Why merely fry up your chicken when you can make it so much more? Bring a new twist to your fried chicken by trying this boom boom chicken recipe. The new and exciting flavor from this style of fried chicken will imbue your cooking repertoire with some extra inspiration.

Chances are, if a recipe name sounds unfamiliar, it’s probably going to be interesting. If not good, then at least interesting. That’s been my philosophy for years, and it’s the best way to learn.

For today’s post, I will be sharing with you an overview on how to prepare this amazing chicken recipe in the shortest time possible. The reason I’m so excited about this recipe is simply that I was overwhelmed the first time I tried it, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to write about for a long time. So strap in!

The Boom boom chicken recipe combines style and class to produce a deliciousness that you will definitely want to have more than once. I have taught a lot of people how to make this recipe, and today I’m teaching you. So, get ready and get in that kitchen because you are about to prepare your first boom boom chicken. If you have never seen it before and have no idea what to expect, then let me be the light that reveals this amazing chicken recipe.

Ever wondered why the name boom boom chicken?

Boom Boom Chicken is actually a Korean food vendor in New Jersey that specializes in fried chicken with a cultural twist. They offer customers a different kind of frying chicken traditional in Korea but new to the US.

You might be wondering why the name; it actually has to do with the ‘wow’ feeling you get when you taste the chicken for the very first time, especially if it’s dipped in the sauce. As to what precisely makes it different, it’s a piece of chicken mixed with a few key ingredients and fried twice.

The first step of boom boom chicken is making the boom boom sauce, combining the sauce with a couple of ingredients and then coating chicken cuttings with the mixture.

A number of ingredients are combined to form the sauce.

This tasty chicken is quickly becoming a common dish in everyday meals because of its amazing texture and delicious taste. Some like to flavor the pieces of chicken by dipping them into the mixture of the boom boom sauce and other ingredients and this allows for the absorption of the flavor before the frying process.

The chicken is commonly fried by placing the pieces of chicken coated finely with the chicken sauce in boiling oil. If amazing taste is what you are looking for, then you made no mistake choosing to make this mouth-watering chicken recipe.

Aside from the normal routine of making pickings with your fork, you can eat this dish together with a good number of other dishes. It comprises of two main components prepared separately before being combined to produce this exquisite boom boom chicken dish. The chicken is made by preparing the sauce and then the chicken cuttings.

Boom boom sauce tastes great on its own and is commonly mixed with other ingredients before being used to make the chicken. It is definitely something you should taste on its own before you make the chicken. The tasty sauce is basically used as a coating around the chicken cuttings by rolling the chicken through the sauce or by dipping the chicken cuttings in the sauce before frying.

Rolling or dipping the chicken on the sauce produces a fine coating around the outer layer of the chicken cuttings and may cause more ingredients to be absorbed into the chicken cuttings, creating a classic taste.

What is boom boom sauce?

The sauce is a French word which means salt. A sauce is generally known to be a liquid condiment. The boom boom sauce is a part of the dish prepared with different ingredients which are used to make the main dish. The end result has a smooth and viscous texture.

Before I continue on the sauce, it is important to know that the sauce is a dish of its own and is made up of the boom boom sauce ingredients. This sauce adds flavor to the dish and gives it a good visual appearance.

Saucing is the most important part of the dish because, without the sauce, there is no boom boom chicken. The sauce should not be too viscous so as to allow the cuttings to be finely coated. If necessary, add a little water to reduce the thickness of the sauce.

A worthy boom boom sauce recipe

Below is a recipe for this extremely tasty sauce; it details all boom boom sauce ingredients and procedures required to prepare the sauce.

There are no restrictions as to how to spice the sauce, so if you really want to spice up the sauce, feel free to try other ingredients of your choice, but only in small amounts. You really don’t want to change the taste of the boom boom chicken. Basically, the following ingredients are used.

  • ½ cup of mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 4 tablespoon of sweet chili sauce
  • 4-6 tablespoon of hot sauce

All of these ingredients can be gotten from the supermarket, even in small-quantity packs.

The sauce is the most essential part of preparing the chicken. It can be made by pouring all 4 ingredients into a deep medium-sized bowl and stirring thoroughly with a spatula or tablespoon until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.

Easy, right? We’re just getting started.

Wait ’til you see how easy it is to make the boom boom chicken. After making this sauce, scoop 3- 4 tablespoons of the sauce into a bowl and keep in the refrigerator while the chicken piece is being prepared for the final frying phase.

There are a number of reasons why you should be trying this exciting way of frying the chicken and this isn’t just because it is becoming more popular but also because its nutritional value can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. For a nutritional fact, this dish boasts 40% of the protein you’ll need in a day.

How to make the boom boom chicken

The chicken is made with a variety of ingredients, some of which are used in making the boom boom sauce. The piece of chicken is the most essential ingredient. The amount of chicken is different depending on how many people you’re serving, but for the purposes of this article, I will give the recommended quantity when serving four.

Boneless chicken breast or thigh should be used for making the boom boom chicken because the chicken piece will be made into smaller cuttings. Boneless should be boneless. You really don’t want to be chewing bones, do you?


  • 1 pound of boneless chicken breast or thigh (boneless)
  • ½ cup of vegetable oil for frying
  • ¼ cup of milk
  • 3-4 tablespoon of boom boom sauce (made earlier)
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup of corn starch
  • 1 cup of panko (this is a Japanese style breadcrumb)
  • ½ cup of all-purpose flour
  • Salt and ground pepper, to taste.


  •    Place the piece on chicken on a chopping board and chop into small pieces of about 1-2 inches or even bigger as desired.
  •     Pour the chicken cuttings into a medium-sized bowl and place at the side.
  •     Pouring the panko into a medium-sized bowl and set aside.
  •     Place a clean cooking pan on the heat source, pour in the vegetable oil and heat to medium or high.
  •     In a medium-sized bowl containing the boom boom sauce, pour in the milk, egg, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Continue by pouring in the flour and cornstarch, then stir until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
  •     Coat the chicken cuttings by rolling through the surface or by dipping into the mixture. Press gently with either one or two pieces at a time and rub in the panko in the bowl before placing in the boiling oil.
  •     Allow frying for some time until the chicken pieces become golden brown. Avoid overcrowding the cooking pan with the chicken pieces to allow for adequate, even cooking.
  •     Place the chicken in a tray and allow cooling as well as absorbing of the oil.
  •     Now the chicken is ready to be served.

The prepared boom boom chicken serves four and takes no more than 30 minutes to prepare.


  •     Avoid using excess oil when preparing the boom chicken as this will make the chicken too oily.
  •     Always pay close attention to the chicken to avoid burning.
  •     Time spent preparing the chicken can be reduced by preparing the sauce ahead of time.

The best way to serve

People often make mistakes, especially while serving dishes. For example, they include the crumbs. While serving the chicken, it is necessary to avoid adding crumbs from the frying as this will not make the boom boom chicken visually attractive when served. The chicken can be served on a dining plate or on a pack. The process of frying helps the chicken stay good for longer in the fridge.

There are no rules as to what you can eat together with the boom boom chicken. You can always decide to eat the chicken with some vegetables or alone with a bottle of Coke like I do. Boom boom chicken can be taken along with rice and spaghetti as well, depending on how you like it. So, get that chicken ready and enjoy the delicious taste of every bite.


I’m going to be honest; it makes me so happy to share boom boom chicken recipes. It might not seem like much when reading about it, but trust me: everything will change once you try it. You might as well pin this ingredient list on your fridge, because it’s something you will be coming back to time and time again.


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