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The Sushi at Koyoshi Sushi in Osaka is an experience all in itself. The place only seats eight people and if you are not there at 6pm then you wait in a line out the front. It is not any normal line either – there is no maître de, no waiter or service person – there is no one to tell you how long you will wait – you just get in line behind the person in front of you and wait.

japanese cafe, japanese cuisine recipeThere are two people here – Yano-san and his wife. There is no menu, there are no prices, and there is very very little English so it is probably a good idea to go here with a Japanese friend or someone who can speak the language or if you are good at the chicken dance and can imitate certain fish then this should be fine as well.

We sit down and are greeted with the customary Japanese warm towel – The temperature outside is pushing 5 degrees Celsius but it is comfortable inside – like a little hot box but not as uncomfortable.

The place is tiny about half the size of a small 4-person caravan a small 4 person Japanese caravan. We have our backs to the door that we came in through – a sliding door – very typical of Japan – the place has two entries that also double as walls – maybe it is where the ninjas used to come in and out – I don’t know – but often people described cramped places like being a sardine in a can – lets take this one step further and think about an anchovy.

But it’s the sushi we were here for and it’s the sushi that explains the line out the front. Its in no way delicate – compared to some places in Japan – this is real truck driver sushi – for real working people.

Slabs of fish or ‘neta’ served on rice and washed down with cold beer and sake. There is no need for soy, as it has been painted on already and as always in Japan the service here is extremely genuine, which combined with the food has you planning a return trip before you even finish eating.

Expect to drop at least 10,000 yen (A$120) for two inclusive of a few drinks. We spent a whole lot more.

Phone 06-6372-5747
Address  1-3-12 Shibata, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 530-0012
Price Range  -$$$ (30-50)


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  1. Gauthier Van cauwenberghe Reply

    Hello Jason an Yano-san,
    So sorry for the long distance between our counties, because I love Sushi, but I am sure that I never eated it on the Japanes way from Osaka.
    Of couirse some stores by here sell Sushi, but as cook I’m not very confidential in the way they prepere it.
    Heve a nice day Jason and Mrr Yano-san.
    Greets from Belgium – Europe

    • Hi Gauthier

      Thanks for you comment .. You have to come to Japan one day and experience so really good sushi .. You mentioned that you are a chef – any cuisine in particular – what is good in Belgium ??

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