If there’s one thing that can be considered candy for adults, the white gummy bear shot best fits the bill.

Not only do you have the novelty factor of using a gummy bear to sweeten a drink, it’s essentially a straight-up shot of sweetened alcohol. When was the last time that failed? It can really turn your party up a notch because of its alcohol content.

The delightful white gummy bear shots can be made at home quite easily. The colorful arrangement of the gummy bears at the bottom will please your guests, as will the alcohol.

If you are one of those people with a sweet tooth and you also love shots, then you had better stick around because I’m about to reveal the way you can have the duo in one glass. After reading this article, you’ll want to get out a tall glass so you can make some for tonight!

Origin of the White Gummy Bear Shots

There is uncertainty surrounding the discovery of when or where this drink was first made. However, I think that like every other unlikely cocktail, the bartender was probably doing the usual playing around with ingredients on a slow night. By accident or sheer luck, he/she arrived at the white gummy bear drink.

The drink tastes sweet and sour.

The vodka goes down hard, but you finish off chewing the sugary, vodka-infused gummy bears, making everything alright again.

Although the name ‘White Gummy Bear‘ sounds like something out of a horror movie or Black Mirror episode, there’s nothing so cryptic at work here. It’s just about the gummy bears mixed in the drink. The gummy bears soak up the vodka, giving a solid and sweet finish to your drink.

The drink does not have much of a history, but it’s got tons of appeal. The appeal lies in its delightful taste and the exhilarating feel you get after every shot. Who knew gummy bears could make us feel as good as they once did?

White Gummy Bear Shots Recipe

The gummy bear mixed shots are perfect for adults. It is the only drink that exclusively mixes your childhood and current state. At first sight, the flashy gummy bears automatically take you down memory lane, while the vodka creates the space for new memories — provided you don’t overdo it, in which case it will quite literally do the opposite!

I love adding a little bit of child-like simplicity to my life every now and again. It helps us remember to not take things so seriously, and even something as simple as a pack of gummy bears can do that. All the white gummy bear shots ingredients you need to achieve the unique taste are listed below.


  • 1 shot raspberry vodka;
  • 1 shot sweet and sour;
  • 1-ounce peach schnapps;
  • Soda (lemon-lime soda or sprite);
  • Gummy bears!


There are two significant steps involved in creating the unique drink. Firstly, before adding any ingredients, you must put ice in a mixing glass or shaker, then pour in the raspberry vodka, the peach schnapps, sweet and sour and a splash of lemon-lime or Sprite, and shake well for a good mix.

The second major step is to pour the mixture into shot glasses and adorn with colorful gummy bears. With this, you have easily prepared your homemade white gummy bear shots.

In every white gummy bear drink, you can see the bears sitting calmly at the bottom of the drink waiting to be eaten.

The ice will leave a chilled feeling on your tongue.

You will enjoy every moment of the sweet and sour taste on your taste buds. The soda will also help in dousing the sour taste. Peach schnapps is a typical liquor that has been used to create several delicious drinks, and the sweet and sour white gummy bear shots is no exception.

Required Equipment

Preparing this deliciousness does not depend on any level of expertise, unlike most drinks. That means you’re able to enjoy it any time you crave it, as long as you have all the ingredients ready. Another plus is that it does not require a ton of time to get the desired result. Getting the white gummy bear shots ingredients is usually not difficult.

All you have to do is get the list of ingredients, go to a known beverage store in your area where you are confident they will have everything on your list, and purchase. Lastly, getting the gummy bears should be the least of your worries. After all, they are just any gummy bears, and no particular brand or flavor is required for the drink.

However, if you are clueless, I suggest that you buy the 12 Flavor Gummi Bears or the Albanese World’s Best Gummies. It is quite fortunate that the preparation for this drink is not so rigorous. You have to do little work to make a lasting impression with this drink.

It is indeed refreshing and different.

I suggest that you make use of a shaker for mixing the shots with vodka before adding the gummy bears. Furthermore, I propose that you use the same flavor of gummy bears, so you don’t confuse the taste. But then again, isn’t it the enigmatic taste we’re after?

You must have been to bars and clubs and seen how the shaker works. You have to get the mixing right because it is a crucial part of the preparation of the white gummy bear drink. The ice, raspberry vodka, the peach schnapps, sweet and sour, and soda must be mixed well with the use of a shaker.

Don’t get confused or be misled by other recipes you might come across. There is only one known standard recipe for preparing this delightful drink, and I have revealed it to you already. Any different method you come across whether on the Internet or in recipe books is a bold counterfeit!

The only versatile ingredients in the mix are the flavor of the gummy bears and the soda. The soda is changeable for reasons like preference, allergies and because of people that like to experiment. Also, the gummy bears are subject to change for the same reasons.

While many people would instead use the same flavor in a cup of white gummy bear drink, some other people enjoy variety and would prefer to combine flavors. It all depends on your choice, but either is fine. Stick to it, and you will get the unique taste every time!

One thing you should know is that the taste will vary according to the bartender that made it. Bartenders are highly skilled in their form of art, and they come up with various creative ideas to prepare their drink however they see fit. Therefore, if bartender A’s white gummy bear shots taste different from bartender B’s, it is only natural. It is just another perk of visiting different clubs.

Low Budget White Gummy Bear Drink

I came across an interesting idea while reviewing another website. I call it the low budget gummy bear mixed shots.

It involves soaking your preferred flavored gummy bears in vodka and rum. It has no genius recipe. All it requires is soaking the gummy bears in the mixture till they absorb the liquid. It usually takes about 48hours, but if you run out of patience, and won’t hold out anymore, you can also enjoy it when it is up to 24hours.

The bears will undoubtedly taste different after 24hrs of being soaked but to get a yummier taste you should endure for 48hours.

I can assure you that you won’t regret one second of the edible delight. The goal is to achieve gummy bears dipped in alcohol, which is precisely what you will get with this recipe. However, this recipe is not going to get you as drunk as the white gummy bears drink.

The only exception is if you are naturally a lightweight.

I tag it as ‘low budget’ because it only has two of the original white gummy bear shots ingredients — gummy bears and vodka. It tastes great, as one would assume when you hear gummy bears have been soaked in alcohol for that amount of time.

You can try this soaking method with most alcoholic drinks and get good results. These yummy edibles can be served at any bachelorette party. Awesome right?!

If you want to make the bachelorette party a memorable one, you’ve gotta bust out the gummy bear shots.

Testimony After Trying the White Gummy Bear Shots

For mere pleasure, I opted for the white gummy bear drink at a gathering, a college reunion party to be specific. What I mean is, I made them for the party, and let me tell you, I was the most popular one there. Perfect way to skip the awkward first conversation after 20 years!

I mean, is there any better way to skip the awkwardness than with shots with vodka? I think not.

Most people were just glad to enjoy their gummy bears without judgment openly. One indisputable merit of the white gummy bear drink is that it favors the 75% of American adults that still enjoy candy. Got a sweet tooth? Love alcohol? Then the white gummy bear drink is your number one stop. The raspberry vodka is a bonus for taste, and everyone loves a shot of raspberry vodka.

At functions like this, I usually serve with the trademark red cups, but this time I opted for see-through cups to serve the colorful drink. I was sure that the flashy colors of the gummy bears would do well to draw the attention of everyone at the gathering. People couldn’t stop staring at the drinks sat on the trays on the waiters’ hands.

The white gummy bear shots were like a lady dressed in red that entered a room filled with people dressed in black. The drink undeniably stood out among every other beverage. Everybody was intrigued. What was more intriguing was when they had a taste of the delight. It turned the party up a few notches, for sure.

Where to Get White Gummy Bear Shots

If you do not want to stay in and prepare the homemade recipe yourself, then you have one other option. The white gummy bear drink should not be found absent in any popular nightclub.

You can make use of Google to search for the nearest place around your town to get the deliciousness. Furthermore, you can use the Google map app to proceed to the venue if you are not familiar with the area.

Sometimes you might get the craving to feel the exhilaration that comes with drinking the gummy bear shots with vodka, and you will most likely want to satisfy it as soon as possible. So, make use of the ideas I shared and don’t get lost. If you go alone, then you shouldn’t drink too many shots with vodka. Drink responsibly.

Also, if you are planning an outdoor shindig, then I recommend this white gummy bear shots. You can even serve as an administrator for the delicious drink. Now that you know, you should not allow any more people to miss out on this exciting experience. So that you don’t intoxicate your guests, you can minimize the ingredients. Here is how to do that.


  • ½ shot raspberry vodka;
  • ½ shot sweet and sour;
  • ½-ounce peach schnapps;
  • Soda (lemon lime soda or sprite);
  • And lastly, gummy bears.


The recipe remains the same. You should put ice in mixing glass or shaker and add ingredients, the raspberry vodka, the peach schnapps, sweet and sour, and a splash of lemon-lime or Sprite — and shake well for a good mix.

Secondly, after you are confident that you’ve stirred the ingredients well and it has mixed correctly, then pour it into shot glasses and decorate with colorful gummy bears and watch with joy as they sink to the bottom.

By doing this, you have successfully made the white gummy bear shots. The shots are going to leave an impression on your guests with the lasting sweet and sour taste. The vodka, as any vodka should taste, will leave a sour taste in your mouth, and the gummy bears will do the sweetening afterwards.

The aftermath is one of the best things about the drink. Anybody that has a sweet tooth will certainly enjoy eating the sweet gummy bears. Not to mention peach schnapps. Peach flavor tastes so great as fruit and even better as a sweetened drink.

The lemon-lime soda is optional depending on the flavor you are gunning for, but it also adds to the sour effect if that’s what you prefer. Or you can opt for the splash Sprite soda because it does the perfect job as a sweetening agent and is the ideal choice for a sugar-coated drink.

The white gummy bear shots are a perfect way to start the night. Any shot is, but there’s no denying the charm of a gummy bear shot. Not only that, but you can have the sweet variation or the sour-coated variation, adding a unique twist.

A truly amiable host would go a little overboard and get a small amount of sour gummy bears like the 12 Flavor Gummi Bears for guests who would prefer it. The 12 Flavor Gummi Bears comes in flavors like grapefruit, lemon, and all sorts of sour fruits.


Now that you know the recipe for the infamous white gummy bear drink, you no longer have any excuses! You can make now make it for yourself, family, and friends, as long as every drinker is age 21 and above. The delicious drink is a combination of ingredients most people would enjoy. In other words, it’s pretty much a failsafe.

Making White Gummy Bear drink will make you the talk of the party. Feel free to share our little secret; the more the merrier!


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