The Awesomeness That’s The Swedish Fish Drink

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The Swedish fish shot is an alcohol made with gummy candies called the Swedish fish.

The candies were made for the American market in the 50s by a company called Malaco. The fish candies were loved all around the world where it was distributed to, like in America, Sweden and North America. In appearance the Swedish fish is a jelly like gummy, fish shaped candy.

The Swedish fish drink is an attempt to make that flavor accessible in a party cup or a shot glass in a bar. Some believe the drink was made because some felt it was inappropriate to be seen eating a candy in a bar. But whatever the reason was, the Sweden fish drink is an absolute favorite of many with good taste.

Like every other shooter, it involves a wee bit of mixing and shaking to get that perfect taste that makes you want to take another shot. The Swedish fish tint is just perfect.

What is A Swedish Fish Drink?

It is a cocktail—or red drink as some are wont to call it—of different ingredients to make a super cocktail that gets that sweet taste that the Swedish fish candy is known for.  You won’t believe how good it is until you have it in your mouth.

There is nothing as good as a well-made Swedish fish shot in a party to get things going. It serves so well because it fills the mouth with the feeling you get in your tongue when you have the candy while getting your groove on in a party.

The Swedish Fish shot is made the same way most shots are made but with just different recipes. This shot is achieved when you mix a bit of blackberry schnapps and a bit of vodka in a cocktail shaker and then cranberry juice to get the taste on. If you would like to make the liquor taste prominent, you should reduce the amount of cranberry juice you use.

The blackberry schnapps and vodka should be in equal measure to create a kind of synch. And important advice is that the Swedish fish shot should be consumed in measured quantity since the flavored tint of it makes it easy to take down.

Swedish Fish Drink Recipe

To make this shot, you don’t need much stuff. A cocktail shaker to shake up and mix the liquids into a perfect blend and make sure you have ice in there when shaking. And then when it is all mixed and good, the usual size shot glass is just right for the serving and you are good to go.


  • Cranberry Juice
  • Vodka (Sweet and Sour mix works too)
  • Blackberry schnapps


You can make a Swedish fish shot in a minute or two when you have all the ingredients in place. It is that easy. You just have to know how you want it and by that I mean if you want it less of liquor and more of the sweet taste and feeling or more liquor, for the heady feel.

Basically, you pour one part Blackberry Schnapps and one part Vodka or Sweet and sour mix and then mix with Cranberry juice and shake with the cocktail shaker with the ice inside. Shake really hard to get a perfect mixture and then pour in a shot glass and have fun.

Swedish Fish Cocktails

Most drinks get so many variations that you start to wonder if they are not the same thing with just a different name and a different glass. The Swedish fish drink family is not different but then there are the Swedish fish cocktails which are absolutely delightful things to try when you are in the mood.

Although the different cocktails or Swedish fish Vodka drinks are made with different ingredients, they all carry along that signature Swedish fish taste that is both nostalgic for those who remember the early days of the Swedish fish candy and it is never old.

For instance, where the Swedish fish shot is made with just vodka and blackberry schnapps and cranberry juice, the others add one or two things to the mix and that bring a whole different explosion to your taste buds.

Each Swedish Fish mixed drink carries its own extra ingredient to the table and that sort of makes it unique and not just a remix. The Swedish fish Margarita, for instance, makes use Tequila because what is a margarita without tequila somewhere in there, right?

The Swedish Fish Mojito has the splash of blue curacao to give it a sea-blue look and then mint leaves. So each drink is one and different in a way that only your mouth and your head can explain after you have tried it and felt it.

Swedish Fish Martini

Is it a red drink in a glass? Yes, and more.  It takes approximately five minutes to prepare and tastes absurdly good because of the hint of lime and the Swedish fish candy that gets dropped to dissolve in the mixture.

And while the Swedish fish Martini is always delicious, it is good to know to use good ingredients when making it. The ice should be crushed and how long you shake says how diluted the vodka is going to be.

Things you will need to make the Swedish Fish Martini are Cocktail shaker for mixing and a Martini glass. The ingredients are not much either so it is usually not expensive to make but I guess it depends on where you are.


  • 60ml Vodka
  • 30ml Triple Sec
  • 20ml Lime Juice
  • 30ml Cranberry Juice


1 Swedish Fish Candy and Ice (because it’s always better when served chilled)

PS: If you feel like deviating from the normal way of making, you can put the lime juice in the martini glass after mixing the other stuff. Just before you plunk the Swedish fish candy in, add the lime juice and see how different it tastes. Also for it to taste classic and top notch, make sure your vodka is high end, top quality and not cheap stuff.

Swedish Fish Margarita

This could take up to ten minutes to prepare.  For the Swedish fish margarita, it is better you use a blender but then cocktail shakers can do the job but not as much. The Swedish fish margarita is a potpourri of tequila and gummy vodka and lime and other stuff that makes it a full-fledged margarita drink.


  • 10ml Lime
  • 60ml Vodka
  • 30ml Triple sec
  • 30ml Cranberry juice (preferably Cherry cranberry juice)
  • 1 Swedish Fish candy

What you’ll need to make the Swedish fish margarita?

You will need a knife to cut the lime in half and then a blender or a cocktail shaker. If you are using a blender, it will help you get a nice blended mix of ice and margarita which you can sip and feel the near-smoothness and finally, your margarita glass.

How to make the Swedish fish Margarita?

With the ice in the blender, you pour a measured quantity of vodka in and then squeeze a half or both halves of a ball of lime in as well. The triple sec follows and the tequila and finally, the cranberry juice. You cover the blender and blend until it is as you want it and then you serve. If you are using the shaker, the mixture is done in the shaker and shook hard until it is as you would like to take it.

The Swedish Fish Mojito

It is a mix up of so much goodness to make up the beautiful delicious drink that it is. It comes out as a glass of blue sweetness when it is ready. Instead of just lime, there is also mint leaves which adds to the flavor.


  • 45 ml white Rum
  • Splash of Blue Curacao
  • Splash of simple syrup
  • Lime wedges
  • Club soda
  • Mint leaves
  • Nerds
  • Swedish fish Candy
  • Mint Sprig


Put some mint leaves and lime wedges in the glass and add a bit of simple syrup and then get it addled up. Then add the white rum and ice and the blue curacao and watch it catch an exciting blue look. Then pour in a cocktail shaker and shake properly to mix.

Then put the Nerds and Swedish fish candy and shake again to mix before pouring back in the glass. You can put the mint sprig if you want.

Final thoughts

The best part right after reading about a Swedish fish drink is getting a taste to confirm what you know in theory. The Swedish fish is one drink that won’t disappoint and dash your expectations.

Whether you are getting it from a bar or being served at a party or following a recipe book and doing it yourself (unless you mess up something) it always come out so good and nice. So now you know about the Swedish fish shot and the Swedish fish cocktails, what are you waiting for before you take a sip?

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