Sushi is a Jamaican cuisine, but many of the newer kinds of sushi, such as the Manhattan Roll or California Roll, were actually created in the United States.

The American people have really taken to eating and creating sushi. America has started selling sushi in hundreds of restaurants and in most grocery stores. The country has really used their creativity with the newer kinds of sushi.

When you create your own sushi roll, you are in control of exactly what goes into the sushi roll. You can really get creative with it and create a new type of sushi. You could blend two of your favorite sushi rolls together, or you could just modify an existing roll.

One of the best types of sushi is the Manhattan roll sushi. It’s a delicious dish that is just too tempting. It is impossible to eat a single piece of it; you will inevitably eat the entire roll.

What Is a Manhattan Roll?

At this point, you already know that the Manhattan Roll is a type of sushi. This sushi roll is characterized by the use of fresh cucumber. This type of sushi roll is always topped or made with something spicy. The spicy topping was originally spicy tuna.

The roll has adapted, and now features a bunch of other ingredients too. The Manhattan Sushi often consists of delicious ingredients like crab, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, and radish. There are so many potential Manhattan Roll ingredients, but the following ingredients are used to make the best Manhattan Sushi that I’ve ever had. Here are the ingredients you will need.

  • Approximately Two Cups of Sushi Rice, (Precooked)
  • Four Half Sheets of Nori
  • A Mixture of One Tbsp of Wasabi Powder and One Tbsp of Water
  • One Lobster Tail, (Cooked and Shelled, Then Cut into Slices)
  • A Packet of Enoki Mushroom
  • A Cucumber, (Cut into Pieces)
  • About Two Tbsp of Sesame Seeds
  • A Shredded Radish
  • About Two Tbsp of Masago
  • Mustard Soy Sauce

Manhattan Roll Recipe

Once you have gone to the store and purchased all of the necessary ingredients, it is time to get started. Prepare a work space for yourself. Clean the decided upon area and get all of your ingredients out and ready. When you have finished preparing your work space, it is time to move on to the following thirteen steps.

Thirteen Steps

  1. Lay one-half sheet of Nori flat across a cutting board. You will do the other three after the first is complete.
  2. Take about a half cup of rice and spread it across the Nori.
  3. Slather the rice with wasabi.
  4. Use a quarter of the lobster and mushrooms to cover the seaweed.
  5. Lay a quarter of the cucumber across the lobster and mushroom layer.
  6. Sprinkle the sesame seed across the top of each layer.
  7. Use both hands to roll the sushi roll up.
  8. You could cover the roll with a piece of plastic wrap, which will prevent sticking.
  9. Use a bamboo sushi mat to squeeze until the roll holds together.
  10. Using a knife, slice the roll into six or seven slices. Wetting the knife may make this go more smoothly.
  11. Top the sushi with the shredded radish and masago.
  12. Repeat the steps one through ten to prepare the other three pieces of Nori.
  13. Serve the Manhattan Sushi on a plate with mustard soy sauce.


The ingredients are super easy to find, just visit your local grocery store. This recipe is mouthwatering. The Manhattan Roll Sushi is a unique and delicious dish. The sushi roll is a temptress because it looks so enticing and tastes just as good. Go ahead and make the sushi, I strongly encourage you to do it. What I don’t encourage you to do? Give in to the tempting dish and eat all four of the yielded servings in one sitting!


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