soursop inside of the Jello you’ve made for a summer dessert. These are some commonly made dishes, that you could easily incorporate soursop fruit into.

  • Shortcake: Use the fruit on top of the shortcake to add a slightly more exotic flavor.
  • Cheesecake: Another dessert that could benefit from the addition of soursop fruit. You could use soursop fruit as a topping or dice it up and put it inside of the cheesecake filling.
  • Jello: It’s not uncommon for people to put fresh fruit inside of their jello. You’ve probably enjoyed a light, jello dessert that included strawberry or pineapple. Instead of pineapple, use guanabana inside the next jello dish you make.
  • Mousse: You could blend soursop into the mousse you make for your next dinner party. Everyone will ask you what you used to make the exotic dish.

How Do People Eat Soursop Fruit?

Soursop fruit is consumed in many forms. You have likely seen it sold in juice, and soursop drinks. Stores often sell the Jamaican soursop drink on shelves in the foreign food aisle. You can eat soursop in multiple forms.

  1. Juice: You can make or purchase soursop juice. This is the most common form people consume the fruit in. You have likely come across soursop juice at some point in your life.
  2. Smoothie: Similar to soursop juice, but slightly thicker. This is a great form to eat soursop in for breakfast, or even just a summer drink. Soursop juice is already thicker than most other fruit drinks, so the smoothie is close to a milkshake consistency.
  3. Punch: Use soursop for the punch at your next party. If you are having a summer or tiki themed party, soursop would be the perfect fruit to use in you fruit punch. It would add a unique and personal touch to the tropical theme of the party.
  4. Mixed Drinks: Soursop can be used in a variety of mixed drinks. Some examples include coladas, daiquries, and margaritas.
  5. Freeze Pops: Freeze pops are made primarily of juice. Soursop fruit can be made into juice, so freeze pops can be made using soursop fruit. You would just need to make the juice first.
  6. Sorbet: You could make your own sorbet from soursop. This is not going to be an easy find at your local grocery store. You will have to make it yourself or enjoy this delicious sorbet on your next Caribbean vacation.
  7. Candy: It would probably be best to just buy soursop candy online or enjoy it when a family member brings it home from their vacation. Unless you are well-versed in candy making this would be a difficult feat to achieve.
  8. Fruit Snack: If you can have it as candy, you can have the fruit made into a fruit snack. This is a slightly less sugary option to the candy alternative.

Benefits of Soursop Juice

You could benefit greatly, simply by introducing, Jamaican soursop juice to your diet. The juice drink has multiple health benefits and is packed full of beneficial nutrients. A few of the health benefits include.

  1. Fights Bacteria: In a few new studies, soursop fruit was able to fight off multiple strands of harmful bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for causing yeast infections, gum disease, gingivitis, cholera, and staphylococcal infections. These studies were done with highly concentrated samples in a test tube.
  2. Reduces Inflammation: In studies done on animals, soursop extract was used to treat inflammation. Studies show that it was able to reduce inflammation by up to thirty percent. This would be a great potential benefit for those suffering with diseases like arthritis.
  3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels: Another study done using high concentrated soursop extract showed that it could reduce blood sugar levels by about seventy-five percent.This study was done on animals and utilized a much higher concentration than what would typically be consumed. Yet- the study is promising.
  4. High in Antioxidants:Like most fruit, soursop fruit is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants themselves have many health benefits.
  5. High in Nutrients: Just one serving of soursop fruit contains:
  • 34 percent of the Vitamin C Recommended for Daily Intake
  • 8 percent of the Potassium Recommended for Daily Intake
  • 5 percent of the Magnesium Recommended for Daily Intake
  • 5 percent of the Thiamine Recommended for Daily Intake
  • 1 gram of Protein
  • 3 grams of Fiber
  1. Could Fight Cancer: The soursop fruit shows signs that it could potentially fight cancer and heal any damage done to cells

Popular Brands of Soursop Juice

There are a few different brands that make soursop juice and distribute it to multiple countries. Below are a few of the most popular brands of soursop juice available.

  • Suns Topic: Suns Topic is a popular juice brand. The brand sells soursop juice in a variety of packaging options. They sell the juice in bottles, which is unique to the brand, but the bottles are available in multiple sizes. This brand is great because they offer soursop juice in the traditionally sized juice bottle.
  • Nilos: Nilos canned soursop juice, is made without any added ingredients. The delicious, all-natural juice has risen in popularity and is becoming more widely available.
  • Jans: One hundred percent, all-natural soursop juice. Jans juice is sold in boxes and mixed with pear juice. A delicious soursop juice option.
  • Omura: This guanabana juice is sold in boxes, or cartons. The juice is made with no added sugars and is all natural. Delicious and great for you!
  • Goya: Goya is sold in a nectar form. This brand is easy to find in stores across America. The juice is sold in large cans and can be easily used for making soursop juice recipes.
  • Jumex: Jumex makes soursop juice in a nectar form. This brand is easy to find in stores. It’s sold in cans and tastes great.


Jamaican soursop juice is becoming very popular in countries like the United States. Many European countries are beginning to recognize soursop juice and it is beginning to gain popularity. The demand for soursop juice is currently greater than the supply. So, it may be a little bit difficult to obtain the soursop fruit.

When you purchase soursop fruit, you should smell the bottom of the fruit. It should have a tropical aroma. Choose a fruit that is not too sweet smelling, but it should have an easily detectable scent. Depending on how soon you plan on using the soursop fruit, it could go bad if you purchase a strong-smelling piece of fruit. The stronger the smell, the riper the fruit is.


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