There are few places that offer better food inspiration than cooking subreddits. On the best cooking subreddits, cooking becomes fun, interesting and more importantly, interactive.

Cooking subreddits are the best places to get ideas for culinary inventions and kitchen experiments. They’re there for you when you just need an idea for a very simple but delicious meal. They are helpful and educational, covering almost every piece of information you need to achieve the meal you want. These discussions are helpful!

Why Cooking Subreddits?

The internet is one of the most superb places in the universe to be right now. Not just because it’s a place to get things easily, but also because it is the best source of detailed material about things like cooking.

If you already know Reddit, then you already know about the vast population of Reddit users. Imagine, then, the huge number of ideas for meals and recipes that therefore are available. Imagine the well of culinary ideas that exist on the food and cooking forums, where a host of thoughts and suggestions are encouraged. Trust me, these cooking subreddits are not forums you want to pass up.

What Are The Best Cooking Subreddits?

Below are fifteen of the best cooking/food subreddits I have come upon.

  1. r/recipes: This is one of the best locations to get and share really good cooking recipes. Here, you can reference thousands of cooking recipes that have been tried and mastered by others. You get to learn what is good with what and what things you shouldn’t mix. You learn as much as you can about recipes you already know; you see different variations and other recipes you had no idea about. If you are a food geek, this is one of the places you might like to stop and see, especially if you’re looking for some food recipes that you haven’t seen before. Within this sub are stories of delicious, just waiting to be tried.
  2. r/MealPrepSunday: This subreddit is for those who are tired of ordering take-out because of busy schedules or work. With Reddit meal prep, you can get help on how to make foods that will get you through the week, or until whenever you can cook again.
  3. r/Cheap_Meals: We have been made to believe that good food—as in healthy and rich food—is very expensive. This is not necessarily a lie, but it can also be managed. With this subreddit, you can learn how to eat healthy meals within a comfortable budget.
  4. r/EatCheapAndHealthy: This subreddit does the same as r/Cheap_Meals. There is so much information within this Reddit healthy cooking group to help you through.
  5. r/slowcooking: If you have a question on how you can do lazy cooking, or if you feel you don’t have time to cook, this sub is for you. This recipes Reddit group is the best for slow cooking. Your questions on crock-pots and slow-cookers are very welcomed here. With the information on this subreddit, you can come back to delicious meals when you come home from work.
  6. r/Culinary: Basically, this is where you come to ask any question on food, recipes, or anything else that is related to food. It doesn’t matter how senseless or basic the question seems. This cooking subreddit is where you come to when Google and other search engines fail you.
  7. r/fromscratch: If you like making food from scratch, then this is the best place to be. If you like to know the individual effect of every ingredient you use in your cooking, this subreddit is the ideal place for you to get the hang of things. There are opinions and suggestions that you can explore to make really good meals.
  8. r/CulinaryPlating: This is a place where you get to hone your skills on plating, which if you didn’t know is the art of presenting your dishes. This is for those professional chefs who would like to publish their works online. You are told if you are on the right track or if there are things wrong with what you are doing. The criticism may be harsh, so it would be wise to go in with thick skin and the willingness to learn.
  9. r/TastyFood: Do you want recipes for food that taste like slices of heaven? Then this subreddit is perfect for you. It is a very small forum, but it is very active and has some superb recipe choices. The suggestions are very good, and when provided, they are very detailed to the extent where it may not be advisable for a beginner due to how complicated they can be.
  10. r/Minimeals: Some people love the idea of really complex meals—food that takes time to prepare and a long list of ingredients to make. And then there are those who would rather not stay so long in the kitchen… This subreddit is for the latter group. In this subreddit, you can share food ideas for really minimalistic foods. You get suggestions on how to make simple, small meals. This is a good group for beginners who are just delving into the world of food. The recipes here are easy and encouraging.
  11. r/Baking: It’s all about baking in here. There is no end to what you can learn here when it comes to baking. With a growing number of active users—about 100,000 currently—you’ll most certainly get the answers to whatever question you have, no matter what difficulty you are facing with baking. Sometimes you’ll even find out that you’re not the only one having trouble with a particular list of ingredients.
  12. r/VegRecipes: In this subreddit, you are sure to get what you came for. That is, if what you came for is Vegan recipes. There are lots of videos and articles to help you navigate in the world of vegan culinary art. Here, you get suggestions from the small but effective community of 45,000 users in the group. Your questions are welcomed, and aid is given when available. For those who are particular about what they eat, like those who need just gluten-free meals or dairy-free meals, there is still a wide arrangement of recipes to choose from that will help you get what you want.
  13. r/FitMeals: While exercise is important, one of the ways to stay fit is to eat good food. Being healthy is just as important as being able to breathe for some of us, which is what makes it important to get good food. The right nutrient makes getting fit easier and more complete. That is why this subreddit is necessary. There are recipes here for a variety of fit meals. There are recipes for those who are trying to gain more weight, as well as recipes for those who are looking to shed some. It is a well-rounded and inclusive subreddit.

Yeah, that’s 13 subreddits, not 15. Keep on reading for the other 2!

I’m an amateur…what subreddits should I be a part of?

If you’re new to cooking or just cooking Reddit channels, the best cooking subreddits for you will be our number 14—r/cookingforbeginners.

It is one of my favorites. Like the name says, it is a place for those who are just getting into the world of cooking. Here, there is no limit to the questions you can ask. Whether it is about how much seasoning to add, the kind of oil to use, or whether to stir or not. There is no need to be worried about being downvoted. What’s even more amazing are the tutorial videos that are available.


And finally, our number 15 of the best cooking subreddits! For some, this is the best subreddit and there is a reason—r/cooking is the most general cooking subreddit. There’s an overwhelming amount of content and it’s all quality content. Here, there are discussions to give you ideas about what you want and how to get it.

The main reason it is considered one of the best (if not the best) subreddits is that you are sure to get your questions answered here. It’s like the mother of all other subreddits—everyone is here, and thus, there’s an easy flow and exchange of ideas.

There are more out there in the world of Reddit and subreddits. Cooking subreddits do not end at 15. It’s important to note that these options are not the only places to get recipes, but they’re the best because of the large number of contributions and geographical coverage. Therefore, these best cooking subreddits are the most reliable and recommended. With them, we get to be multicultural through the internet.


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