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Here’s one that combines two of the coolest things on the planet. Sushi and Manga. Get Jiro is a comic book about sushi by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose with artwork by Langdon Foss.

The Future. Los Angeles. Or very like it. A world dominated by food culture. Little else is going on. Sports, film, the recording industry have all fragmented and died. The nation is in the business of producing and selling each other cheeseburgers. Chefs are the new power. All desire is based on access to them. – From Get Jiro

Get Jiro is about a Sushi Chef that has to take on the world of food wank. From ‘look at me’ customers to hard core vegan fanatics and high end restaurant chains, Jiro doesn’t stand a chance . .. or does he?!

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Jason Adamson

Jason Adamson

Jason lives in Osaka Japan and has an infatuation with raw fish, ninjas and sake. Originally from Australia he has a Masters in Communications and a Le Cordon Bleu Masters of Gastronomic Tourism. He also owns a very old Nintendo.
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