If you are looking for something that is sweet to taste and gets you a bit high as well, then the Water Moccasin drink might be the perfect option for you.

A shot, also known as a shooter, is a small serving of alcohol or a mix of different alcohols. This type of drinks is usually consumed quickly, often in a single gulp.

What is a Water Moccasin Shot?

The Water Moccasin cocktail or shot derives its name from a very poisonous species of snake called the Water Moccasin, which is often found in the rivers, ponds, creeks, and lakes of southern USA. Since the snake is sneaky, fast, dangerous and aggressive, it is a good namesake for this sweet shot.

The Water Moccasin shot is a testament to the qualities of the snake. This shot will sneak up on you and punish you if you ignore the warnings. Sweet and smooth at the same time, the Water Moccasin shot is a threatening libation that begs for an antidote the next day if you take too much.

Some people say that the Water Moccasin shot is one of the smoothest available anywhere in the world today. Certainly, this drink is mixed with some really smooth ingredients.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will probably put Water Moccasin shot among those yummier alcohol shots. However, if you are more into a sour taste, then you might not find the Water Moccasin shot very appealing.

Nutritional values

The per-shot nutritional values of the Water Moccasin drink are:

  • Calories: 167
  • Carbs: 15g (36%)
  • Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 0g

What equipment do you need to make a Water Moccasin shot?

Nowadays the art of mixing quality cocktails and shots is harder than ever. The hippest bars today have everything from liquid nitrogen to foie gras to try and serve up the best shot you have ever tasted. But with that fanciness also comes hefty price tags.

On the other hand, you can make the best Water Moccasin shot right at home. All you need are a standard shot glass or a normal glass if you are planning on having it as a cocktail. In the end the glass does not really matter—what matters is the kind of shot you make.

What is the Water Moccasin Shot Recipe? How Do You Make It?

You will find a lot of convenience when it comes to making this recipe, simply because the ingredients are so common. For making the perfect Water Moccasin shot, you will need the following Water Moccasin ingredients:

  • One ounce sweet and sour mix
  • One ounce whiskey
  • One ounce peach schnapps

As recipes go, making a Water Moccasin shot is a very simple task. This is good news, especially if you plan on making and drinking the shots by yourself. Once you have gathered all these ingredients, you need to pour them into a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice.

Shake the shaker till the top is frosted. Once done, pour the shot with crown royal and peach schnapps into a shot glass.

The ingredients and steps are very simple to understand and implement. Any bar/pub can whip up a shot of Water Moccasin in a jiffy. In fact, a single person can line up a dozen shots by themselves. The Water Moccasin shot is very smooth and is a great addition for parties or nights out.

New drinkers can start off with this shot as well. It has a great taste and you will definitely ask for more immediately after finishing your first shot.

This shot is named after a dangerous snake because it will sneak up behind you and bite you if you are already a couple of shots in. Therefore, caution is advised. A Water Moccasin alcohol mix is a great way to kick start a party and get in a fun mood, but watch your back!

While there are only three main ingredients to a Water Moccasin shot, people often make use of different flavors to make this shot even smoother than usual. Some use pineapple instead of sweet and sour mix to change the overall taste.

If you are looking for a more citrusy flavor and kick, you can add a dash of orange liquor. You can also use Grand Marnier, Cointreau or Triple Sec for an acidic kick.

If you want to try something different, you can use smooth whiskey to make an even smoother shot of Water Moccasin. Most would recommend Crown Royal or other types of Canadian Whiskey since they are usually very smooth. You want to be a bit picky. Not just any whiskey will do since it is the heart and soul of a Water Moccasin shot.

The type of whiskey you use will determine its taste. You need to remember that the appeal of a Water Moccasin shot is the delicious taste and smoothness—basically, make sure you don’t use bottom shelf stuff.

Because the ingredients of a Water Moccasin shot are so common, you can order one at almost any pub/bar. Sweet and sour mix, whiskey and peach schnapps are found in a large number of drinks. So are orange liqueurs. You can also always exchange the sweet and sour mix for something similar like pineapple juice. But the availability of the substitute will depend entirely on the bar.

Some bars will not have certain substitutes since they are not a common ingredient. If you are looking for a specific set of ingredients, then you might end up disappointed if that particular bar/pub doesn’t stock it.

While almost anyone anywhere enjoys a shot of Water Moccasin, there are some that don’t. This is usually because the Water Moccasin shot is more on the sweet side which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, there are some occasional drinkers that just cannot stand the taste of whiskey. Additionally, you will also find people that dislike the inclusion of peach in their shot, even though peach is not the dominant taste here.

If you enjoy a shot of Water Moccasin and are not worried about trying to get home at night, then you can consider mixing and pouring it into a martini glass. You will have to scale the recipe up a little bit for this, though. You will need to mix at least two servings. But consider this another warning—the Water Moccasin alcoholic drink is named after the deadly snake for a reason.

Once in the martini glass, the Water Moccasin shot turns into a drink that you can leisurely sip. Most people throw away a martini glass half full of liquor since they can simply not finish it.

But the Water Moccasin martini glass will be so smooth that you will be able to finish it all. You will have the chance to completely enjoy the dynamic flavors it has to offer. It is very smooth and tasty all the way through. So if you are looking for a new kind of cocktail to sip, mixing up a martini-sized Water Moccasin drink might be a welcome change of pace.

Can you mix red bull with the Water Moccasin shot?

We know that Red Bull is a non-alcoholic beverage. There has been no concrete indication that Red Bull has any positive or negative effects alongside alcohol consumption. It has been concluded that it is unlikely that caffeine interacts adversely with the normal contents of alcohol. If anything, Red Bull might make the person a bit more energetic than normal.

If you wish to mix Red Bull with your Water Moccasin alcoholic shot, you need to do it in a proper ratio. In most cases, the ratio is 1/4th of the alcoholic mix and the rest is Red Bull.

In several bars and cafes, you will get the option of replacing the peach schnapps with Red Bull. In doing so, the Red Bull might dominate the overall flavor of the shot so much that you will not sense the alcohol at all.

This can either be a winning point or a losing point for the shot. If someone is not fond of the taste of alcohol but only like the high it gives, then mixing the Water Moccasin alcoholic shot with Red Bull can be a great idea. But, if you like the taste of alcohol, then sticking with the traditional Water Moccasin shot is probably the best idea. Also, be careful with Red Bull since it’s hard to know how drunk you are.

Can we add fresh fruit juice to this alcoholic shot?

In any liquor store, you will see shelves with an endless array of vodka, spirits and other alcoholic beverages that are fruit-flavored. Alcohol with fruit juice is definitely a thing in today’s day and age. People clearly love fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks.

So, yes, you can add fresh fruit juice to your water moccasin alcoholic shot. This will definitely change the taste of the drink, though. Just like Red Bull, you will be either very happy or very unhappy with the result. In the case of Water Moccasin shot, neutral alcohol is the safest bet because when it comes to infusion, since there are no flavors inherent in the alcohol that will clash with the fruit juice.

Where is the Best Place That Serves This Amazing Shot?

Whether it’s a night out on the town with some friends or a night in with that special someone, you want only the best Water Moccasin shot to be a part of that memory.

A good Water Moccasin shot will be able to set the mood for the evening. If you are with people you don’t know, then this shot can act as the perfect icebreaker. Right now there are thousands of places where you can get the Water Moccasin shot.

Which one do you choose?

Well, the Water Moccasin shot is quite a popular shot. So you will find it anywhere in the world. It is recommended to choose a bar that has activities to do, since this shot really loosens you up. Also, you need to make sure the Water Moccasin shot they give you is, in fact, legit.

There are many bars and pubs around the world that just serve you something other than what you’ve ordered, or in this case will put bottom-shelf whiskey in your drink. Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Drinks Similar to the Water Moccasin Alcohol Shot

If you do not find the Water Moccasin shot in you pub/bar, there are many other alcoholic shots that are similar to the Moccasin shot. Some of them include:

  • Long Beach Iced Tea: This is one of the tastiest drinks in the Long Beach drinks family. It has a very welcoming taste and is an overall very refreshing beverage.
  • Vegas Bomb: The Vegas Bomb is one of the most popular bomb shooters on the market today. It is a tasty combination of energy drink, schnapps, and Canadian whiskey.
  • Brain Damage/Hemorrhage Shot: The Brain Damage shot is a memorable and tasty drink. It’s especially good for Halloween parties since it looks like a shot glass filled with blood and brain matter thanks to the Bailey’s Irish cream.

You can get the party started with a few shots of Water Moccasin shot for you and your friends. There are many recipes you can choose from online to make the perfect Water Moccasin alcohol shot. From the fruit-flavored moccasin shot to those filled with Red Bull, these recipes span the full range of taste and flavor.

As stated above, the Water Moccasin shot is one of the most popular alcoholic shots in the world today. Sweet and smooth, it is perfect for almost any type of occasion or get-together. Like the snake itself, this alcoholic drink should not be taken lightly because of its name—it has a formidable ‘bite’.

While this should go without saying, it bears repeating once more. Drinking too many of any type of shots, including the Water Moccasin shot, can cause you to get very drunk and should definitely be done with caution. You should remember to drink responsibly and absolutely never drink and drive. Designate a driver whenever you plan to drink. Be safe out there!


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