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If you haven’t noticed yet, the United States is trying its hard to curb the obesity problem. It’s not only the government that is doing all it can, but also the citizen themselves.

The new wave in the health industry is all about eating healthy, and that’s what makes the Pumpkin Seed oil very promising.

Winning Ingredients

This Kickstarter is definitely worth noting as it has the recipes that create success. The Pumpkin Seed oil is already popular in Central Europe, and it’s safe to assume the U.S. market would love it because of the healthy trend going on now.

It has a lot long list of benefits that is a must. It’s also organically grown which is a big bonus.

The product development phase is already completed.

The Challenge

The only thing that the guys need is the money to buying inventory and start shipping. This is reasonable as stocking inventory is not exactly cheap. All in all, it’s a good Kickstart to fund as it has a great market potential and the product development is already completed.

For more info or to pre-order head over to the Pumpkin Seed Oil kickstarter page.

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