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Spritz up your life – Hang on – What is Spritz ?

Written by Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot on . Posted in drink

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The good Doctors first flirtation with the Spritz was when he spent a month in Venice in 2002, doing…let me think here, nothing! But drinking Spritz! My last flirtation was Sunday night when I woke up with underwear on my head and wearing 2 left shoes.

aperol cocktail, aperol drinkWhat is Spritz Anyway?

Taking its origins from the more classic Germanic influenced Spritzer [wine + soda = Granny’s dancing juice] this baby is a time tested Italian bad boy!

To make wine spritz or even better a full on Italian Spritz  – it’s pretty simple – Use a ‘bitter’ as a base [think the classics here: Campari, Aperol and even our old favourite Cynar!] and top off with Prosecco and a splash of soda water if that’s your thing, garnish with a slice of orange or the Venetian favourite, olives.

I love the Spritz; its got it all; the fiery red colour, the bitterness of the Aperol/Campari but is well maintained through the balance provided by the orange. Overall, bloody outstanding Signore! I prefer mine in a wine glass, with ice. Why? Because

I can. After all, I am a Doctor.

Next time you’re passing through Venice [as you do] keep an eye out in the bars and the piazza’s for this Italian bad boy as the locals love it and usually start throating them from mid morning! Trust me, slide on up and join in on the fun!

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Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot

Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot

Dean lives in Santa Sofia in Emilia Romagna, Italy and likes to ride around on his bicycle and drink wine. He has a Masters in International Relations and a Grad Dip in Wine Business. Originally from Australia he is also the founder of

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