What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like?

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Many times I stood at the dairy foods aisle wondering “what does cottage cheese taste like?” After minutes of pondering over this issue, I would select my usual groceries and head home with this question at the back of my mind. It never went away until I finally decided to try it out and see what the fuss was all about.

Steak Japanese Style: Chaliapin Steak

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Have you ever tried Chaplin steak? This is one of the most tender steaks that you can get in Japan, and it’s tenderized using onions instead of traditional methods. I really enjoy a good steak from time to time, and the first time that I tried Chaliapin steak, I fell in love with the flavor. In this guide, I am going to explain what makes this recipe so tasty and give you several other Japanese steak recipes to try.

The Perfect Bacon Jerky Recipe

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Can you make bacon jerky at home? Is it difficult or too time-consuming? These are some fairly common questions and they come mostly from Moms wanting to make a healthy snack for their kids. Sound familiar? Are you looking for some great bacon jerky recipes? If so, here are a few tips, hints, and yummy bacon jerky recipes to get you started.

A Meat Substitute with a Perfect Texture: Fried Tofu

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When I’m looking for a delicious food that goes with anything, I never hesitate to fry tofu. Fried tofu provides all of the crunches that I desire from dishes like tempura or tonkatsu, and it requires no meat, which means that I don’t have to sweat the fat as much. Whether I deep-fry the food or fry it up in my skillet with some sesame oil, I can’t get enough of the soy-based entrée, and in this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how wonderful frying up tofu can be.

The Perfect Sides for All of Your Fish Dishes

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t always know the best sides for fish dinners, and as a result, I think that I may have made some poor choices in my pairings. Over the years, I’ve learned what flavors pair best to make great side dishes for fish, and I’ve even expanded my knowledge to the best veggies and salad dishes as well. In the next few sections of this article, I’m going to show you some of my favorite side dishes to accompany various seafood main courses, which include salmon, shrimp, tilapia, and lobster.