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If you are all for adventures, the gizzada is one of the many adventures you should let yourself take. It is not big but it is surely something you would want to try again and again. The coconut gizzada has an incredible taste that should be experienced by everyone, and not restricted to those it originated with.

It is beautiful to look at when it is finished as well but no one wants to end there with food. Read on as we delight you with the ultimate gizzada recipe.

What Really is A Gizzada?

The gizzada or “pinch-me-around” as it is called by some people is a pinched crusty round shell that is filled with coconut fillings. The coconut filling is grated to and spiced to give a delicious taste. It is called “pinch-me-around” by some people because of the pinched look of the outer shell and for the Portuguese, the pastry is called something similar in sound – Guisada.

Gizzada is that one dish that most likely will always turn out right except you’re using the worst recipes ever. There are a lot of optional ingredients to it. It’s quite simple to make. Depending on the recipe you are using, the tastes are always explosive.

For instance, some recipes use ginger while some do not. Some probably like the shell crust hard and others like it not so hard. The contrast of hard and soft—shell and filling—is something that is very interesting about it too. I once saw a kid scoop peanut but with hard chips and crunched away merrily. It is satisfying to hear that sound and feel the taste. If I was even a little bit poetic, I would say it is musical.

There are a lot of desserts out there that are really great and this Jamaican dessert is one of them. I would personally rate it above some that I know. While it looks really small, it is incredibly filling but then we all know that depends on how much you eat naturally. But trust me when I say it is something worth trying.

Where Did Gizzada Originate From?

The origin is something that is controversial. Some people think it is from the Jamaican parts it originated from and others believe that it is from Portugal. The story is that it was carried to Jamaica from Portugal by people who migrated there.

It is believed to have come to Jamaica in the early or late 1530 when the Jews were having religious problems in Portugal. Nobody knows if this is true but it is likely so. People move from place to place and they carry things with them—culture, beliefs—it is not very difficult to think of something as this coming in with them also.

But whether the recipe was brought to the Jamaican shores by immigrants or not, it has become a really big part of the Jamaican cuisine. It is very popular there and among Jamaicans abroad thus it is very easy to take it as an original Jamaican recipe. That is one thing about food, it is borderless and free, unlike humans. It goes beyond cultures and race sometimes.

Jamaican Gizzada Recipe

This Jamaican sweet dessert has a very simple recipe. Although the filling and the shell crust both have different recipes, I will be differentiating them to help you navigate the preparation with ease.

First, the crust because it takes more time than the filling.

Gizzada Ingredients:


  1. First, sift the salt and flour together.
  2. Then you cut the butter and shortening into small pieces however you like and then you can pour in the flour and the ice water.
  3. After that, you place the dough in a plastic and then put that in a fridge for thirty minutes and remove it after.
  4. Use your rolling pin to roll the dough on a cutting board to a ¼ thickness.
  5. Then you go on to cut circles in the dough (use an 8-oz glass).
  6. Pinching is next. You pinch the edges of this circle to make the casings. This will be the holder for the fillings. Getting the hang now, huh?
  7. Then, place these casings on a tray, make sure it is greased, and then place in the oven to part-bake.
  8. This should take about fifteen or so minutes with the right heat – 345 to 350 Fahrenheit. Then bring them out.

For the filling, ingredients:

  • Water
  • Grated coconut
  • Brown sugar
  • Grated Nutmeg
  • Butter


  1. Boil water and sugar together, do this until you get a syrupy result.
  2. Use low heat. Then add the grated coconut and nutmeg to the syrup.
  3. Stir this mixture; make sure it does not become a paste or thicken. Boil it again for about 15 minutes.
  4. Add the butter and stir hard and long, be sure that the butter blends and does not show in the filling.

When this is done, put the filling in the casings and then bake for another twenty minutes. Then remove and leave to cool and you are good to take a bite.

Why You Should Eat Gizzada

Most times when I write about food, I tell people not to eat because of taste alone but because of what you’re getting from the food and that is very important. When you know what you are eating and what you are getting, it becomes way more than just food, it becomes care.

There is nothing as essential as eating healthy. It means eating right and eating comfortably. It means being able to tell if you are in any danger at all from consuming a particular food or not. However sweet a meal is, it should be healthy too. Make sure your ingredients are always in good condition and of good quality.

This Caribbean gizzada or guisada has protein, sodium and potassium. All these are very essential for your body, which means with every bite of this Jamaican pastry, you nourish your body with needed nutrients.

These caribbean coconut tarts are worth making out time to try. Thankfully, it doesn’t take forever to cook. Basically, what I am saying is that there is nothing as wonderful as trying new things. The more you try the more you are transported to those places you have never been.

Culinary adventures are one of the greatest and easiest delights one can explore. From the glossy colored walls of yours kitchen you can be a Jamaican or in Seattle enjoying  one of their sweet dishes or Asia with their many assorted meals that could stop the world in its tracks. It is all possible.

I hope you try this Jamaican gizzada recipe soon and find out for yourself how good it tastes, and maybe you can then move on to trying others and maybe you could tweak this gizzada recipe a bit and make out your own taste. It is all possible.

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