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Have you ever asked yourself if you could finish a 28’’ Pizza? Challenges undertaken by brave pizza enthusiasts out there suggest that yes, you can! You might need a bit of training for this, but it is doable! Pizza eating competitions are a growing trend, especially in the United States. So read on for some tips to win one!

Moreover, a giant pizza can be a great party food option! It can make everybody happy and full! You can customize it in a hundred ways to satisfy all of your guests. Just add some of the many toppings that can be put on it! You can almost feed an entire army with this pizza, and at an extremely low price!

Let’s have a look at the different toppings, servings, and challenges that have already been explored! You will fall in love with 28-Inch Pizza very quickly and will want to order one for dinner tonight!

Pizza Challenges

Pizza eating contests are a growing trend, especially in America. With generations of Italian-Americans in every state, there is no doubt that the U.S has an incredible pizza culture. However, it has been changing over the years to satisfy the tastes and needs of new generations. Additionally, the pizza industry is extremely old, and many of the options have already been exhausted. There is little room for innovation.

That is where expert American pizzaioli have thrived! They started to create giant pizzas that are perfect for parties, late-night takeaways, and family dinners. This trend then evolved into pizza challenges and competitions.

The 28 – inch pizza challenge is one of the first competitions in this field. Some participants have proven that it can be done by a single person in one hour! Many restaurants organize them often and offer a cash prize in most cases. Some are as high as $500! Alternatively, you can do it for fun and fame!

You can always find one near enough to you, but it often requires a team effort. It’s a perfect event for a group of friends to have dinner and fun together!

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How Many Slices In A 28 Inch Pizza?

The Slices

It is essential to know how much pizza you are ordering, especially when you are planning to share it with your friends. Often, this causes arguments over which toppings and how many slices each. In a perfect scenario, you would have ordered too much and be forced to bring it home to eat for the next 3 days.

Well, with a 28” pizza, you would know what you are getting. This giant pizza has between 12 to 14 slices. If you were to cut it yourself, you could customize it to make larger slices for yourself and smaller ones for your kid, for example. It is almost unmanageable to make this party pizza all for yourself. There are a lot of options.

So, let the pizzaiolo do it!

He will know what to do with it, and will also be able to customize it for you. Ask him to cut out two small slices out of a big one, and the kids will be happy too. Some pizzerias cut the 28” Pizza into New York-style slices, each one of which is more than filling. If you are using this pizza for a kids’ party, it is recommended to cut it into little squares instead.

The Toppings

There is an incredible number of pizza toppings available on the market. Pizzaiolos are often happy to turn standard pizzas into a giant one. Everything that is already available on the menu can just be enlarged.

Moreover, the pizzas are always made on order. So you can mix and match all the toppings available in the restaurant. Remember that these toppings will be in addition to cheese and tomato sauce that already come with the pizza! Some places offer up to 70 different toppings to add to your pizza to make it unique! Also, for specific dietary requirements or tastes, each slice can have different toppings and flavors on it.

It makes this pizza perfect to be shared with others!

italian pie, italian pie recipesMeat toppings such as bacon or chicken are widely available but will increase the price of the pizza. If you are looking at buying a meal that will make you full, then add up to 10 vegetables and cheeses on the pizza. This makes it perfect for vegetarians and lowers the cost. You are now getting the best value for money for your giant pizza!

How Many People Is It For?

It depends on who you are planning on eating with and how hungry you are. We have already seen that the 28 – inch pizza challenge can be completed by only one person in one hour. However, this is not appropriate for casual dining with friends, unless you are trying to show off your skills!

For a casual dinner, this large pizza is perfect for 2 to 4 adults. Consider that only 4 slices of this pizza make up a regular pizza, so it is more than enough to make everybody happy. Adjust the toppings for each quarter or third of the pizza, and it will be like everybody has their own. However, sharing from a large plate is a great way to socialize and create a great atmosphere over dinner. Just be careful of stringy cheese!

When Should You Order One?

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The 28-inch pizza is perfect for birthday parties, office lunches, and meetings. However, more and more pizzerias are launching these party pizzas as a takeaway option. If you find a restaurant that has this availability near you, a takeaway and film night might be an ideal option. Don’t buy snacks with it, though, unless you want to eat the leftover pizza for the next three days.

Team pizza-eating contests have been found excellent as team-building exercises and generally bring people together over a beautiful plate of food.

Pizzaiolos in America have reported that these pizzas are quite challenging to make compared to regular pizza, and it can take up to 10 minutes to serve one. Just keep that in mind if you decide to order this pizza 10 minutes before your flight. It is yet not a good option for a quick meal!

How Big is a 28 Inch Pizza?

How Much Does It Weigh?

A giant pizza can weigh between 10lbs (4.5 kg) and 12lbs (5.5 kg). The weight can depend on the thickness of the dough, the amount of topping on it, and how thick the crust is. During competitions, it is usually eaten by two people in under an hour.

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If you are in a 28 – inch pizza challenge, be familiar with the rules. Often no more than two toppings are required. In that case, make a smart choice and don’t add more weight to your already giant pizza. Also, avoid fatty and greasy meats and super spicy toppings. Even if they don’t weigh as much as the other, you might not be able to stand them for long!

In a contest, also avoid salty toppings which will make you drink more, reduce the amount of food you can eat, and slow down your digestion.

Where Can You Fit It?

It is easy to say that a 28” pizza is a giant pizza. But can you picture in your head how large a diameter 28″ is? It is not so easy, so let’s have a look at where you could fit this pizza to have an idea of how big it is! If you are eating your pizza in front of the TV, you will realize that your food is close to the size of the screen. This pizza is also as big as a medium-size painting or 4 regular pizzas.

The pizzaiolos that have created this party pizza have admitted that it is tough to move, plate, and transport. They often have to order boxes and plates specially manufactured for this kind of pizza. If you are planning to order this pizza as takeaway and share it with your friends, make sure you have a big enough table or you will all be eating off the floor!

Calories in A 28” Pizza

Pizza is not a food to be regularly introduced into a healthy eating plan. Giant pizza is no exception! A single slice has the same calories as regular pizza, which is 720Cal. It is also made up of 30% fat and 50% carbs. Yes, certainly not the perfect food for a healthy diet, but we all make exceptions!

Is it your cheat day?

big oven, big oven for bakeryThen how about going all in and getting a giant pizza instead of a regular one!? If you are a pizza lover and want to have this pizza more than once a week, make sure you are alternating pizza-eating days with regular workouts. Keep in mind that it takes an hour of cycling to burn the calories of one slice of this pizza!

If you are watching your weight but can’t renounce this fantastic pizza, then limit calorie intake by picking smart toppings. Vegetables will decrease the number of calories and increase the nutrients you are getting from your meal.

What Are the Prices for A 28 – Inch Pizza?

Prices vary on the quality, amount of toppings, and size of the pizza. In America, it is a more widely spread trend. More and more restaurants tend to have it as an option as well as compete with each other.

This has led to a drop in the price over the past few years, and it is now possible to get an 18 – inch Margarita for $13. In England, only a few pizzerias have decided to try out this new product, and the prices are still high at £25 ($30).

So, if you are a pizza lover in America, you are in luck!

However, anywhere you are, keep in mind that for birthday parties and meetings, this could be the cheapest and best option!

Bottom Line

Price, quality, and calories of a 28 – Inch Pizza can vary depending on where you have ordered it from. To get the best value, always pick a small pizzeria that uses fresh ingredients and creates high-quality products. In this way, you will be doing a service to both your stomach and your health!

Have you tried the 28” pizza? Have you participated in a competition? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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