What Is Coffee Art? It’s A Waste Of Time Unless You Can Do The Indian

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Coffee really is a basic necessity. Without my morning ‘get up and go jaguar juice’ I am likely to start flipping out and seeing bats like Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I basically have until 10 or 11 am until I turn into a raging, strung out, werewolf.

latte art, latte art how to, latte paintingSo when I order a morning coffee at a café and it comes out with smiley faces and flowers on it – it instantly escalates my werewolf mood. Why did some monkey waste valuable time drawing stupid faces on my favorite drug of choice? I could have had my much-needed caffeine hit five minutes ago! Spare me from the bear faces and the thank you notes you moron – I don’t care.

Coffee art is what happens when you let Mary Poppins make coffee. Mary Poppins is not supposed to make coffee. She should only make tea and mix it with a spoon full of sugar and then go and sing under a rainbow with some fairies– she should never, ever make coffee.

Nothing disgusts me more than seeing two people get excited and clap their hands in exclamation about how cute their café latte is because it has a care bear face on it.  Coffee is serious business – cartoon care bear faces are not. If care bears were real I would eat them (raw) just to make those people cry.

Ok maybe I am taking it a bit far … but seriously why not spend the extra effort and make me an awesome cup of coffee instead of putting your energy into bunny rabbit drawings.

But the other day something changed my view of coffee artists. My hatred for coffee art got sucked out of me like the ocean before a tsunami. I gained enlightenment – I turned coffee Buddha (I even thought about ordering herbal tea) for there in front of me was a pretty dam cool sketch of a Native American Indian …

“What is coffee art? – It’s a waste of time – unless you can do the Indian…


If you have got any cool coffee art pics (no care bears) – share them with us below ! Get #otg (onthegas) !

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Jason Adamson

Jason Adamson

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