Finding the right substitute for fenugreek has always been an issue. It can be quite rare in some places and hard to come by.

Still, some dishes call for it. This has pushed people like me to search for a fenugreek substitute, and it looks like you’re here to find one, too.

I’m a keen experimenter when it comes to finding substitutes. You can never avoid that situation where you’ve run out of something, and instead of feeling overcome by powerlessness, better to use your ingenuity to finish what you started. There is always a way out, and if I didn’t have anyone to complain to or take advice from, surely I could find my way around it.

The internet was my last resort, but I eventually got the answer I was looking for. Not just one answer, but a slew of them! I discovered that I had a whole lot of things that could be used as a fenugreek spice substitute. I turned red with shame at the list of numerous substitutes for this ingredient, but that was quickly replaced with the relief at finally having found the solution.

In situations that challenge you, one courageous move is all that is needed. Believe me when I say, reading this article is that move. I shared this information with my neighbor, and when she had a taste of one of these substitutes, she couldn’t even tell the difference.

The zeal to get the right dish motivates individuals to produce their inner desire by the perfect mixture of ingredients. I guess that’s why fenugreek has been sought after for years now. But when anything good comes about, there’s only so much to go around. To cope with the high demand for fenugreek, it’s a good idea to go with a fenugreek alternative so we are not forced to change our dinner plans.

I never liked change, and there are some things that just can’t be substituted. But just relax and let me guide you through various ways of getting fenugreek into your dish when you don’t have any stocked.

Why the fenugreek spice substitute is important

There aren’t many spices with as much usage as fenugreek. The seeds and leaves are the key parts that people use; they can be used whole or ground up, and the leaf is usually used as a vegetable. It carries a host of benefits with it, as it can be used to make medicine, for the preparation of curry and also to enhance other spices.

Fenugreek is blessed with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, and that is why it is used for seasoning meats such as chicken or pork. Using the fenugreek as a spice is something that requires caution, especially when it comes to over-spicing.

Its usage has been common practice in India and North America for centuries now. Popularly known to the Indians as Methi, it confers several health benefits such as lowered blood sugar levels, help in digestion and stimulation of milk production in breastfeeding women.

I only found out about the benefits of the fenugreek on my search for its substitute. And then I realized why this ingredient found its way into all of my mother’s cooking. Then I began to wonder if she, too, ever used an alternative to fenugreek, and if I ever tasted the difference. I don’t remember any occasion where I did so; perhaps she could’ve helped me write this article!

Fenugreek substitutes such as mustard seeds (yellow or brown), mustard green, celery leaves, and masala curry powder can also serve as a suitable replacement for fenugreek in that they serve the same purpose, contain the same chemical composition and possess the same health benefits.

When ground, the mustard seed can be used as a ground fenugreek substitute while dried mustard greens or celery leaves can be used as a dried fenugreek leaves substitute. Aside from mustard leaves, spinach and collard are perfect fenugreek substitutes in cooking.

What fenugreek alternatives best suits dishes

First of all, why is fenugreek an essential component in so many dishes? Fenugreek seeds and leaves possess a strong aroma but a bitter taste when taken raw. Only when it is cooked does it become sweet and flavorful, especially in stews and tomato sauces.

This is demonstrated in the preparation of dishes such as Pakistani spicy potatoes and spicy lentil soup. Fenugreek seeds or leaves are used as replacements for ingredients such as cumin and paprika, and when you don’t have a lot of ingredients, you can usually just make do with fenugreek. This actually saves some money and reduces the stress of following an extensive list of spices and ingredients.

Fenugreek alternatives serve the same purpose as fenugreek seeds or leaves. Some substitutes result in a taste that is almost identical, while others make for a sweeter variation. There are numerous fenugreek alternatives to use in place of the fenugreek seed or fenugreek leaf such as mustard seeds or leaves, spinach, celery leaves, alfalfa, and even collard — but one alternative I haven’t mention yet which may surprise you is maple syrup.

Maple syrup is the same as fenugreek in taste and chemical composition, and this is because they both contain a chemical compound called sotolone. If you don’t believe me, go to your kitchen right now and taste some fenugreek and then some maple syrup.

Having used a lot of substitutes, the best fenugreek alternative is maple syrup.

Granted, not all dishes that call for fenugreek go well with maple syrup, as it may result in an overly sweet dish. But if both ingredients are available, try alternating between them so as not to run out of fenugreek, so you can always have it there for the dishes that need it most.

Maple syrup can be used as a replacement for the fenugreek seed or fenugreek leaf, leaving you with a delicious dish as your final result. Maple syrup is also versatile, in that a pinch of it can be mixed with ground mustard before being used.

Tip: Be careful not to use too much maple syrup if sweetness isn’t the goal. Also, if you find it difficult to measure, mix a pinch of the maple syrup with a spoon of ground mustard to balance things out, and you will get the fenugreek taste exactly.

Ideal Fenugreek Replacements

There isn’t any ingredient in the kitchen that does not go out of stock. Same with fenugreek. Though it is grown in large quantities, fenugreek runs out just like anything else, whether at the store or in the kitchen. This scarcity means that a substitute is sometimes necessary.

Countless people love cooking with fenugreek, so acquainted are they with its essential benefits. If you want that same satisfaction even in the absence of fenugreek seeds and leaves, a number of other ingredients can be used as a replacement. They are used alone or mixed together with other ingredients to get the exact same taste of the fenugreek.

The fenugreek seed isn’t always readily available and neither is the leaf. Sometimes this has to do with the price point. This is why it is essential to get the ideal replacement. Luckily, you can find these alternatives readily available and at a lower cost, too.

I am very careful when it comes to replacing an ingredient because one wrong move can ruin the entire dish. I don’t want you to ruin your dish too, so I will give you a detailed list of some fenugreek seed and leaves alternatives and how you can use them.

Fenugreek Seed Substitutes

Fenugreek seed is a very important ingredient as far as dish preparation and the enhancement of other spices is concerned. The fenugreek seed shouldn’t be used as a substitute for fenugreek leaf due to the difference in flavor. Fenugreek seeds have a slightly bitter taste and when overcooked, they can become even more bitter. Look below for a good Fenugreek seed substitute:

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are a very important substitute for the fenugreek in that they have the same bitter taste. Found readily available is the yellow mustard seed and the black mustard seed. Although both mustard seeds can be used alone or even mixed together with other ingredients, the yellow mustard kind is more suitable.

One thing to really worry about is the bitter taste.

If overcooked, the bitter taste can become more pronounced. This can spoil the dish, so be careful.

Fennel seeds

The fennel seed is one ingredient that stands out as an alternative for fenugreek. One thing to note about this seed is its sweet taste. Take care you don’t add too much fennel seed so you don’t overwhelm the dish with sweetness.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a very suitable replacement for the fenugreek seed. Although maple syrup has a sweet taste, it can absolutely be used as a substitute. Don’t go crazy with it, though; only add a little. Sweetness may not be desired, and if that is the case, it can be combined with mustard seed before being added to the rest of the dish.

Masala curry

Masala curry is an ideal fenugreek powder substitute because it contains fenugreek seeds as one of its many ingredients. Think of it as a roundabout though effective way of getting the fenugreek you need. The fenugreek seed in the curry powder adds the flavor to the dish that you need and at a cheaper price.

Masala curry possesses a lovely and appetizing aroma. If ever you run out of fenugreek seeds, remember that masala curry contains some ground fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek Leaves Substitute

Fenugreek leaves are mainly used as a vegetable for making dishes like butter chicken. It can be used fresh or dried after being plucked and chopped. There are various fenugreek leaf substitute such as:

Celery leaves

Celery leaves bear the same bitter taste as fenugreek leaves. When used in a dish, most people can’t even tell the difference. They have the same taste and medicinal benefits as fenugreek leaves, too. They are first plucked, then rinsed and chopped into smaller pieces. Celery leaves are a perfect substitute, and what makes it even more convenient is its wide availability.


Spinach is an ideal substitute for the fenugreek leaves. Although the taste may change a bit, it still works perfectly well. Spinach is quite common, too, so getting some won’t be too hard. The taste may not be 100% the same as fenugreek, but anytime you run out of fenugreek and celery leaves, then definitely go for it.


Alfalfa is one ingredient you can try as a substitute. It depends on its availability, though. So if this ingredient is available near you, it can be used as an alternative for fenugreek leaves.

Collard green

Collard green is something that can really be helpful when it comes to the fenugreek substitution. Try this if you ever run of fenugreek leaves. Pluck, clean and chop them, and surely you will have a smile as you’re eating the finished product. The taste leans a bit towards the bitter side, but still serves its purpose.

Pleasant mixtures as fenugreek substitute in cooking

This ingredient is common in Turkish, Egyptian and Eritrean recipes. Caution must be taken when a substitute is used, whether it’s a fenugreek seed substitute or leaves substitute. The alternative must be carefully applied, as incorrectly doing so can mess up the whole thing.

For example, mustard seeds are bitter in taste and can overwhelm dishes with that bitterness. This is the main reason why it is commonly added in combination with other ingredients such as a pinch of the sweeter maple syrup. The addition of the sweet ingredient serves to neutralize the bitter taste.

Another option is a mixture of ground fennel seeds (also sweet) with ground mustard seeds. The mixture of fennel seeds and mustard seeds can be used when you don’t have any maple syrup. Suitable combinations include:

  • A pinch of maple syrup and a few teaspoons of ground mustard seeds.
  • A few teaspoons of ground fennel seeds and ground mustard seeds.

Fennel seeds and maple seeds should not be mixed because then you’re just adding sweet to sweet, and that’ll definitely ruin the flavor. As I said earlier, I like to experiment, and I have tried almost every combination. Have no fear and just taste as you gradually add more and more of your chosen ingredient or mixture. Add a little, allow the dish to cook for some time and have a taste. If bitter, top with a few drops of maple syrup and check again. You’ll get the desired result in no time.


The fenugreek ingredient is everywhere; not only does it provide a characteristic flavor to a host of dishes, it also aids digestion. There is quite a high demand for fenugreek, whether for the seeds or the leaves. In certain countries, its demand has started to overtake its supply, leading to some who must figure another way.

This shortage in stores and various kitchens necessitates a fenugreek substitute. Depending on various recipes, a number of fenugreek seed substitutes and leaves substitutes can comfortably replace it with little to no variation in taste. Extra care must be taken in the use of its alternative, but with a sure hand and an intention to make a good meal, you’ll do just fine.

So there you have it: if ever you’re short on fenugreek seeds and fenugreek leaves while making a dish, make use of one of these fenugreek substitutes and you are sure to end up with a lovely dish.


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