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A Lincoln sandwich looks like your regular sandwich but with so much more. It was made in one of the Sunday episodes of The Sopranos.  I guess that’s how most people got to know about it because in most culinary places and groups or forums online, it became a huge topic after the episode aired.

It raised a lot of questions. Some people were fascinated by it while others wanted to know the recipe and some were intrigued with how it was made in the show. For those who wanted to know how it was made, I’ve got you covered. I’ve got the secret!

What Is A Lincoln Log Sandwich?

That’s the question you’ll when you talk about the Lincoln sandwich in some parts of the world. This is not because of its taste or about it being expensive to make or to get. It’s just that most people do not know about it. In some parts, it is a common part of their meal while other parts rarely know about it. And there is also the possibility that most places probably have their variation of it.

Personally, I think most people would not know some delicacies if it were not for TV shows, movies and the internet. These have been a huge help to exposing people to dishes they would ordinarily not get to explore.

This Lincoln log food is nothing but creativity made in slabs of bread. When completed, like most extra ordinary things, it looks ordinary. You won’t get to know how great it is until you have a bite and your eyes are closed and there is nothing else except you and the magnificent taste of the Lincoln log sandwich.

For those who have always known about the Lincoln log sandwich, this is not new but for those who have probably not had a taste, you really should.

How To Make The Lincoln Log Sandwich

To make this awesome delight, all you need is bread and hot dogs and cream cheese. Amazing right? Who would have thought one could make something as amazing and extraordinary from something so chaotic? But then, the miracle is not in the look, it is in the taste and that is mind blowing.

There are a few who would say I’m exaggerating, but I trust my taste buds and the taste buds of the people in the many subreddits that says it is an amazing sandwich to have.

There are probably a lot of things that excites me in the world and one of them is having the free time to watch Rick and Morty from time to time. But one other is being able to have in my hand a Lincoln log sandwich—warm and tender—to go with it. Trust me, it should be your number one go-to food when you are lazy and tired of putting pot on heat.

Lincoln Log Sandwich Recipe

The Lincoln log sandwich recipe can be long or short, depending on how you would like to make it. The basic ingredients needed though are not so much and like I said, they are easy to get.

  • First you need your bread. If you like, you can get the whole wheat bread which are still good too.
  • Cream cheese. Some people have a special cream cheese they prefer, it does not matter. High end or low end, it will work just well.
  • And finally, you should get your cooked hot dogs. These are essential like the bread.

There is no miscellaneous ingredient in this list. Every part of the recipe is what makes up the Lincoln logs sandwich.


The process is easy and fast. There is no need for heat except you would like it warm, if not you are good to go.

  1. First thing to do is to make sure the bread you are using is fresh. Then you take two slices or just cut a loaf in two to get an open center. This is where all the miracle is going to be made.
  2. Then you put cream cheese on the open center of the bread or on the two flats of the bread slices. not so much, just enough. Hack: You can mix the cream cheese with mayonnaise to make it easier to spread on the bread. And if you like, you can toast the bread lightly before adding the cheese.
  3. Split or slice the cooked hot dog—length wise, remember. Then put them on top of the cream cheese spread. Remember that you are putting on both flat sides, not just one. Then you put a bit of cream cheese again and you’re ready to eat.

The Lincoln Logs Sandwich And The Seattle Cream Cheese Dogs

There have been speculations that the Lincoln Logs sandwich is a variation of the Seattle Cream Cheese dogs. This seems to have been registered a truth already based on the few similarities that are seen in the making and look of both foods. And in some places the Lincoln log sandwiches are called the Seattle cream cheese dogs too. If the similarities matter, the differences should too.

In that 2007 episode of the Sopranos, after Carmela makes the sandwich and calls it Lincoln Log Sandwich, some of the viewers wouldn’t agree because it looked just like the Seattle cream cheese dogs. this is incredible because with little switch in recipe, food change and when they change, I don’t see how they should be called the same and sometimes, a variation.

But that is just one of the arguments that go on in my head. I would eat it still even if it was called “Seattle cream cheese dogs 2.0”. While the name is identity, there is nothing like taste. Taste is what makes every food what it is and the taste that comes with the super combo that is the Lincoln logs sandwiches is super unique and that ends the story for me and maybe some others like me.

The recipe for the Seattle cream cheese dog is just as cool as that for the Lincoln logs sandwiches. it is just as easy as well. All you need are fat-free beef franks, hot dog buns, cream cheese, sauerkraut, pickle relish and chopped onions. A friend once said that nothing goes wrong with onions, I don’t know if I agree with him even though he makes mad dishes, unlike myself.

Making it is just as easy too.

It takes a bit, maybe thirty minutes but then that’s not long at all, unless you are so hungry and tired. You just need to grill your fat-free beef franks and cover for 10 to 15 minutes for it to cook. I don’t think I need to tell you this if you use the grill a lot but for those who want to try this for the first time, you should remember to turn your beef franks now and then to get all the sides grilled nice.

Then you spread a bit—one table spoon maybe, but you can follow your own measurement. Just not much—of cream cheese on the bottom half of the toasted hot dog buns. Place the franks in the buns. Sprinkle your sauerkraut and the pickle relish and finally your chopped onions. These should be added in the right proportion to give you a good result and viola!

If you taste this and then get the Lincoln Log sandwiches, you will see and feel the difference I’m talking about. Though both look the same in a way, I think they are vastly different and maybe there was derivation but I think the Lincoln logs sandwich stands on a ground of its own.

The Lincoln sandwich is an exciting, quick meal. It is easy to make and very good to relax with. If it had not been for food blogs and other places where the universe of food and recipes are explored, I probably would not have come in contact with this. So, I understand when some people say they have not heard about it.

I wonder how many other things I have no idea about sometimes, it’s incredible when you think of it; the things out there. Some are within grasp but waiting for the right opportunity and some are beyond reach. Foods, tastes, drink, places, people—glorious, abundance of things that are just out there waiting for us to discover them. Amazing!

One of the few wonders man can conveniently explore from any corner of the world is food. With the right recipe, you can have the same experience as others from other amazing parts of the world. You should give the Lincoln log sandwich a try and see how marvelous something like bread stuffed with hot dog buns and cream cheese can taste.

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