Before diving straight into the recipe on how to make a black dragon sushi roll, I feel it is essential to take a minute to explain just what sushi is for anyone who might not know what it is or where it comes from exactly.

I will try to be brief as I am sure sushi-lovers are anxious to read the recipe and get started on their version of a black dragon roll. Sushi was, and still is, a type of food group from Japan that consists of small bite-size rolls of cooked rice that is served alongside raw fish, vegetables, and other assorted items and tasty treats.

After saying all that, let us dive into the next section of the article explaining more about black dragon sushi and what it is, and how to make it.

What is a Black Dragon Roll?

A Black dragon roll is a unique form of spicy tuna sushi rolls. The roll typically tends to consists of peppers (chefs choice) red, and or white onions along with a delicious slice of peppered tuna mixed in with a dash of hot seasoning and cucumber, and you have a dish that will drop the jaws of everyone and anyone who lays eyes on it.

It is one of those meals that people will gush over the second they see it sitting on that center dinner platter on the table. A dish that they will ask over and over again on how you made it, much less on if they can get the recipe from you. It is a meal that will no doubt satisfy even the pickiest of little eaters and will, of course, no doubt make any sushi-lover themselves gush over and over again on who delicious the meal is.

Perhaps I am exaggerating; perhaps I am overplaying it, and perhaps I am, but this particular dish is just THAT good! I am sorry. It is one of those recipes where I will tell people to try to make it at home, or go out to our local sushi restaurant and have this be your chosen main course of the evening.

However, I have been gushing over this meal long enough without addressing any health concerns that anyone new to sushi might have. So, let us turn our attention to that little detail next, shall we?

Sushi Health Concerns?

Is sushi healthy to eat and consume, especially on a daily or consistent basis? Here is a question that not only widespread when it comes to sushi, but with new and alien foods as a whole. However, to answer the outstanding question on whether sushi is healthy to eat or not?

Well, yes. Sushi is, indeed healthy to eat.

Well, like any other food group or item, it depends on where it is from, how it was shipped and how a person prepares it. Even milk, as necessary as it is, can make a person sick if left in the fridge for too long, it can be the same for sushi. So, for safety, always make sure you follow instructions precisely.

When it comes to sushi, there are a variety of types, some more healthy than the others. For example, salmon and tuna, while unbelievably tasty and delicious, are oily and can be a little fatty to eat, but at the same time, they contain omega-3 acids which are a necessary acid for the heart. Thus, some people will recommend that a person only eat such items maybe only once or twice every week or so, if not more.

Now, when it comes to sushi dinners, the main course is, of course, the sushi. However, when going out to a restaurant that caters to that particular line culinary arts, chefs will often (if not always) include a beautiful line of vegetables and other hearty, healthy side items to complement and balance out the potentially fatty, oily fish that their customers are about to dine on.

The vegetables themselves can vary depending on what the main course is, but often the chefs will include items like cucumbers and avocado’s which the latter provides an excellent source of Vitam E and monosaturated fat, perfect for the whole family.

So, when it comes down to whether or not sushi is healthy to eat for yourselves, much less give to your family like your children, all I have to say to that question is, yes. Yes, sushi is overall a healthy, hearty meal to make for yourselves and your children.

There are men and women in the world who pretty much ONLY eats sushi. Moreover, with that not-so-subtle name drop, I do believe it is time to move on to the actual recipe-making part of this recipe article, I only thought it was prudent to explain if sushi is healthy for those who are potentially interested in eating or trying it out.

However, I think we have spent enough time on that particular subject, so with all that said, let us get moving.

Let’s Have a Look at a Black Dragon Roll Recipe

Now, black dragon rolls are, in a sense, a spicy tuna sushi roll recipe. If that is okay with everyone, let us start with the black sushi roll ingredients. For this recipe,  you will need the following:

  • A cup of water, roughly around fifty-to-sixty milliliters, no more than seventy.
  • Nori leaves.
  • Rice: Fifty grams or so.
  • Some Rice wine vinegar, just a few millimeters, nothing more.
  • Salmon keta: thirty-to-forty grams.
  • Some lime, once more around thirty-to-forty grams.
  • Moreover, some avocado for good measure.

With the black dragon roll ingredients in hand, let us move to the next step of the process.

  1. Use a pot or cooker to bake the rice; this should only take a few minutes.
  2. Once thoroughly baked, spread the rice onto a surface and season it with vinegar, salt and or pepper.
  3. Once done, cover your sushi mats with some cling film or Saren-wrap and then cut your nori sheets in half. Once done, spread the rice around it.
  4. Afterward, cut your avocado (or whatever vegetable you prefer) into slices and overlap them onto your now evenly spaced nori-sushi-roll via the top of the rice.
  5. Once you have done that, lay another nori sheet on top of your vegetable and rice, if need be, use your sushi mats and cling film to evenly compact and squish it together, so it does not fall apart.
  6. Lastly, start rolling up your dragon roll with either your hands or the use of your mats. Either way, once rolled, slice through them until you have around eight-or-so individual pieces. (Make sure to clean the knife in-between each cut.)
  7. Arrange on the plate of your choice, break out the soy sauce and enjoy.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

In my opinion, the black dragon roll is one of those recipes I would recommend to anyone interested in trying out sushi for the first time. It has a bit of spice to it, but if a person can get past that and is willing to try out sushi, then I would happily recommend the black dragon roll, for anyone interested.


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