Contemporary Cuisine in North America – The New Millennium

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In the first decade of the 2000s, more cable food networks were launched and celebrity chefs continued to emerge into the culinary scene with their own television programs and cookbooks. Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson are two British chefs with global profiles who have done both.

On the Food Network, the series Iron Chef America (based on the original Japanese series) was launched with celebrity chefs being challenged by North American chefs on who can prepare the best dishes within a one hour time slot.

president’s choice, modern food Food sustainability is a major issue and interest in the Slow Food Movement grew to the point where offices opened in New York (2000), France (2003) and Japan (2005), the UK. and Chile. There is such concern over the quality of food for children that Jamie Oliver took on British and American schools to promote nutritious lunches and raise children’s awareness of food.

Molecular gastronomy emerged as a new trend in cuisine, taking a more scientific approach to the preparation of food. Herve This, a French chemist has collaborated with British chefs to better understand the scientific processes of cooking, thereby allowing chefs to experiment in the creation of new dishes.

At the same time, fast food chains such as McDonald’s continued to prosper worldwide and large supermarkets stocked pre-cooked, packaged frozen, ethnic dishes with “fresh” ingredients.  One such brand in Canada is President’s Choice which markets everything from “authentic” Italian pizzas to stuffed organic Portobello mushrooms and spicy, bacon-wrapped chicken breasts.



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Anne Berry

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