When it comes down to the concept of recipes, Jamaican oven-baked chicken, and guava glazed chicken are two ideas that many people might not think about when deciding on what kind of dinner they should prepare for themselves and or their families and friends.

That is why in today’s article, we are here to talk about not just a little bit about the benefits and cons to eating chicken, but also provide a tasty, delicious, hearty Jamaican-inspired chicken recipe that will knock the socks off of you, and anyone and everyone you serve this recipe too.

A recipe that I am sure you and your family and loved ones will enjoy eating time and time again. It is an unusual kind of dish, but I am sure that people will enjoy this delicious Jamaican baked chicken. However, before we get started, let us talk about some pros and cons of eating chicken, shall we?

However, is It Really All That Healthy to Eat Chicken Today?

Well, let us first get this out of the way as I am sure some people will consider it when it comes to chicken: too much chicken, just like everything else, is not healthy, especially in one period. Chicken, in moderate and thoughtful proportions, can provide many nutritional values to a human body, but just like candy and other sugary treats, too much of it in one single sitting can cause problems for a person.

When it comes to something like fried chicken or anything from KFC, the chicken is often cooked inside massive pots of grease and oil to give the meal that some-what crunchy and delicious flakey taste, especially for restaurants like KFC. Now, grease and oils are not particularly healthy for a person to eat, but when consumed in a moderate and thoughtful pace, things can be just fine for people like you and me.

What are some of the cons of eating chicken while we are on the subject?

What can happen if you over-indulge yourself on it in one period or do not properly prepare it when making it from scratch? Well, one of the biggest problems with overeating chicken (or meat products, in general) is heart disease and diabetes, along with various other internal bodily issues that can happen if a person indulges on too much chicken and or meat products at once.

Relating to the first bullet-point, meat and chicken can potentially increase a person’s chances of developing some form of cancer in their bodies, primarily around the heart, liver, breast, prostate, and colon, along with other sensitive areas and subjects among the mass.

Another inherent risk of meat and chicken is the potential for food-related illnesses and diseases. As much as the FDA and other conglomerates like to say the food they allow in here is clean and safe, that is not always true.

Cows, pigs and especially chickens are bred to the extreme to keep up with demands in countries like America, as such diseases such as Salmonella and E.Coli have a high degree of chance of manifesting in a person’s body, especially if they did not store and prepare their meal correctly before consumption.

The prior reasons are the main reason why you should readily make sure your meal is correctly ready before taking it off the grill or skillet. Properly cooking and preparing your lunch for the necessary amount of time will not only reduce the chances of such bacteria living (if it is present) but will also ensure a heartier and well-balanced dinner for you and your family.

Lastly, I want to say this, meat and chicken by itself is not unhealthy, especially in moderation. There are just as many equally beneficial reasons that a person should consider mixing in chicken and other assorted meat products into their daily meal plans, and that is what we are going to cover next. With all that said, as I mentioned before, there are some beneficial reasons to eat chicken and or meat, and we are going to explain why.

One of the obvious significant benefits to eating chicken is the nutritional protean a person can consume. Protean is a vital necessity that the human body needs to maintain proper muscle and physical physic. There are, of course, supplements people can choose to consume that offers that same level of nutrition, but it is honestly a case-by-case basis if taking such medicine is wise for a person or not.

While sticking to the nutritional side of chicken, platters of well-prepared and cut chicken can provide a person with healthy and stronger bones, especially for children whose skeletal structure is still growing and changing alongside them. So, having a well-proportioned plate along with a glass of milk might not be a bad idea for a dinner plan for you and your child.

Not to mention that chicken, especially chicken breasts, are low in sodium, and while they can be high in the calorie range, especially when you add additional elements like salt, seasoning and various other condiments like ketchup and other multiple different sauces that a person can choose to incorporate into their dish for added flavor and texture.

Not only that, but chicken as a whole is one of those meals that you could serve to practically anyone and they will eat it, some exceptions like vegetarians and vegans, of course. However, for the general consumer, chicken is one of those meals that go with nearly anything.

Whether it is pasta, soup, bread dipping sauce or waffles, if you can name it; it goes with it. Chicken is just that versatile of a meal that it can fit with practically anything and everything as long as you have the inclination, and want, to include other various items to the main course.

When it comes down to whether chicken is healthy or not?

Well, that is all depends on your personal beliefs and how you make and consume the product. There are pros and cons to preparing and eating chicken, but at the end of it all, it all depends on what you as the consumer wants.

However, for the people who enjoy making chicken and serving it, I believe it is time to move onto the main section of the article and explain one way of making and serving such a meal to your friends and family, Jamaican baked chicken.

What Do You Need to Make Jamaican Chicken?

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of recipes people can follow when it comes to preparing and serving chicken, that it is frankly overwhelming at times. However, one such recipe style that not as many people might be familiar with is Jamaican baked chicken with some guava glazed chicken stripes on the side.

The ingredients are on the simple side, and if you have prepared chicken before, then the items needed will be familiar, but none-the-less the elements required to make this recipe are as follows:

  • You will need, of course, some chicken strips. Make sure to wash and clean them before starting anything else.
  • You will also want a dash of salt, around a tea-spoon at most.
  • I would also throw in a dash of paprika to spice the chicken up a bit, give it a zesty tang to it once it is ready. One-one-in-a-half teaspoons are all that this recipe needs.
  • For added flavor, perhaps consider also adding some sliced red or white onions and peppers to the mix, especially if you are not a fan spices such as paprika, which is understandable.
  • There are plenty of other seasonings and toppings I can go into detail about, but it is always best to add what you personally think would work.
  • Regardless, once you have your seasonings, spices and a few toppings like onions and or peppers, toss them into a blender and refine them into a smoothy, silky paste.
  • Once you have all this, you are ready to make the actual meal.

So, How to Bake Chicken Jamaican Style?- Let’s Get Started!

  1. The first step to this equation of ours is to pre-heat your oven to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I do suggest doing this first before getting your ingredients out and prepared so you can be ready to toss your chicken into the oven once it goes off.
  2. Regardless, with the oven pre-heating (or is heated) take out your chicken and cover it with dry seasonings of your choice and then coat them with your blended and chopped up paste via the blender. By doing this option, you will give your chicken a thick, delicate, juicy layer once it is ready.
  3. Evenly spread your chicken out on a cooking sheet that has tin-foil on them and then gently places them into the oven for thirty minutes. Once done, flip the chicken over and give them another thirty minutes.
  4. While you are waiting, this would be an excellent time to make the guava sauce.
  5. All you will need is a small cooking pot and a burner. Once you have those two things out and ready, you will need some ginger, sugar, and whatever kind of soup or paste you have in your home, like tomato paste, for example. Mix them with (or whatever ingredients you prefer) and let the guava mix cook and simmer for thirty minutes.
  6. After both the chicken and the guava sauce is ready, take a ladle of some kind and gently pour the guava onto the chicken. Once you do that, cover it with aluminum foil and put the chicken back into the oven for another fifteen to twenty minutes but this time at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it is ready, remove the chicken from the foil and serve it to yourself, your family, or to whoever. Enjoy.

Final Thoughts and Opinions

When it comes to chicken and meat products, a person should always be wary of what it is and where it comes from, but that should not stop you, or anyone, for that matter, from enjoying the more strange or unusual recipes out there.

That is why we wrote this article on how to make Jamaican baked chicken; because it is not only a potentially unusual recipe for fans of chicken products but because it is delicious and worth a bite, especially with some guava glazed chicken strips on occasion.


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