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Chacales Soup, is an extremely popular Mexican dish that is served during Lent. Note, Chacales is the name for the split, fresh, and dried corn kernels (where the fresh corn kernels are dried & split up into several pieces like chicos). 

corn kernels, recipe with corn kernelsThis golden corn adds a beautiful color & taste to many dishes. Plus, you can use them to prepare soups, stews, and various other recipes. All you will need to cook them perfectly & eat plain!

Additionally, they hold more nutritional values than their canned, frozen, and processed counterparts. So, don’t hesitate to serve them to your beloved family members with confidence. In Mexico, Chacales soup is quite popular and you can enjoy the fresh flavor of Chacales at any time of a year!

However, there are not so many reliable sources where you can get a handy recipe to prepare the “Mouthwatering Chacales Soup“. So, if you are looking for an easy, simple, and tasty Chuales recipe, then look no further as you have landed to the right page!

Here, I have added a delicious recipe that will help you to prepare the Chuales Soup within a snap! Once prepared, you can garnish it with your favorite seasonal veggies and enjoy an ultimate delectable delight that is both healthy & tasty.

Now, keep reading in order to reveal the complete ingredient list & the detailed recipe.

Mouthwatering Chacales Soup – The Complete Ingredient List

vegetables for soup, healthy vegetables for soupIn this section, I have attached a complete ingredient list. In order to prepare this recipe at your home, you will need to collect ten major ingredients. The best part is – you can easily find these ingredients at any local food market or in a shopping mall.

Obviously, the major ingredient of this recipe is the Mexican chacales. On top of that, I have also used some seasonal vegetables (like fresh tomato, onion, celery rib, and parsley) that will add more flavor to this dish!

In this recipe, I have used oregano, an important culinary & medicinal herb that comes with multiple health benefits (this medicinal herb offers some essential vitamins to your body).

Another important part is – the recipe I’ve shared here is completely vegan; it’s meatless & it doesn’t contain the so-called animal products. Additionally, this soup is less-spicy and it can be served to anyone – from children to the elderly members of your family!

Now, take a quick look at the complete ingredient list

I) 1 heaped cup of chacales (around 256 milliliters)

II) 7 cups of hot water (around 1.75 liters)

III) 2 teaspoons of salt

IV) 1 cup of fresh water (around 250 milliliters)

V) 8 ounces of tomato (around 225 grams) – roughly chopped.

VI) 1 medium-sized onion – roughly chopped.

VII) 1 small celery rib – roughly chopped.

VIII) 2 large sprigs flat-leaf parsley

IX) Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon

X) Dried oregano (crumbled) – around 1/2 teaspoon

mexican corn soup, authentic mexican corn soup

Ingredient List – To Serve

In this section, I have listed two basic ingredients that can be used for garnishing once the dish is prepared & ready-to-serve. However, this part is completely optional and you can even modify the below-mentioned ingredient list as per your individual preference.

However, I strongly recommend you to garnish this dish prior serving as a perfect garnishing provides a decoration or embellishment to your prepared food, improve its visual impact, and add contrasting flavors. Now, take a quick look at the “Garnishing Ingredient List“.

To Serve

I) 1/2 cup of thinly sliced radishes (around 125 milliliters)

II) 3/4 cup of grated chihuahua cheese (around 188 milliliters)

Reveal the Detailed Recipe

corn kernel soup, mexican soup namesIn this section, I’ve shared the detailed recipe of this mouthwatering dish.

Put the Chuales into a saucepan, add the specified amount of hot water, add salt, & leave it to soak them properly for approximately 6 hours. Now, bring to a simmer in the soaking hot water and continue simmering & stirring from time to time (mainly to prevent sticking) until they become soft.

Next, put around 250 milliliters of fresh water in a small pan, add the roughly chopped tomatoes, parsley, celery, and onion & cook them over on a low heat for around 10 minutes (until the tomatoes become soft). Next, transfer them into a blender & blend them nicely until smooth.

Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet, add all the blended ingredient, & fry them over on a fairly high heat until perfectly seasoned – for around 5 minutes. Then, add the semi-boiled Chuales and continue cooking for approximately 15 minutes.

Next, check & adjust the salt & add the crumbled oregano prior serving.

Serve the soup in a deep bowl and garnish it with sliced radishes & grated cheese. Now, you’re ready to enjoy an ultimate delectable delight – The Mouthwatering Chacales Soup!


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