Homemade Perogies Recipe: The Best Dumplings, Ever?

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Perogies were one of my go-to comfort foods in high school. My parents would keep a supply of frozen savory dumplings in the freezer at all times, enabling me to quickly heat up a plate when I needed a midnight snack or something to tide me over in the afternoon. As I became more comfortable in the kitchen, however, I came to realize that the store-bought perogies simple could not compare to the dumplings I could make at home by myself.

The Baking Differences with Vanilla Bean vs. Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla is one of the finest of the flavors. Vanilla is beloved by taste enthusiasts for the smooth and sweetly mellow flavor it adds to foods and beverages. A dash of vanilla can make any baked item more flavorful. There are many different forms of vanilla. You can find vanilla extract, vanilla bean, vanilla bean paste, and vanilla flavor at the grocery store. All of them may be used for baking or cooking. 

Which to Choose? Spring roll vs Egg Roll

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Asian and Chinese cuisine have become a huge influence on the way we eat out and order in. Most people enjoy several Asian dishes, and one of the most popular options are the egg and spring rolls. Although they are somewhat similar, there are definitely differences between the two. Most people who know the difference tend to have a preference for one or the other.