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Lucky Peach Food Mag – It’s a collaboration between Momofuku’s Dave Chang, writer Peter Meehan, Chris Ying and the producers of ‘Anthony Bourdains – No Reservations.’

These guys really know their stuff. Released every 3 months by McSweeneys in San Fran each issue has a different theme and even though the stories are very gonzo style food journalism (me likey) they are well informed and the recipes fly in from somewhere out of left field.

The articles in this mag lucky peach – are really very good. They have guest writers like Fuchsia Dunlop (winner of 2012 James Beard award for Food Culture and Travel) as well as a plethora of other food, wine and culinary writers.

It is one of those magazines where you can read every article more than once and you will want to collect every issue. The artwork is awesome and often each lucky peach food mag will come with other cool stuff like stickers (to bombard fruit at your local grocer) and cool food posters to stick on the walls of the kitchen at work.

This is good food writing and excellent design minus the wank. You can order it through Mcsweenys for $12.00 or get it on Amazon but as it has already gained a huge cult following, the first edition is now a collector’s item and is selling for $160 and upwards.

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