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What Is Cynar ? – Don’t Worry I’d Never Heard Of It Either!

Written by Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot on . Posted in drink

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I was up in Hai by Goga yesterday afternoon to say hi to Mr Brad Turley, resident Chef extraordinaire, mixer of Shanghai’s best ‘Spritz’  and owner of the greatest collection of Hawaiian shirts in the history of man.

He had just returned from a culinary adventure throughout France and Italy, and was positively bouncing around the room, running on the fumes of a once in a lifetime European gastro-getaway.

herb liqueur, bitter liqueur

Whilst nibbling away on some fromage de tête, Chef pulled out a little pocket rocket which had everyone perplexed; Cynar. Yeah, don’t worry, I’d never seen nor heard of this little beauty before either.

What is Cynar ?

It is a bitter liqueur stemming from Italy which is a blend of herbs and plants, but predominately made comprised of artichokes! Wowsers!

How to Drink Cynar?

Needless to say it was a revelation; bitter, savoury and the perfect addition to any Campari/Aperol based cocktail.

We were adding a dash to our Spritzers, and let me tell you I’ll be asking for it to be added to every proceeding one I take from this day forth.

Spread the good word: What is Cynar –  It’s Italian for bittersweet goodness! Na, its not, but it should be.

If you have any good Cynar drink recipes – don’t be a scrooge – make sure you share them with us by whacking them in the comments section below.

Drink on !

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Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot

Dean Lapthorne AKA Dr Noble Rot

Dean lives in Santa Sofia in Emilia Romagna, Italy and likes to ride around on his bicycle and drink wine. He has a Masters in International Relations and a Grad Dip in Wine Business. Originally from Australia he is also the founder of

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