Easy to Bake Buttery Biscuit Sticks

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If you can’t stop drooling over a platter of melt butter sticks then you are at the right place! Delicious biscuit stick is the hot topic of the day, and we are about to reveal the mysteries behind the inspiring flavours of a nicely baked biscuit stick. That “melt in your mouth” texture of these sticks is commendable.

Unlike other confectioneries, the recipe of these sticks is extremely simple and makes an excellent use of basic baking ingredients . Moreover, you can get to enjoy the immense variations by adding special ingredients. They can be stored easily at home. So, these “Bisticks” are anywhere any time kind of snacks.

When to serve?

It is not really a matter of debate that when to serve the biscuit sticks, when not to serve is the more perplexing query! Because of their simple taste and different varieties, these sticks can be served literally at any time, whether it’s festive celebrations, home parties or casual hangouts.

During the day or before the meal? Or how about having them in the morning?

Whenever you need energy with a refreshing boost of taste, try these biscuit sticks. The mix of ingredients gives a balanced combination of all the nutrients. It has enough carbs and a good amount of fats. You can also enhance the nutritional values by adding suitable ingredients to the recipe, like a teaspoon of protein powder etc.

Try adding them to the routine as an in-between meal snack. A single stick is enough to satisfy your appetite, provide energy and keep your metabolism working. As a late-night snack or early morning booster, these biscuit sticks are best to go for. If you are health conscious and can’t afford the huge amount of calories, just take 1 or 2 sticks at a time. Small servings aren’t going to hurt you.

Types of Biscuit sticks to go for

Going ahead without discussing the ceaseless varieties of a recipe is not the norm here! We always look for several different options to enjoy a single dish with unique flavours and aroma. Same is the case with biscuit sticks.

Plain biscuit sticks are made out of the simple and basic ingredients including flour, butter, milk, sugar and baking powder etc. No extra flavours are added to mask the originally buttery flavour of the sticks. These sticks are best to store for long duration and they can be served to anyone, from kids to adults. The detailed recipes of plain sticks are shared ahead in this article.

Vanilla lovers can mould the plain sticks recipe up to their desires by adding vanilla essence to the basic dough. Add only a drop or two of the vanilla extracts to the dough while blending it with the milk. Instead of the essence, you can try boiling the milk with the vanilla pods. Once cooled, strain the milk into the flour mixture to prepare the dough.

Without having something chocolatey on the menu, it does not seem right!

So we can also make chocolate biscuit sticks to surprise the kids and family. Again there are various ways to add chocolate to the recipe. You can either add cocoa powder to the flour mixture and then prepare the dough. Or simple fold in chocolate chips to the dough. Yet there is another way and you will definitely love it! Melt some chocolate with butter to prepare the dip. Once sticks are baked and cooled, dip them in the chocolate butter mixture and allow them to set.

There is one another delicious and refreshing twist that you can add to these biscuit sticks. Add some lemon juice and lemon zest to the dough then bake them. Instead of dipping simply in the butter, prepare an additional lemon glaze of your liking and drizzle it over the baked sticks. Other citrus flavours through some orange juice can also be tried here.

If you do not have a sweet tooth or just can’t have sugar in your diet, you can also make some savoury biscuit sticks without any sweetener. Add garlic powder to make garlic sticks. Dip them in butter mixed with minced garlic and parsley. These sticks can be great to serve as an appetizer, side dish or even as snacks.

Write one more variety into this list, the nutty biscuit sticks. That’s right! You can try some extra crunch by folding in finely chopped nuts of your choice, either peanuts, walnuts, pecans or almonds. Or dip the plain sticks in the butter mixed with chopped nuts.

How to Make Biscuit Sticks Like a Boss

Total time: 25 minutes

Servings: 16


  • 1/2 cup butter, cubed
  • 2-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 4 teaspoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk

Let’s get going with the half cup butter sticks. First, add the butter to a 9-inch baking pan. Melt the butter in the oven for 4 minutes at 425 degrees F. Once completely melted, remove the butter immediately from the oven and keep the butter aside.

Meanwhile, you need to work on the dough. For that to happen, add the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt to a mixing bowl and mix them well with a medium sized spatula. Now gradually pour in milk while constantly stirring the mixture. Keep mixing until the flour and milk combines to form a smooth and soft dough. Add more milk if needed to get a soft texture.

Now transfer this freshly prepared dough over a lightly floured surface. Knead it for about four to five times to make it even smoother. Cut the dough into two equal halves. Use the rolling pin to roll each ball of dough into an eight-inch square of a sheet. Slice the sheets into two halves and further cut each half into eight strips of equal size. This will give you as many as 32 dough strips.

Well, we are not done yet!

The next step is all about baking. Remember the butter you have melted earlier? Now Dip each strip into this melted butter then arrange them in two baking sheets lined with parchment paper. Drizzle the remaining butter over all the set dough sticks and coat them well using a brush.

Place both baking sheets in the oven to bake all the sticks. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes until all sticks turn golden brown. Keep the baked sticks on a cooling for 15 to 20 minutes.

Carefully remove them from the baking sheet and place them in a serving plate or you can also store them in a clean and dry jar. Make sure to seal the jar properly and store the sticks in a cool and dry place.

Enjoy freshly baked biscuit sticks as evening or party snacks. Either with tea or coffee, they are best to have as in between meal snacks. You can also experiment with its flavours by adding different enhancers like a teaspoon of cinnamon ground, or nutmeg ground, vanilla essence, or lemon zest, or add cocoa powder to make chocolate biscuit sticks.


Well, that came out easier than we think. Yes! Baking does not always need long complexing methods of beating, then whisking and finally cooking. Some recipes are as simple as these biscuits sticks and as mouth pleasing as you like. With so many varieties available you can give your family a full buttery treat with these butter sticks.

Drizzle some colourful sprinklers on top of the baked sticks or coat them within chocolate or coconut shreds. Perhaps there are endless possibilities to infuse so many flavours in a single soft and crusty biscuit stick. Try baking them yourself, and you will too, fall for this sweet and savoury snack delight.

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