Okay, so, this article of ours is about Jamaican donkey corn. It is a rough, flakey, high-fiber biscuit meant for donkey’s, but also can be eaten by deer and other woodland critters for various reasons.

Why are we talking about this?

Well, because animals like donkeys are still crucial for farmers alike, and perhaps a farmer would like to know how to make his or her own food for their companion, instead of relying on store-bought items.

So, that is why we have decided to write a short piece on Jamaican biscuits, Jamaican coconut cookies, or just plain jackass corn, regardless of the name, we are going to write about them and explain why a farmer or someone of that caliber might want to have a crack at making these Donkey Corn biscuits for their animals. After all, even creatures like donkey’s deserve a treat or two for what they do for farmers.

Is This Corn Safe To Give To Farm Animals?

The quick answer is, yes, they are safe to feed to farm animals like donkeys. These biscuits are high in fiber and nutrients that animals like donkey’s, deers, and other farm and woodland critters can and do need in order to survive.

The biscuits are also delectable treats that these creatures will enjoy having in-between their regularly scheduled meals and work-days. So, to answer that question if anyone is wondering, yes, this particular treat is indeed safe to give to farm animals, with moderation, of course.

As lovely as it is to reward our trusty and helpful farm animals for everything they do for us each day and every day, it is never a good idea to overfeed them on anything, especially a treat like these biscuits. That is why moderation and controlling proportions are a vital necessity to any creature’s life, farm animals especially.

However, with that short warning and explanation out of the way along with proper introductions, let us get straight into this short article and start with the ingredients, shall we?

Donkey Corn Recipe

When it comes to donkey corn ingredients and what a person needs to make the biscuits, well, it is not all that much.

  • You will need eggs, of course, I recommend having a couple out in case something happens, but you will need at least two eggs in order to make the biscuits, I recommend having a few out in case you lose one in the process.
  • You will also want butter in order to butter up this recipe. You will want roughly around a hundred or so grams.
  • Next, to that horrible pun, you will need flour, two-hundred grams, maybe a little more or less depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Sugar powder (any kind, honestly) One tablespoon worth should do.
  • You will also want some vanilla extract in order to give your biscuits a bit of that sweet taste for your precious friends.
  • Outside of those items, you’ll want stuff like water for the mixing, along with some seasoning once the biscuits are ready.

Now How Do You Make Donkey Corn?

Just like the donkey corn ingredients themselves, making the recipe takes very little time, and effort, all that a person needs is a mixing bowl, an oven and a little bit of their time to produce these wonderful, flakey treats.

  1. First off, make sure to preheat your oven to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Next, grab two bowls. Use one bowl to mix your flour and coconut mixture while for the next one, mix your sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. The second bowl and it is contents will act as the batter for the biscuits.
  3. Once you have the two bowls mixed, combine them together into one bowl, mix vigorously for several minutes to get the dough ready and then put the semi-finished product into the fridge for fifteen minutes.
  4. After the fifteen minutes is up, the oven you preheated earlier should be ready. Take your now slightly chilled dough and sprinkle a little bit of extra coconut mixture onto the product. (Either that or something else of your choosing. Whatever works for you.)
  5. Cut the dough into circles, place them onto a sheet and slide them into the oven for twenty minutes. Once done, let them cool there you go, tasty treats for your animal companions.

Is That Everything?

Yep, that is everything a person needs to know when it comes to making these Jamaican biscuits. Now, whether you call them that, Jamaican coconut cookies, or jackass corn, it matters not what a person names them. No, what does matter is that I am certain animals like donkey’s will love them.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

Donkey corn, or whatever you prefer to call it, is a fantastic treat to give to your animal friends after a long day of work. I am sure there are other recipes out on the internet that gives different methods and instructions on how to make and feed them these flakey treats.


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  1. Debbie Allen Reply

    Please cease and desist writing about things you know nothing about. Everything above is bull crap. Donkey Corn is a biscuit eaten by Jamaicans and only given the name because it is a very hard biscuits to bite down on. Better to have the jaw of a donkey to do it hence the name. There are no eggs in the recipe and they are not flaky.

    You are only writting to get attention but while you do this you degregate the Jamaican culture and it’s people.

    Your article is nonsense and I say so with the wisdom of a born Jamaica old enough to spot shit even when encased in words.

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