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Katakuriko is a potato starch that originally came from the E. japonicum bulb. This plant bulb belongs to the Lilly family and originates from the country of Japan. The plant Erythronium japonicum has a stem measuring approximately 7.9 inches long. This plant has a brief season and grows slowly. The plant has to grow for as long as 8 years before it will finally bloom.

In today’s blog, we will look at the many uses of Katakuriko. I have included a great Asian fried chicken recipe you will love. I hope you and your guests will love it!

what is potato starch, potato starch benefitsWhat Is Katakuriko?

Katakuriko is starch that is extracted from a potato. The cells of the root of the potato plant contain starch grains. In order to extract these starch grains, the potatoes have to be crushed. When the potatoes are crushed, the starches are released. After this process is completed, the starch is washed out and dried to a powder form. This powder form is referred to as potato starch or Katakurio.

Potato Starch Substitutes

I just got out my favorite recipes to prepare and the recipe calls for potato starch. I just realized I have no potato starch. Don’t despair, you probably as I found out, have a potato starch substitute in your panty.

Tapioca starch can be used in thickening sauces toward the very end of cooking if you do not have potato starch readily available. If I am cooking my classic macaroni and cheese or beef stew, I will use a grain starch. For my custards, puddings, and pie fillings a root starch works well, like arrowroot.

For my gluten-free diet guests, tapioca starch works great. If your guest is allergic to potatoes, tapioca starch and amaranth flour-starch work well.

Cornstarch is the most well-known of the potato starch substitutes. It is also gluten-free and can be used to thicken gravies, pies, soups and I found it to be a good alternative to potato starch.

Uses Of Katakuriko

potato starch substitute, tapioca starch

The original Katakuriko, derived from the plant E. japonicum was used also as the ointment to treat skin rashes.

In modern Japanese cooking, Katakuriko is used as a thickener. Katakuriko takes the place of cornstarch. This potato starch is used in soup recipes that require a thick sauce, like tension-han.

Katakuriko can be used as a food coating when preparing the meat for deep frying. Katakuriko takes the place of traditional flour. This type of flour is made from wheat and absorbs more oil than Katakuriko. Katakuriko gives a crisper coating to the meat. Katakuriko offers the advantage of quicker frying times, with fewer chances of burning. Potato starch is used in popular Japanese entrees such as Japanese style fried chicken and fried egg rolls, to name a few.

Katakuriko is also used in sauces, stews, custards, and puddings. Katakuriko is used in Passover baking and in recipes that are gluten-free.

Pros Of Cooking With Katakuriko

organic potato starch, potato starch replacementBlood Sugar Aid

Katakuriko is a resistant starch type food. Resistant type starches can travel through the digestive system with few changes. In 2010, a medical study was conducted with patients dealing with diabetic issues. The 20 participants were separated into two groups. One group consumed 40 grams of a resistant starch supplement, while the other group was given a placebo daily.

At the conclusion of the 12-week study, the group that was given the potato starch substitute their diabetic aliments improved and the participant’s blood sugar levels were reduced. Research findings showed ingestion of Katakuriko improved insulin sensitivity in these diabetic participants.

Aids in Production of Bacteria

Potato Starches can act as a prebiotic in the human digestive system. This benefits the production of good bacteria in the intestines.


Potato starches are gluten-free. For people who need to be on a gluten-free diet, they can enjoy delicious meals and not worry about the effects of ingesting gluten into their digestive system.

Potato Starches are easy to cook with

When cooking with potato starch, the cooked food offers a neutral taste, outstanding clarity, good binding capability, and no yellowing of the thickened soup, or no yellowing of the solution.

Traditional Style Dishes Using Katakuriko

Many traditional style dishes use Katahuriko in their recipes. Those items which use Katahuriko in their list of ingredients are baked goods, bread, candies, homemade and canned soups, dips, dressings, cheese, spice mixes and many pre-packaged food items.

Easy Recipes Using Katkuriko

Ketchup Seasoned Chicken Breast

sweet and sour chicken ketchup, ketchup marinadeThis chicken recipe is economical, especially when buying frozen chicken breasts on sale. This entree is healthy, flavorful, and has a zesty taste.

First of all, cut the chicken breasts into bite-size strips. After the chicken breasts are cut up, brine the breasts in sake and soy sauce. In addition to keeping the breasts from spoiling, the brine adds flavor to the meat.

Next, coat the chicken with Katakuriko potato starch. If you are preparing a large number of chicken breasts and want to cut down your prep time, place the meat and Katakuriko in a bag and shake.

After you have prep your meat, pour enough oil in your frying pan that your chicken breast will be immersed in the cooking oil. Place your chicken portions in your frying pan and fry until golden brown.

After seasoning, add a small amount of butter. Just be careful not to burn the meat. To avoid burning of the chicken, turn off the heat or turn the heat down it’s lowest burner setting.

how to make potato starch, potato starch flourIngredients:

  • Chicken breast
  • Sake and soy sauce for the marinade as needed
  • Katakuriko as needed.
  • One and a half tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • A dash of salt and pepper.
  • Three tablespoons of ketchup.
  • Butter

Crispy Fried Chicken With Sweet Vinegar Sauce

Chicken breasts are inexpensive in cost and can be made in several ways. Chicken breasts have little to no fat. To make your chicken breasts tender and prevent them from drying out, messaging sake and sugar will keep them juicy and tender.

crispy fried chicken, crispy fried chicken recipe

A popular variation of American fried chicken is the Asian recipe of crispy fried chicken with sweet vinegar sauce. For a delicious entree, have any of your favorite vegetables with this delicious Asian fried chicken.

Take your chicken breast and cut into small pieces. After cutting your chicken breast, massage the chicken breast with the sake and sugar. Soak the chicken breast pieces in the solution and let it soak for ten minutes.

Prepare the sweet vinegar sauce. Slice the onions, and cut your mushrooms into bite-size portions. Add the water, vinegar, sugar, and red chili pepper. Season with a dash of salt and a dash of black pepper. Now you can add the vegetables of your choice.

Heat the sweet vinegar sauce again and add the Katakuriko slurry for thickness. You can place the cooked chicken on a serving dish and top the chicken with the sauce. Your dish is now complete!

Ingredients Needed:

  • sweet vinegar sauce, vinegar sauce recipe1 to 1 1/2 chicken breast
  • One teaspoon sake
  • One tablespoon per one chicken breast of beet sugar or brown sugar
  • One piece of ginger grated
  • One clove of grated garlic
  • Two teaspoons of Soy sauce
  • One Katakuriko
  • Two tablespoons oil
  • Sweet Vinegar Sauce Ingredients:
  • One onion
  • One mixed mushroom
  • 100 ml water

A Japanese Cuisine Tradition: Tofu

miso soup, what is miso soupTofu has been used in Japanese cooking for centuries. Tofu is an ingredient in soups, salads, and stir-fries. Tofu offers the benefits of a vegetarian alternative to animal proteins. For vegetarians, tofu provides a tasty seasoning alternative to animal-based seasonings. Always considered an Asian seasoning staple, this seasoning can also be used in many American dishes as a healthy choice.

Tofu can be used to season sauces, make tofu dip salad, sweet and spicy tofu steak, and even tofu smoothies. Tofu and Katakuriko combined can be used to make miso soup, and tofu and edamame burgers, to name a few.

Nutrition Infomation on Katakuriko

Katakuriko as a potato starch is odorless, tasteless, airy white substance. Katakuriko is not a grain. However, since it comes from vegetables, it would be assumed that Katakuriko does provide beneficial nutrients. However, one tablespoon of Katakuriko has about 40 calories, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and zero grams of protein, fat, and fiber.


Katakuriko is an excellent thickener without the gelling effect of using potato flour as a thickener. Katakuriko offers many uses and can easily be used in many American dishes.

I have found Katakuriko in many grocery stores, online, ethnic grocery shops, and health food stores. I hope you have found this information informative and helpful. Enjoy, as I have, surprising your family and guests with these delicious recipes! If you want to surprise your guests, serve the crispy fried chicken with sweet vinegar sauce.


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