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Introduction to an Italian Flavor Style

The authentic Italian flavor known as “picotta/piccata” is a distinct and very tasteful combination of capers, lemon juice, wine and parsley. The bold flavors of each of the ingredients listed under this recipe are held by a strong bond to each other. They are further brought out with the addition of tasty butter and chicken stock and when combined altogether, they make for a smooth, delicious sauce that is perfect over any dinner dish. 

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Pairing Picatta with Chicken

Chicken Picotta is an ideal dinner recipe that can be well paired with many food dishes. It starts out with butterflied skinless and boneless chicken breasts.

Prepping is important to get the recipe the right way for the perfect result. Additionally, its four main ingredients are butter, extra virgin olive oil, chicken stock and capers. The capers in this recipe make it unique and are a unique addition of pickled flower buds that originated from the Mediterranean region that have a tangy flavor and pair perfectly with flavorful chicken.

Most common recipes for chicken piccata have a five-star rating, easy level of cooking, a forty minute preparation and cook time and yield four servings.

chicken breast preparation, beating chicken breastProper Preparation

To butterfly your chicken breasts: slice right through the middle of a large single chicken breast that has two sections attached together.

Next, with your palms down, and starting from the middle of the breast, start slicing half-wise with a sharp and durable knife. After, you will be able to open the halves that will still be attached on the bottom and separate them gently to detach.

Sufficient Seasoning

To season: the next step after prepping is to season the chicken. Season well with a small amount of salt, freshly ground cracked black pepper, and then drench the chicken in all-purpose flour which will act as a barrier between the fat in the sauté pan and the moisture in the chicken breast.

The Cooking Process and Method for Best Results

To cook: start with medium-high heat pan and add in five tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and two table spoons of butter. These two ingredients are the perfect combination that the chicken will cook in. The cook time for this recipe is no more than four to five minutes. Once the chicken is cooked, remove it from the sauté pan and you can move on to prepare the sauce that will go over the chicken.

Sauce: to make the sauce, mix the chicken stock, lemon juice and capers into a bowl and whisk together until well combined. The combination is a classic picatta topping. Once you have thoroughly mixed the sauce mixture, add to the empty sauté pan that still has the flavorings from the cooked chicken.

You must gently pour in the sauce and scrape and deglaze the pan to combine the acidic sauce with the baked chicken flavor that is on the pan. Once your sauce mixture has simmered on the sauté pan, add in the cooked chicken for a couple of seconds, and then remove from heat. Plate the chicken on your serving dish and pour over the remaining sauce from the sauté pan. Once you have served your dish, you are ready to enjoy!

Delicious Pairings

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This recipe is very popular in American food culture and has been reviewed as a tangy, easy, and wonderful must have dinner recipe. It is also a delicious family favorite that can commonly be paired with rice, pasta, roasted vegetables or noodles.

Small changes to the big flavors of this dish are doable but must be well paired and cooked to the perfect texture. Some unique add-ins involve adding sauteed mushrooms, parsley or cilantro, garlic, white wine or your wine of choice, sliced lemons (as a dish top garnish), roasted baby tomatoes, peas, shallots or chives.

In addition, it can also be topped on salads, or served on its own for a delicious protein serving to your diet. The recipe can be changed to fit your diet interests. The most common adjustments or changes made to this recipe involve wine, almond flour or arrowroot powder as an alternative to all-purpose flour, eliminating shallots or mushrooms and cooking the chicken in coconut oil.


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