When it comes down to food, even something as simple as canned baked beans, taste is all that matters; this is why nobody can be blamed for wanting to improve canned baked beans.

Canned baked beans are pre-cooked products which can be eaten right out of the can. But why would you do that? Better to make them delicious by simply knowing when and how to improve canned baked beans.

You know, it was never really important for me to improve canned baked beans. But there will always be things I don’t know, and curiosity will always get the better of me. That’s right: I went out and got 2 canned baked beans and did a bit of a taste test. I wanted to see just how much they could be improved with just a couple of ingredients.

It wasn’t really about the protein intake or the calories or even amount of fat consumed. It was all about taste. Irrespective of the time spent in preparing or additional ingredients used, I always go for the best in taste, and this is no less true with canned baked beans.

Knowing how to improve these baked beans requires no technical expertise at all, but neither is it about simply tossing in ingredients. There are no rules regarding the enhancement of the canned baked beans; it all boils down to intent and desire.

You may think that canned baked beans are mere store-bought products and will always taste that way. When you’re done reading this article, you will realize the level of transformation you can give to this store-bought product. Before I walk you through how to improve the canned baked beans, let’s have a look at some general rules on how to make canned baked beans taste better.

How to Make Canned Baked Beans Better

Heating is the first step to making a delicious meal. Whether it is to be prepared on a stovetop or in an oven, any dish with heat always gets improved. The second step is getting the right ingredients to make the dish exciting, while the third one is getting it right with the number of ingredients added. Just as you begin to imagine how it all plays out, let me show you how to do it with a few ingredients.

  • ½ pounds of ground beef
  • 2 28 ounce canned baked beans
  • One small chopped onion
  • 2 tablespoon of ketchup
  • 2 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard

There are 3 simple steps in acquiring a lovely taste with the use of selected ingredients from each group of add-ins (listed in the next section). Firstly, set the gas to low-medium heat — but only if the stovetop method of dish preparation is to be used — otherwise, preheat the oven to 375.

Secondly, pour in the opened cups of canned baked beans, chopped onion, ketchup, honey and mustard into the skillet, oven dish or crockpot. Stir thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. Taste as you mix. If the taste is too sweet, dilute by adding a tablespoon of water.

Finally, pour in the ground beef and place in the stovetop or oven. Allow to cook for 15 – 20 minutes and serve when warm. Heating the baked beans with these ingredients makes it a delicious dish, enriching the dish with up to 228kcal of energy, 12g of fat, and only 15g of sugar. One outstanding thing about this is that these ingredients can be substituted.

These were the exact same ingredients I used when I first doctored up baked beans, and I never had any regrets about resources used or time spent. My brother enjoyed them, too. Now I have experimented with numerous ingredients and had even more amazing results.

So let’s say you intend to make this for a couple of your friends; you also need to know that dish appearance really matters and that is why you also need to know how to dress up canned baked beans after preparing them.

Some Perfect Add-Ins to Make the Canned Baked Beans Taste Better

Improving the canned baked beans is all about using the available ingredients at your disposal to get your dish just right. When you intend to jazz up canned baked beans, you should have your mind fixed on the right add-ins to give you the desired taste.

Cooking the baked beans on the stovetop, slow cooker or even microwaving isn’t the main thing that improves the taste. The ingredients incorporated into this dish are responsible for the overall taste. So just before you make your pick, be sure to go through this detailed list of add-ins and be sure to pick right, as I am giving you a list with sure alternatives.


Sweeteners are one thing to really look at. This is also one thing to love when you intend to enhance canned baked beans. If you like the canned baked beans sweet and don’t want to be worried about excess sugar, then you can start by adding a pinch of either honey, maple syrup or the Greek yogurt. All of these sweeteners can be used interchangeably without fear of type 2 diabetes.

They improve the canned baked beans with a sweet taste. Be sure to add only a pinch or you might overwhelm your dish with that sweet taste.


The addition of sauce is a lovely way to spice up canned baked beans. Suitable sauces include hot sauce, cayenne pepper or any other hot chopped pepper that gives heat.  There are cautions that must be taken, however. If you’re a sauce type, make sure to only administer in small quantities.


There are numerous spices around your kitchen that can be used to spice up the baked beans to give a pleasant smell and taste. These ingredients include: garlic powder, onion powder, mustard, turmeric and paprika. Add only a few teaspoons or a tablespoon, as these are perfect for an improved taste.

Meat piece

The final thing to add is the meat piece. This can be included especially when you’re making the baked beans for a friend just to give it an additional value, taste and appearance. It can be pork, bacon, skirt steak, beef, etc. Just any meat piece to enhance its nutritional value.

These groups of ingredients will serve you right and result in an amazing taste when added. Now that you’re aware of how and what to pick when it comes to ingredients, here is how to get it right.

How to Dress Up Canned Baked Beans for Quick Appreciation

Serving the canned baked beans is also as easy as preparing it. A few spoons of well-prepared baked beans and a bit of sprinkled cheese works fine for everybody, but there are no limitations as to how to decorate it. It can be dressed with bacon by serving in a bacon cup or with mashed potatoes. It can also be served with salad, fry-ups and chips.

I try as much as possible to arouse the hunger of whomever I intend to serve by dressing up the food in an attractive way. What can I say? Food is an art for me, and the empty place is my blank canvas. Adding a couple slices of bread allows me the opportunity to arrange the baked beans; sprinkling with bread chums makes it look even better. There are other ways to make it come out right and you can even get experimental with this dish dressing as you deem fit. Express yourself!


Canned baked beans reside in pantries all over the country; why not make real use of them? While improving the taste is reason enough for reheating, it’s also good with regards to food safety. Not only are you making the dish more appetizing, but sending the beans for a round in the pan or pot also helps to kill off any harmful bacteria.

There are so many ways on how to improve canned baked beans. The list is so diverse that you may get confused which to choose; for a simple yet perfect dish, follow the simple steps listed above and be sure to impress that friend, brother, sister or colleague.

Get your mind fixed on the taste you intend to achieve, set aside the ingredients and work the wonder on the stovetop. Enjoy your first store-bought yet homemade tasted baked beans. You can thank me later.


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