Flaming Hot Cheetos Chicken Wings Recipe

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If there is anything that can lit my mood up, it is the hot Cheeto chicken wings. Every bite of those tangy and crusty little wings put you on the roller coaster ride of flavors.

Fried hot Cheetos are served at many places, but the homemade wings take you to the next level of taste and aroma. This hot cheetos chicken wings recipe is on you would enjoy serving at every occasion or for a routine meal. The distinct Cheeto flavor has become the emblem of new chicken wings variety.

When I was literally done with the traditional chicken wings that when I found the flaming hot Cheetos wings. It was a constant search of entirely new texture and form. And all my efforts paid off when I took that first bite. The spice was amazing, and the crunch was more than I ever expected out of a chicken wing.

Comparing these fried hot Cheetos wings to traditional hot wings is no justice. the crust itself is so different and unique that you can’t get over with the crisp and crunch.

Generally, any flavor of Cheetos can be used to coat the wings, but that fire hot taste can only be enjoyed with the flaming hot Cheetos. People usually cannot get the idea of coating the wings with Cheetos and the combination of the spice blend along with it, become even more confusing and that when I realize that it is important to share the recipe today.

The recipe I originally experienced was far tangier, but I believe in trying your own version. So, I came up with my own proportions and used the trial method. To my surprise, it turned out pretty great. Without using any hot sauce or extra condiments, these hot fried wings turned out to be quite delicious.

And when served with a rich dip or sauce, these wings sound delicious. Ways to serve the chicken wings varies. These wings complement nicely cooked pork chops. Steaks and kebobs can also be served with the wings.

Each meal calls for a variety of the spice blends.

The thing that I adore the most about these chicken wings is the convenience of preparing them. They give you a perfect meal prep option as they can be stored and frozen for a longer duration. Once the wings are marinated and crusted, I store them in a Ziplock bag and then keep them in the freezer.

And whenever I feel like serving a bucket of Cheeto crusted chicken, I simply deep fry them on a set temperature. Baking is also a great option, but I prefer frying to keep the texture of the frozen wings. just keep in mind to immediately serve them after the cooking. When served late, the outer crust gets soggy and soft, and trust me!

That’s what you should avoid. So, it is always safe to leave the cooking to the last minute and preserve the coated wings in the freezer.

A Snack to Remember!

There is no better snack then to serve a bucket full of chicken wings at a party or a movie night. By ditching those same old chicken wings, you can enjoy more colors and spice with these hot Cheetos wings. Their crisp is so fascinating that everyone will love you for serving them.

When I first introduced the hot Cheetos wings to my family and friends, their reaction to that first bite was so memorable. They all instantly fall for it. Most of them could not recognize the distinct hot Cheeto taste until I told them how I used a packet of their favorite Cheetos. Well that’s I often surprise my folks with a bout of new and exciting recipes.

Extra Flaming Hot Cheetos

Many times, people have asked me why to extra flaming hot Cheetos to season these wings. It is a legit question when you can find a number of other options to coat your wings with and seasonings to infuse flavors. But the taste of flaming hot Cheetos rightly complements the seasoning used to make chicken wings, like I either use chipotle or buffalo ranch to season the wings.

And it’s only the hot Cheetos which can suit best this dressing. Moreover, every market packet snack has a distinct crispy and crunchy texture; no breadcrumb can provide. So, both the taste and texture combine in a single packet of Cheetos, and we can make the best use out of it.

Meal Prepping tips

Being a working-women and a homemaker, I always find pleasure in meal prepping. It allows me to manage my work and diet respectively. With Cheetos chicken wings, meal prepping becomes easier than ever. I prepare all the wings using the given recipe and then coat them well in the Cheetos flakes then arrange them in a Ziplock bag or a freezing tray.

After covering I immediately freeze these wings. Half an hour before the serving, I remove the wings from the freezer. I either bake them or deep fry at times. This is how I enjoy taste with convenience and ease every other day.

How to Make Hot Cheeto Wings

Making Cheetos wings are pretty simple. From a single hot flaming Cheetos package, you can make dozens of wings. These hot Cheeto chicken ingredients are all easily available in your own kitchen cabinets. Just mix them together with the chicken wings and cooking. Baking makes them crispier than frying.

Another good technique to cook them is to use an Air Fryer. Place the wings in the basket of the air fryer and spray them with some cooking oil and cook on high heat for few minutes until golden brown.


  • 2 Extra Flaming Hot Cheetos
  • 1 Ranch (Buffalo or chipotle)
  • Chicken wings
  • Season Blend
  • black pepper
  • garlic powder
  • cayenne pepper
  • Seasoning Salt


Before you start with all the coating and the cooking of the wings. First, prepare them by washing them thoroughly. It is good to break each wing into the half, so easy serving and handling of the wings. However, you can also use full wings. After washing and cleaning them, let them completely drain in a colander. Further, pat them with a paper towel to absorb all the excess moisture.

First, start by boiling the chicken in a cooking pot. Boil it simply in water, add some salt if desired. Drain the excess juices and keep the wings aside. After cooling down the chicken, place it in a large bowl and let all the cooking liquid drain from it.

I recommend to pat it dry before you start the seasoning. Now start sprinkling the seasonings over each wing. Make sure to cover all the wings while sprinkling. Use your hand to rub the chicken with seasoning.

Open the pack of the hot Cheetos and release all the air from the pack then fold the top. Smash the Cheetos inside using a rolling pin or a big spoon. All the Cheetos should look like powdery crumbs. Do not smash too much, keep the texture similar to bread crumbs.

Add ranch to one bowl and smashed Cheetos to the other. Meanwhile set the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a cookie tray or a baking sheet with cooking oil. Cheetos wings also release their own oil, so use less oil to grease the baking tray.

Now dip each wing in ranch and then coat them with hot Cheetos crumbs. Arrange them in the greased baking sheet after fine coating. Place the baking tray in the middle portion of the oven. Allow the wings to bak for about 35 minutes.

Serve the hot wings with your favorite sauce and fries.

These wings are great to serve as an appetizer or a side dish. They go along well with burgers and pizza. Personally, I store them in the freezer for constant use. Whenever I feel like enjoying the best of the crisp, I simply deep fry them in the hot oil.

Another technique that I usually use is the adding of lemon juice to the seasoning while rubbing over the wings; I love the taste of it. In this way, the seasonings get well absorbed deep into the wings. Remember to marinate well for better taste, 30 minutes at least or up to 3 hours at most.

How About Some Air Fried Cheetos Wings?

I always seek ways to make the recipe healthier and quick to make. Baking is through the best option to cook super crispy Hot Cheetos wings, yet there is another technique to get the same texture with the help of an Air Fryer. The best feature of air fryer is, it reduces the chance of overheating, and every wing will be cooked evenly without your constant supervising.

That is why I also tried my air fryer to cook these wings. and even in the first attempt those wings came out so well cooked. If you haven’t yet used an air fryer, I would not recommend you to use it for the wings, keep it to the oven recipe. However, if you are an air fryer user, I would certainly suggest to at least try it for once, you won’t be disappointed.

This is what is do when I make hot Cheetos wings in the air fryer. Until the dipping and coating of the wings in the crushed Cheetos crumbs, the whole procedure remains the same as described above. Once all the wings are prepared and ready to cook, keep them aside for a while.

Plug in the air fryer and set the temperature close to 350 degrees F and timings as per the quantity of the wings. It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to cook them completely. Pull the air fryer basket and arrange the coated wings in this basket. It important to spray some cooking oil on top of these wings and then close the basket.

Inside the air fryer, the wings are cooked from every side due to the hot air passed at regulating rate, so the wings turn even crispier.

Deep Fried Cheetos Chicken Wings

Deep frying is not usually recommended because it renders the wings too oily. But when there is no oven or air fryer of any sort at home, deep frying is the only option you’re left with. Wings absorb extra oil only when they are not cooked at the right temperature. It’s not the method that spoils the texture but the wrong use of that method.

For deep frying, remember this tip carefully!

To fry coated wings first cook them at high temperature in the preheated cooking oil. This initially cooking should last only for 3 to 5 minutes. It will cook the wings from the outside and makes it coating crispy. After that reduce the heat and temperature of the oil to medium level and the allow the wings to cook for few more minutes until they are al dente.

After frying, transfer the wings to a plate lined with paper towel or keep them in a basket or colander to release all the excess oil. Do not leave the wings in the oil, immediately transfer them to the platter or the wings get too soggy and oily. Always serve them fresh, or the outer coating will lose it precious crisp.


Not only the Cheetos lovers are going crazy for the epic crunch of the hot Cheetos chicken wings, but everyone gets hell excited about the recipe. It is nothing but the amazing blend of seasonings and the flavored Cheetos that make these wings so special and heart melting.

The spice mixture I used here is indeed a basic one, whereas people add more of the spices as per their taste preferences. What you are serving the wings with, decides that for you. with a hot and spicy entrée, keep the wings less tangy. To serve with burgers or sandwiches, try to make them spicier to balance out the flavors.

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