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Java rice is a very popular dish among the Indonesians and Filipinos. In essence, it is an aromatic and savory rice dish that is highly noted for its rich flavors. It’s yellowish and buttery texture can pair extremely well with grilled or fried meat ,fish and even seafood dishes.

Besides its remarkably appetizing nature, java rice is highly acclaimed for the unparalleled ease it can be prepared and ultimately cooked.

Generally speaking, virtually anyone can make this dish once provided with the right instructions.

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Well, here then are 2 of the best recipes, you might want to give a try.

One of which is paired with grilled meat. While the other with a vegetable broth for those who are vegetarians.

Meat java rice recipe


. Five to six full cups of steamed white rice

. One tablespoon of annatto powder

. A quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder

. Three tablespoons of margarine

. One tablespoon of garlic powder

. Half a tablespoon of salt

Cooking directions

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To begin with, start by melting the margarine in your microwave oven. This should take no more than ten seconds. Then mix the turmeric powder and the annatto powder in a small bowl thoroughly.

After doing this, proceed to add the garlic powder, the onion powder and salt in quick succession into the bowl. Then proceed to stir the mixture thoroughly. Once it is totally ready, add the resulting mixture into the steamed white rice.

You should then proceed to stir the white rice well to make sure that all of its grains take on the famous yellow hue of java rice in an even manner.

Your java rice dish is now ready. Serve it while still hot with a dish of either grilled pork, chicken, beef, fish or seafood in accordance to your personal preferences. Atsara (pickled papaya) can also blend well with java rice.

This particular java rice recipe will allow you to serve up to 6 persons. It takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare this dish and only 2 minutes to cook it.


Vegetarian java rice recipe


asian spices, eastern spices. Four full cups of cooked white rice, preferably stored overnight

. Two tablespoons of butter or if you wish, margarine

. Two tablespoons of cooking oil

. Half a tablespoon of annatto powder or one tablespoon of annatto seeds

. Three cloves of crushed garlic

. One tablespoon of soy sauce

. One tablespoon of tomato catsup

. Salt

. Pepper

Cooking directions

Start by heating the cooking oil in a saucepan. When a medium heat is achieved, add the annatto powder into the saucepan. On the other hand, if you opt to make use of annatto seeds, add them to the cooking oil and proceed to stir them well.

When the cooking oil begins to take on an orange hue, remove the annatto seeds from it. This will take no more than 4 minutes under a medium heat.

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Next, put in the crushed garlic and let it sauté for some time until it takes a light brown hue. You should then put in either the butter or margarine (according to your personal taste) and then the cooked white rice into the saucepan.

After doing this, proceed to gently stir the mixture for a couple of minutes. Continue to do so until the moment all the grains of rice are uniformly coated with the annatto infused cooking oil and the lumps that formed are separated.

The white rice should in the long run take on the trademark yellow color that java rice is famously known for. Meanwhile, using a small bowl, put in the tomato catsup and the soy sauce and proceed to mix them thoroughly, prior to pouring the mixture over the cooked rice.

Then continue to stir the rice until the time all of its grains are evenly coated with the yellow color.

Finally season the freshly cooked java rice with salt and pepper, as you continue to stir it. When ready, you can serve it hot with a vegetable broth of your choice.

To prepare this java rice recipe, you will need 10 minutes and an additional 30 minutes to fully cook it.

It can `serve up to 4 persons. Bon appétit!

Get ready to taste

As you can evidently see, making java rice appropriately is very easy and anyone can do so in a stress-free manner.

So, depending on whether you wish to serve it with grilled or fried meat or if you are a vegetarian, with a vegetable broth, you can use any of these recipes.


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