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How to make a pineapple wine – a light & delicate beverage? Well, preparing a pineapple wine comes with a delicious recipe that can be served as a drink. So, if you are looking for a home-made recipe with which you can prepare pineapple wine & surprise your guests with a flavorful & refreshing beverage, then look no further as you have landed to the right page!

During the Christmas break, when all of my family members were busy in decorating our house – setting up the Christmas tree – hanging the ornaments, I re-invented this recipe (the actual recipe I got from my mother).

During the break of my regular allotment activities, I took the advantage of preparing some home-made wine & serve it among my friends & family members. Obviously, it’s not any difficult recipe to try out and the basic ingredients are easily available nowadays at an extremely reasonable price!

homemade beverages, homemade drinkThat’s why I am now sharing the original recipe with you; it’s easy, simple, hassle-free, and so flavorful. So, don’t hesitate more and try out this recipe at least for once!

Obviously, you can certainly buy a wine from any local vendor or from a reputed brewery shop. But, believe me, it’s far more fun and far better to prepare a wine using the raw ingredients.

An interesting question that often comes when you are preparing a pineapple wine is – the duration of the pineapple to be kept for fermentation. Well, it broadly depends on your individual preference!

Some people keep it for 7 – 10 days. For some, it may further extend to 14 – 21 days. For my case, I planned to open it on the 16th day. However, when I tasted the newly made pineapple wine on the 16th day, it felt less sweet than I had originally expected!

So, in order to overcome its bitter taste, I added more sugar into it, stirred the mixture well, and left it for another 5 days. Next, on the 21st day, when I opened the jar & tasted the wine again – I really enjoyed its taste. It had a perfectly balanced sweetness (and its bitterness was completely gone).

Now, check the complete recipe & the ingredient list in the following sections.

The Complete Ingredient List

fruit, exotic fruitAs I have mentioned in the previous section, making this pineapple wine is such a breeze! The entire recipe needs you to collect only 7 basic ingredients (which I have listed below).

Before I reveal the complete ingredient list, here’re some key factors to consider (something that you really need to keep it in mind when you are preparing this recipe at your home)!

First of all, the jars & bottles you’re going to use for making & preserving the wine should be perfectly sterilized & free from moisture. Note, you can even use the raw skin of a pineapple for making this wine.

But, make sure that the surface is properly rinsed. And, if you feel that the pineapple isn’t that sweet, you can increase the specified quantity of sugar. Also, make sure to use colored bottles for storing the wine.

Ingredient List

I) 1 Pineapple

II) 750 grams of Sugar (Well, the specified quantity of sugar can actually vary. For an instance, if the pineapple isn’t that sweet enough, you’ll need to add more sugar to get a perfect balance of taste)

III) 1 tablespoon of Yeast

IV) 1 tablespoon of Crushed Wheat

V) 3 – 4 pieces of Cloves

VI) 2 pieces of Cinnamon

VII) 1.2 liters of Water (Boiled & Cooled)

Here’s the Detailed Recipe

fruit beverage, fruit drinkWell, as you have already collected the aforementioned ingredients, let’s jump to the recipe!

To begin with – you will need to chop off both the top & bottom ends of a pineapple. Also, don’t forget to wash off the skin surface properly. Next, cut this pineapple into some small chunks and place them into a sterilized jar. Then, add the rest of ingredients & mix them properly using a spoon (using a wooden spoon is more preferable).

Now, cover the mouth of this jar with a clean piece of cloth and place the lid. On the very next day, open up the jar and start stirring the mixture again. Continue the same process on every day until the 16th day.

On the 16th day, strain this mixture into another vessel & allow it to rest. Next, you can transfer the pineapple wine into small bottles. Make sure to fill the 3/4th part of the bottle.

After that, close the bottles tightly & keep them in a dark & cool place. Ideally, you can start consuming the drink after a week.

Now, your pineapple wine – a light & delicate beverage is ready-to-serve & ready-to-enjoy!


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