Coke is unarguably one of the world’s most loved non-alcoholic drinks, and coke and triple sec is one surefire way you can try to enjoy this tasty—and slightly addictive—beverage. Triple sec and coke, just like every other cocktail, is very easy to pull off.

It is a basic mixed drink that requires just two ingredients, in addition to maybe one more for garnish. This mixed drink might not be as popular as rum and coke or vodka and coke, but it’s sure worth having a taste of.

The drink, triple sec and coke, fits in perfectly with lovers of triple sec as well as with lovers of coke. Depending on which you like more (triple sec or coke), you can make your drink to have more of the orange-flavored liqueur or more of the sweet beverage.

However, you can always go with a more balanced flavor as well—that way neither drink gets to overpower the other. The flavors of both drinks thus complement each other, and your palate loves you more.

Triple Sec and Coke Recipe

 Unlike the more common mixed drinks made with coke (like rum and coke, which is very often referred to as Cuba Libre), the perfect art of mixing this drink is known only to a few, who are able to give it that balanced flavor. Trust me, it’s not all about having the ingredients—it’s about mixing them in the perfect ratio to tease out the smoothness of the triple sec and the sweetness of the coke.

Triple Sec is frequently used in making a triple sec mixed drink, however, it’s rarely used for a cocktail that has a soft drink as the mixer. You’ll most likely come across triple sec and sprite before running into our drink of the day.

The triple sec and coke ingredients are quite simple, but will only make a perfect cocktail if you get the ratio right.

To make this drink, you’ll need:

  • 5 oz of (good quality) triple sec
  • 3 oz of coke
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange wedge or orange twist, for garnish.


Simple: In a cocktail glass or any glass of your choice, pour in the ice cubes first. Then, add both drinks together into the glass and stick the orange wedge or twist onto the rim of the glass. Serve immediately and enjoy!

How to Make Your Triple Sec Mixed Drink Even Better

There are so many types of triple sec out there available for you to purchase. But the truth is, most of them—especially the very cheap ones—sell for about $5 a bottle and are not worth buying. They ruin the quality of your cocktail, considering their lack of essential features like smoothness, dryness, alcohol burn, sweetness, and of course, the subtle yet obvious orange flavors and smells they can have.

So yeah, if you want an excellent mixed drink, steer clear of the cheap bottles and go for better options. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive ones like Cointreau and Combier, but try to go with something awesome but affordable.

Can I use diet coke?

Yeah sure, you definitely can. You can use either your diet coke or your regular coke and still get a great cocktail with triple sec. Make the drink chilled. Dumping a few cubes of ice into the drink is not an awful idea. If you don’t want the cubes in, you can use chilled coke instead. If you truly want to enjoy this cocktail, make it chilled. Instead of coke, some people go a step further by trying it out with Pepsi.

And finally, an important thing to do is to use the right ratio. An unbalanced flavor might not get you feeling the mixed drink. Hence, you can start with the 2:1 (2 parts coke to 1 part alcohol) ratio recipe above. It doesn’t necessarily have to end there. Do some taste tests to find out what ratio will work best for your palate. Some people prefer it with 3 parts of coke to 1 part triple sec. If you want more alcohol, then take note of the alcohol percentage of your triple sec.

While a simple, well-made triple sec and coke can be described as coke with an orange flavor and smell, it sure tastes better than regular coke.

Other Drinks That Use Either Triple Sec or Coke

There are so many other easy triple sec drinks and as well other alcoholic drinks with coke as the mixer.

Long Island Iced Tea

The long island iced tea or LIIT is a cocktail that’s well known and loved. This cocktail uses both triple sec and coke as part of its ingredient list. To make a pretty strong long island iced tea, you’ll need:

  • ½ oz of vodka
  • ½ oz of tequila
  • ½ oz of triple sec
  • ½ oz of gin
  • ½ oz of rum
  • 1 oz of coke, or as much (or little) as you desire
  • 1 oz of sweet and sour mix
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon wedge, for garnish


To make this, first fill the cocktail shaker with ice. Then add the different alcoholic drinks in the recipe and follow up with the sour mix. Cover the cocktail shaker and shake it really well. Next, empty the mixture into a Collins glass and add the coke. Finally, stick the lemon wedge onto the glass.

Vodka And Coke

Pretty simple recipe. All you need is vodka, coke, and ice cubes for a chilled glass of this mixed drink. To make this cocktail, use 4 parts coke to 1 part vodka in a highball glass and add the ice cubes. I told you it was simple!

You can definitely spice things up with this drink by going for flavored vodkas, such as vanilla vodka, and then mixing it in a ratio of 4 parts coke to 2 parts vanilla vodka. Don’t forget ice cubes, of course.


For all ye red wine lovers, please gather round. Kalimotxo is a cocktail drink that’s made with red wine as its alcoholic base. The drink is also referred to as calimocho, and it’s created from equal amounts of red wine and a coca-cola based drink product like coke itself. It is a Spanish drink that has been around since the 1970s—not so long ago—and it’s going to be around for an even longer while.

To make the kalimotxo, you’ll need 3 ounces of dry red wine (any good type will do) and 3 ounces of coke. Fill your glass first with ice cubes, then pour in your drink and garnish the glass with a lemon wedge or orange slice. Drink immediately.

Sometimes, a little lemon juice is added to the kalimotxo drink for a bit of complexity.

Simple cocktails, such as triple sec and coke, bring out the three most desirable features of a cocktail—balanced flavor, sweetness, and color. It’s time you enjoy a fine glass of this triple sec mixed drink.


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